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Dear beloved ones,

It is, was, and will be a hard decision. I had to make it. will pause for three months while I am writing volume 3 of Jesus The Book & Series.

It was not my plan. I had other goals; I wanted to keep everything going at once.


I had shouted loudly, maybe too loudly, to my God: Show me what it’s really about.

And, do you know, He responded. Things started to roll. Small and big miracles happened.

So I am writing. I will dive deep to retrieve my forgotten memories: 18 years with Jesus in India, walking the Silk Road, our friendship with the Celts. So much that’s precious and forgotten needs to be found again.

In the meantime, I can’t make promises but I may be able to share new visions and writings along the way.

I feel speechless like I always do when I have to go far beyond what I’d expected.
But I feel your support.

Thank you, beloved one. We are always connected. I will be back in autumn with new visions.

I love you.



A new feminine approach
to learning.

Do you have an inkling for a new idea?
Is there a new concept sparkling in your aura that will reinvent your industry?
Do you receive fragments of a cosmic light pattern; are you going to start something new and revolutionary?

In order to succeed you have to look at your work from your unique perspectives. You must think about it in your own creative way. Do not accept what is already out there. Your perspective might be the only one from which you can see new art, history, music, business ideas, books, visions of new life.

Ignore old learning. Start thinking fiercely alive.
Intention. Choose aliveness.

Do this with the aim of creating a new theory. There is a trend in every human domain that will affect human life for the better. About God, sexuality, livelihood, the future of humanity and good living. Everything.

Learn and think.
Creative thinking.

“I got to thinking about the other story that has been told to me. I have to choose to listen to that other voice urging me to listen to my inner wisdom over my historical betrayer.”

The exercise

Don’t learn anything for 24 hours.
Choose a theme of your passion.

Unplug. Disconnect from the noise of the digital world.
Hear yourself love.
Choose nature. She is the connection to reality.
Tap into the wisdom of not knowing.
Forget what you have learned and what you have been told.

Go into a field of consciousness about your passion.
Address the field of synchronicity. Let the fields work for you.

Instead of thinking, be that field.
Follow your instincts like a wolf.
Be inspired by what meets you in this field. Pay attention to signals from people, places, words and images.

Let your mind go with your heart.

Dive into the meaning of life.
Choose slowing down. You are worth it. Every time.

Look, we have layers of understanding.
Open your heart into a larger soft expansion of sensuality.
Think about that field. Create something out of it.

Receive + Collect + Integrate + Imagine

Trust that the field sends you the signals.
(Do not analyze too soon; let the openness of the field orient you.)

Gather information. Trust that you are getting exactly the information you need.
(Opinion and judgments are too restrictive in this area of creation.)

Magnetize the good. Your body wants to recycle knowledge. Your energy will dissolve it and solve it.
(Deflect the negative. Identify with: Look, this exists.)

We need to be the truth of our authentic self. The higher self is king and queen.
(Awareness changes when we embrace our memories. No time to ponder, wait or imitate.)

We cannot wait to see what you express.
We want it. Always, it’s worth it.

The un:hearable un:seeable things. Tiny micro-cosmoses vibrating soft magic. Just one small, connected liaison with your mystic soul each week can open, affect, and attract positive interruptions for the new creation. You can do it. You must. To connect with your soul, to feel your own cosmic rhythm of calling. To feel your thoughts. To let aliveness find you real connections. Love holds it all together. For every one of us.

The muscle of our feminine learning needs a regular workout.
You must exercise it. You must experiment with it.

(I am telling you this from my pilgrimage to the 3rd volume of JESUS THE BOOK & THE SERIES. Landscapes, people and memories cross dragonlines in unexpected ways never before imagined.)



Redefine your feminine leadership.

12 SPOTS. 5 DAYS. 

Universes of possibility.


in La Lumière, South France

Your time has come to rise
as a feminine leader.

From June 7th to 11th we are gathering an exclusive group of visionary women to open a sacred symposium of new feminine power. Together we articulate and co-create feminine leadership. We seed our own permaculture to synergize money and real embodied spiritualty.

Are you a leader with a new idea, a souldream, a mother, a boss, an entrepreneur, female, male or divine? We need you.

my INVITATION is for you.

: Get initiated into Shakti powers of this Universe and learn how to bring them into your leadership: Durga, Lakshmi, Kali in rituals for daily life.

: Tell us about your life dream and present your visionary work.
Meet other visionary leaders.

: Receive inspiration for your personal wholeness and wellness in the 100% organic Nature Spa and cooking classes. We care for you, lavishly.

: We will reframe patterns of leadership in sacred conversations.

I will guide you through these days. I offer my sacred communication to the world of spirits to ferry answers about new patterns of time and soul presence.

We begin our experience together online, when you will receive a sacred journey workbook and it will continue 14 days after you leave to integrate your new leadership into your life.

This program is yours.

The cost: 3000 Euros
For more information please click here.

Bring your best friend

We think BFF-ship is divine. We invite you to dive into feminine leadership with her by your side. You know who we mean: she who is there when you cry, when you are lost and when you triumph. We believe women friends must raise each other up, and in honor of that we offer a twin set.

4.500 Euro for both of you. That’s 2250 Euro apiece, a 750 Euro discount.

This offer is open through May 1st.

Read here about the creative, the inspirational, and the sensual experience that’s waiting for you.

To sweeten the pot, I will offer you personalized spiritual readings that inform your leadership style and awareness. (All readings are completely optional, only if you wish.)

I’m offering a reading to identify and describe…

Who are your power animals?
: For your leadership
: For your wisdom
: For your feminine power

Which 3 past incarnations most influence your leadership today?

What Goddess accompanies you in your current life situation? How can you contact her more deeply to lead?

The feminine leader initiated:
timely and crucial.

We must do better. Our world is masculine-dominated in terms of money, leadership, the steep gaps between rich and poor, between the sustainable and destructive. No longer can we rely on safety nets to catch us. The crisis of the world is everywhere, but it opens fields of possibilities.

What is the missing link to turn this world around?

The feminine voice of leadership. She has not yet evolved in her power to create change. That’s where we come in, together.

What can you expect?

This is where spiritual leaders and business mavens gather to give birth to new visions of feminine leadership. We ignite a sacred communication about nurturing the baby roots of empowerment. Together. We want to spark impactful change, not by fighting the status quo but by building parallel worlds.

You want to reconnect with yourself and the right people?
You want more spirituality and creativity for your soul?

: Is it mine?
: Is it my time?

Yes. We are so looking forward to seeing you.

For more information and for booking your place please click here.




3 laws of cosmic generosity.

: Why duplicators can never touch you.

You invented it. You built it with all your ambition and love. You imagined it till the baby was born and you proudly revealed her to the world. You created the most beautiful website, a brand new product. Boom.

Shortly thereafter, the imitators came online and stole from you. Today’s web-brain is even more wide open to idea hackers. It is impossible to protect our spiritual goodies.

It happened to me and maybe to you. The most creative trendsetters are always hunted.

Luminaires will be copied millions of times by the nobodies. twitter

But why don’t self-made icons like Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte care about this?

: Nobody can steal your light.

From a spiritual perspective, see it like this:

When you are howling into your cushions because somebody stole your idea and design, you have not yet arrived at the place where you radiate your light.

The sovereignty of your presence has not yet dipped into your hot truth, your inimitable voice and the full expression of your irresistible identity.

Better to shower these copycats with gratitude for pointing you out.
You have found your sparring partner until you shine your fullest.

As long as you can be confused with others, your unique soul expression is not grounded.

: The unique copy of you is divine. twitter

The Art of War
for creative entrepreneurs

: Steady, now. The one who avoids, confronts or flees will lose.
They can try to steal your light, but this is impossible. Decide to stay put. Keep going toward what you believe in. Make it even greater. Then surrender and radiate. The only way is to cultivate and expand our own light and be self-assured.

: Be ahead of everybody. Be smarter.
You will do it again. You are a creator, after all. Even when you are copied a trillion times, you will create anew. While copycats are still duplicating you are creating the next trend. Stay with the maverick and trend line and you will be at the forefront every time. Copyright thieves will always fail in the long run, because true creatives consistently reinvent.

: Build relationships on loyalty and trust.
The only way to knock out copycats is through wholeness. Unreal people build on illusions. Cover your path with gratitude and generosity. Time will pay you back for your kindnesses, so don’t be afraid of generous gestures. You are investing in priceless relationships and collective experiences. Nobody can copy what you have lived through with someone.

When you radiate, people will be magnetically attracted to you. Expect it.
We want that light or least the clearest glimpse of it.

The moment they start to copy you, breathe in and enjoy that rich feeling.
You are not “nobody” anymore.
You are now at the beginning of your iconic star system. There, you shine.




I must say I am indignant. Now that the New Age community has learned all the spiritual vocabulary, some people think they can throw it around carelessly.

So tweets like:

“May Karma take care of it,” shock me. Really.

Attention warning-k

“Karma is a bitch. She might kick you in the ass instead.” twitter

Name-calling or blaming the Gods of the law of Karma is the worst thing to do: you’re opening a new threat with Karma. It will immediately “fire back.” Moreover, you need to consider if perhaps your own Karma plan is activated. And…

: Ask deeper

Why is this my life?
How did I attract this?
Why did I create it?

You made the call first.

Everything in your life is made by you.

You created it on a level you may have forgotten. Our obliviousness is a blessing and curse.

We are not powerless victims; we are powerful creators of our destiny.
Which we can change in one instant with the right enlightening insight.
One slip into the ocean of the divine is enough to dissolve burdens of our souls.

Look, Karma is the law of reaction.

What we seed, we will harvest.

Once in India I was told a story that made the Law of Karma so transparent for me:

In Tibet they say, “If you walk by a beggar and look at him with pity you risk being a beggar in your next life.”

What is the teaching?

First: Karma is not a punishment.
Karma is the glue that holds the universe together. It creates gravity that holds us on earth and makes sure the sun rises each and every day.

Second: What we think is what we create.
So our thoughts are seeds. twitter
A good dharma is to just follow all your thoughts through the day and ask yourself: Where will you lead me? twitter

Third: Most do not remember their former lives, and they do not understand their implications for today.
We all have a story older than this life.
“There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future.“ – Babaji

So I wonder,
before we curse others with subtle judgment or even cursing Karma…

… we should remember

In the end it is all about how much we are willing to love.
In the end it is all about how much we are willing to grant generosity.
In the end it is all about how much we are in the bliss of gratitude.



In my world, and according to my cosmic understanding and living, there is no waste. To each question, problem or search, there is one solution, answer or remedy. It fits like the right top on the pot and the correct screw into its winding.

You are looking for an A to a burning Q?
You need to optimize your spiritual search machine.

You need to spirit Google.

The secret is the filter
you use to tap into the right level.

Ask yourself first:

: Can I solve it within myself? Level A

: Is the solution in the spiritual world? Level B

: Is another person the keeper of my answer? Level C

: Is mother earth the voice of my search? Level D

: Does nature hold my solution? Level E

Trust your sacred heartbeat: it drums when you hit the Jackpot.
And mark with an OM where applicable following your inner trust of knowing.

If your answer is on Level A:

You will find your solution within.
You need to go deeper; ask which chakra level provides the answer.
Dive inside into the corresponding chakra landscape, and receive. Send your Q out into the color and set it free to flow back to you.
(You do not know what chakras are? I can help. Leave a note below.)

If your answer is on Level B:

You will find your grace in your prayer.
Pray for a soulful insight.

For advanced spiritual questioners:
Identify which spiritual experts are your team:
God, Archangels or Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies and Devas.
They are all connected, so if you hit the wrong mailbox they will lovingly forward your request to the mavens of what you need to know.

For example
One of my Fengshui Clients prayed to Archangel Michael. One day while watching TV I had a clear image that her house was charged with divorce energy of separation. I hesitated to write her; she is a celebrity. I did it anyway. She answered immediately and asked me to help her. As Archangel Michael got the demand on his desk, he knew I was the expert in this field and I would notice and respond to his request.

If your answer is on Level C:

Ask yourself, who is the expert who can help me find the right answer?
Get help. Pay for value exchange and honor how much the time and money your consultant and expert saved you.

If your answer is on Level D:

Lay yourself down on the soil of our Mother in nature, full body extended. Breathe with her. Let her warm energy weave into your body. Let her heart drum pulse your cells. Fill her with your love and grace and make your request, devoted and respectfully. Then do not be surprised how quickly she responds. Most humans keep her under serious underemployment.

If your answer is on Level E:

Fairies, Devas and nature are full of spirits. They helped manifest plant empires and minerals full of remedies. You were advised to address them? Dare to do it, and give them their due respect. Ask what they want from you. (They love presents and often ask me for black tea and rose petals. A friend of mine is always asked for sugar.) Ask where they want it, where the vortex is. Then ask for your solution. It may come in the form of a plant petal, a healing crystal or energies streaming towards you holding your A. It’s worth trying, my best advice comes from this world of magic.

So now go. Pose your Q.
Mark your level. Let it go. Receive fully.

And then come back and share your results in the comments below.

Wild love forever



Increase a thousand-fold
the joy of working together.

Embracing the goal of happily working together
is the ultimate perfection. The future lies in compassion-fueled cooperation, époque shifts and co-creation.

The era of togetherness is a promising bud of talent for a new world. twitter

And look, teamwork is more fun.

“The happiness issue” is definitely a sensitive subject. But where and when you haven’t reached the ultimate level of happiness in teaming up together, you better start taking action to uplift hearts. We cannot afford to create another generation of unhappy young professionals.

This is the greenhouse for assured happy creation.
For me the magic happens when generation Y meets generation A.

Generation A
The archetypes.
The first-born. The original. The first creation.
Those are called the old Gods. They were there from the beginning and have imprinted powerful codes of feminine and masculine creation power in all worlds.

The story of how my personal assistant Angel (of Generation Y)
improved our time management and co-work 1000%

Look for wisdom in the place that sucks the most. twitter

What to do when generations clash?

This is it: Notice.
Crisis is the best starting ramp.

La Lumiére life:

We were sure. There were to be no more team meetings on Monday mornings.

My assistant and I both ionized a perfect avoidance strategy, but we had to admit that the ritual of Monday morning meetings sucked. Vastly. We prayed to our gods. We had done our “what we are grateful for, blah blah blah” routines, and it still sucked. The moment we sat down to start our weekly team meeting to coordinate our work, the energy was unbearable. The body knew: Please, I want to get out of this.

I tried everything I could try.
I invented better plans, basic affirmation recipes to improve our teamwork and create more happiness.

Now I must admit I am a high-quality fetishist. I give my best, always. We do it great or not at all. Mediocrity sucks.

And I love the tension of the gap between where we are and where we want to be. It creates high-voltage energy for change. But we were deepening the differences between how I flow with greatness and how my team flows with greatness.

The last trick in my hat was to turn to Plan B.

My Plan B:

(Full disclosure: this must have been a channeled and highly-divine intervention that was tired of my Self.)

After years of managing the improvement of it all, I gave up and said:

Ok Parasi, now you work it out. You have 2 days to find a better solution for timing, meetings, and information transfer between us.”

: How we can have so much fun in meetings that it blows our mind?
: How can we have a flow that nourishes self-contained joy?
: How can we build a bridge of transparency between two brains stitched and woven by different kinds of genius?

Here’s what she came up with and what we still do.

: We have a walk in nature for team meetings.
: We have times of uninterrupted work, wherein each of us is responsible for our work.
: Each of us determines her own work flow.
: We have designated ending points of when we want to get our work out to the world.

We still work and improve.
I learn about teaming and togetherness every day.
I want to socialize in my work and business.
For me there are many happy, cozy moments.

And each next time I crash into things that suck?
I honor the wisdom of my team.

I just say to the troublemaker: “Ok, find a new idea and propose a solution.”
The cause of the cause is the solution.
For me and for them.

We want to give birth to a new society. We do it for a generation’s worth of happiness. So we are in charge of making a daily sweep to turn old patterns into new creation.


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We need a new understanding of time and space. Witness personal and collective burnouts, banking crashes, atomic pollution, and environmental imbalance. To turn the ship around, we need to be willing to bravely rebind ourselves to the rhythm of creation. When we realize we are the evolution, we start with our small universe to belly-breathe with the infinite universe.

6 steps to create like
the gods and goddesses

Synchronize your creation with the big creation. Rock your dreams.

We expand constantly. Knowingly or unknowingly, our cells vibrate with the universe and with God. When we remember this truth, we will know what we want to create consciously.

Our time beats loudly.

Once there was silence. One source. OM.

Step one: Innovation

The truly NEW comes from the core of the cosmos. There the inspiration of the divine is born; they have been there since the beginning. Inspiration is ripe to be picked when we are ready.

You are looking for Innovation?

: Slow down. Decelerate your life for a while, until silence surrounds you. Then connect to the core of the cosmos. Feel the silent fire of creation. The best ideas come from God. The new cycles are open. We are in the middle of the new.

Step two: Dynamic cycles

Our role models are the stars. Stars are dynamic beings: they are born, they evolve, they die. Stars explode out of clouds of material under immense pressure like a firework and they collapse with dramatic energy. Their dynamic is our inspiration.

You want to be a creative rock star?

: What star-cycle are you in right now?

Giving birth: What wants to be born? What wants to expand? Hold the pressure.

Evolve: Care, nurture, improve, love, trust, believe, flow, build the bliss of each moment.

The climax of fulfillment: the beautiful end
And collect.
Ask yourself what in your life and business has given itself up to serve and is now completed. Like a star sinks her nuclear power into the invisible when she shines the brightest. She knows when to prepare to be reborn.

What in your life has exhausted its fuel? What has no fire anymore, and wants to be released? What do you try to artificially keep alive in your work life, your relationships, your memories, your productions, your livelihood, your home?

Step three: The cosmic rhythm

The cosmos maintain herself with elegant balance. When she grows just slightly too quickly, just a calculation away, she can explode with vast destruction. When she grows too slowly, she runs a risk of imploding.

You want to swing with the song of Shiva Shakti?

: Feel the pulse of the heart of the creation, God’s heart. Feel the rhythm. OM. Recognize the source, the sacred dance. Artificial speed is destruction; deliberate hesitation means collapse.

Recognize the rhythm of your soulplan’s blooming and the soulplan of each project you create. The sacred heart will always offer you recognition of the right moments to bring our life and structures forward.

Remember how you were created: therein lies your creation rhythm.

Step four: Infinite expansion

The law ruling this universe, the one that lives in all her interactions, is freedom.
The freedom of accidents and coincidences. The cosmos creates with childish playfulness and savors the freedom of possibilities. Yet it all still makes sense. The greatness of a star lies in his destiny. The planets need coherence and the elegant beauty of complexity. The universe lets herself be surprised by evolution and never loses her divine law.

You want to shy away from your light?

: Our duty is to give meaning to life. Life comes into existence when we tune into evolution. Turn the radio on. Listen. Create. Develop. Reinvent yourself at each new level of your evolution. Dive into the nakedness of being and be willing to rebirth yourself forever.

Who is your spiritual family?
What qualities and characteristics describe the stardust you derive from?
Dive into it and describe it. Bring them down to the earth. Your resurrection awaits you on a daily basis.

Step five: Destruction

The meaning of death is woven into the heart of the universe. We have to revive a new meaning of transformation.

You want to create?

: Ask yourself, “What do I have to destroy?” Go deeper and dare.
Recognize yourself as co-creator and ask, “What has to die to give birth to the new?”

Innovation grows at the edges.
Chaos is the beginning.
You own the power of change.

Step six: Vision

We witness an era of endings as the familiar vanishes in front of our eyes. A new creation is rearing up in front of us. Many people are clueless in the light of the groundless. Our resources are exhausted.

Want to gain new energy?

: You play an essential role in the history of this universe and this earth.
They do not teach the universe in universities. You are entitled to own your sacred space.

In the times of new beginning, chaos reigns and many things run together.

It all begins with a vision.

The universe was born as one.
We began this journey with a dream.

What is your vision for the new Age?
What is your place in the new Age?

The one only you can be.


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Thank you, love.


You are my loyal reader. I think of you with every thought I pour into my writing.

When I started out on a journey with the I was full of ideas about feminine Christianity, Jesus The Book and new visions. I was naive and full of “let’s do it” energy.

What I have begun changed my life. So silently it took over me and required two years to understand. These thought have grown and become more adult.

We need to try on our thoughts from time to time to see
if they still fit.


Three nights ago I woke up suddenly and my inner wolf woman lay by my bedside guarding me. She slipped into my body and I wore my fur with pride. My inner vision turned 360 degrees.

I woke knowing that things want to change.

New beginnings are why we breathe.

I love “cul de sacs” and impassable passages. When you find yourself in a dead-end street you have to go back to the road that leads to your goal.

I sink my feet even deeper into the ground and feel that the NOW is my highest teacher. I decide to walk blindly into my world till new visions arise. Everything I meet here is a challenge for growth.

I have become a writer. But my life was not a writer’s life till now.
I need to change my habit of creativity and timing.
I love to walk in the dark and remember to trust my instinct.
I believe in clarity of intentions and goals.
New space grows there.

Announcing… will be on hiatus for a while.

Whenever we enter a new stage in our life, we die and are reborn at the same time. Finding one’s own sacred voice is another rebirth, one of millions whenever a new era starts. is another rebirth for me.

As promised I will always come back. See you there.

Love always


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How to know which vision to go for.

Right now we get the craziest ideas just before falling asleep or just upon waking. The veils are thinner since we called for new visions for this earth. The web of life is knitting a lot of yarn. We are exposed to a vision shower. Ideas pop down from heaven like comets of grace. It’s a universe overdose.

My brain feels like a blackjack jackpot. My visions are sketched out in a two-year plan that lives an Evernote folder called “New Visions.” I will focus on writing “Write Your Future Book” for three months and translate it into English, launch it in October while planning “Write Your Future Book Live” (days of high-voltage creation in May 2014) and a women’s conference in 2015: SHE EXPLODES HER UNIVERSE. I decided I want it all.

However, some of our ideas take years to come true, even longer than the lifetime of our desires. Without obligation to lifelines (my word for deadlines), they can take ages to mature, like grapes on a good vine. And some never come to fruition and burn down like shooting stars.

See, ideas are manifest creation and flow freely. Ideas can fly as free agents, but some visions have destinies that are bound inextricably to our own. Heavenly ideas are made with purpose: their goal is realization.

Cool your smoking brain.
Let me show you how to systematize soulfully and identify ideas for hot pursuit.

Your Status Quo Manifestation Map

Here’s a piece of business advice for your idea. Start by picking the right one at the right time. Put the others into a waiting line.

You need:
: blank paper
: a pen
: a space open to you and your soul
: 20 minutes for you and your pleasure

Where is your idea right now? This exercise helps to locate where a vision is in the Universe and follow its destiny.

The process:

: Get clear on which idea you want to locate. Take it one at a time. Give it a symbol, a name or initials. For example, for YOUR FUTURE BOOK, I use #YFB.

: Draw a circle to symbolize mother Earth in the center of the paper.
Make it as round as she is.

: At the top of the sheet, draw a symbol for heaven, God, the throne of God, the Universe, the higher source. I like to use a crown as my symbol. Leave enough space for your visions in between heaven and mother Earth.

: Bring your idea into your mind. Now move your awareness to your belly. Check the feeling and instinctively put the pen on the sheet where the idea is right now. Draw your idea there.

: Where is the idea? It might still be up in the Universe, down on earth, or somewhere in between. The degree of its closeness to earth will give you information about whether it is wise to:

: wait
: get it going, or
: address what is there to do before you can start making it real.

(When I first did this while finding a publisher for Jesus The Book & The Series it opened my eyes. The book was right in the middle between heaven and earth. I was able to understand: You must wait, the seeds are still sprouting in mother Universe.)

:: Ask: who supports this idea? Who helps you?
: Draw your spiritual guides on the sheet. You will feel their support.
: Draw the people who support this idea on the sheet. Where are they?
: Feel the energy of how they support you and write it on the sheet.

There is nothing to manipulate or change.
Ideas grow naturally.
Observing the status quo is eavesdropping on the sounds of growth.

(I see spiritual support for my books. Some first followers and helpers for Jesus The Book & The Series are in North America. My best business advice was to expand my love across continents. This is the beginning. New York twinkles.)

: Now write, draw or paint whatever else comes to your mind that is important to know. Analyze the insight. Receive.

You can do a Status Quo Manifestation Map for each idea. It will show you if an idea is growing nearby or off in the distance. You can also ask about time and note it on your sheet. When will this idea start to manifest? When is the time to plan, concretize and ship it?

I wish you a lot of fun with this; it is a really effective method.
Just in case, some images to help spark your imagination.

My Status Quo Manifestation Map for the #YFB