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In my world, and according to my cosmic understanding and living, there is no waste. To each question, problem or search, there is one solution, answer or remedy. It fits like the right top on the pot and the correct screw into its winding.

You are looking for an A to a burning Q?
You need to optimize your spiritual search machine.

You need to spirit Google.

The secret is the filter
you use to tap into the right level.

Ask yourself first:

: Can I solve it within myself? Level A

: Is the solution in the spiritual world? Level B

: Is another person the keeper of my answer? Level C

: Is mother earth the voice of my search? Level D

: Does nature hold my solution? Level E

Trust your sacred heartbeat: it drums when you hit the Jackpot.
And mark with an OM where applicable following your inner trust of knowing.

If your answer is on Level A:

You will find your solution within.
You need to go deeper; ask which chakra level provides the answer.
Dive inside into the corresponding chakra landscape, and receive. Send your Q out into the color and set it free to flow back to you.
(You do not know what chakras are? I can help. Leave a note below.)

If your answer is on Level B:

You will find your grace in your prayer.
Pray for a soulful insight.

For advanced spiritual questioners:
Identify which spiritual experts are your team:
God, Archangels or Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies and Devas.
They are all connected, so if you hit the wrong mailbox they will lovingly forward your request to the mavens of what you need to know.

For example
One of my Fengshui Clients prayed to Archangel Michael. One day while watching TV I had a clear image that her house was charged with divorce energy of separation. I hesitated to write her; she is a celebrity. I did it anyway. She answered immediately and asked me to help her. As Archangel Michael got the demand on his desk, he knew I was the expert in this field and I would notice and respond to his request.

If your answer is on Level C:

Ask yourself, who is the expert who can help me find the right answer?
Get help. Pay for value exchange and honor how much the time and money your consultant and expert saved you.

If your answer is on Level D:

Lay yourself down on the soil of our Mother in nature, full body extended. Breathe with her. Let her warm energy weave into your body. Let her heart drum pulse your cells. Fill her with your love and grace and make your request, devoted and respectfully. Then do not be surprised how quickly she responds. Most humans keep her under serious underemployment.

If your answer is on Level E:

Fairies, Devas and nature are full of spirits. They helped manifest plant empires and minerals full of remedies. You were advised to address them? Dare to do it, and give them their due respect. Ask what they want from you. (They love presents and often ask me for black tea and rose petals. A friend of mine is always asked for sugar.) Ask where they want it, where the vortex is. Then ask for your solution. It may come in the form of a plant petal, a healing crystal or energies streaming towards you holding your A. It’s worth trying, my best advice comes from this world of magic.

So now go. Pose your Q.
Mark your level. Let it go. Receive fully.

And then come back and share your results in the comments below.

Wild love forever



Beyond all she does,
all she desires,
all she hopes,
she wants to express herself.

If she is stopped, she dies.
Each attempt to master her fails.
If she will not be found, she skids.

Rescued by design
The luxury of her soul

We can continue tirelessly along with all the names of she who made history.
She was called to her vocation, came as a creator of life.
She puts in all her concentration, all her soul, all her life.

After all this is the answer:
she puts in her endless time
for a rendezvous with her dream.

We wish her a year of highest creation.

Because creating her dream is as noble as founding a religion.

Dare your success.
Let your dreams rise from the dead.
To places where we are fully nourished.

Let’s dream.
Express yourself,
and embellish your pages.


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(Walking the initiation path in shopping malls and ashrams, with champagne and feminism.)

My letter to this world.

… remember
your life began within a woman. We all were nestled in the womb. Life is always within a Mother. But women are more than mothers: wives, companions, sisters, friends, bitches, witches, princesses, fairies, mothers of culture and wonderful girls, creative fire priestesses, artists, girl warriors, marvels, igniters, women on fire, crones, goddesses and angels (feel encouraged to add your fantasy here, and dare to live it). Each woman is one of a kind!

Dear you, visions of a worldwide revolution make me write and teach. I craft with my fingers and hopes, faithfully offering a space for the future I want to belong to; meanwhile bees make a rural exodus and masses of people protest denial.

My prayer is clear. I raise a fierce feminine voice in a world that is ignorant of creation, in which we witness ruthless exploitation of nature, religious wars and politics without ethics. I want to start a new conversation of leadership. I will contribute my sacred voice; it lives inborn and is each woman’s birthright.

I do not want to change the world, but I must admit I like the end of the road. To find a way out of the crises we must nurture new ideas and make new moves.

Women today have a mission.
So do men, but our world lives in an old pattern of male domination. The feminine has been forgotten and role models of feminine leadership are now needed to take their seats in writing a new history of humanity together with men. Women have strong values and we need to use them to balance the end of the road of unnatural economics, politics and society.

The gospel of feminine leadership

Visions for the future.
10 years ago I spoke at big women’s conferences about my future vision, the rebirth of entrepreneurial women breaking the glass ceiling. Creating new space kills the status quo; the one who fights against the establishment is a single representative of the vast other side.

And today all over the world women create their own businesses; even secretaries have reinvented themselves as virtual assistants. The trend: Be your own boss, and create success on your own terms. Even more: Soulgoals for what we want most.

When I travel the word I know, women have different conditions in different countries, but whatever the circumstances are, women rise for freedom.

The feminine awakens and with her an energy-shifting change takes place that will shift our horizons in every part of life. “Beauty is the mother of all. For the sisterhood of God’s wild sisters.”

Add the sacred feminine

The female sources rise to cooperate with the masculine.
The feminine knows how to create with invincible power.
Transformation is past. Today we expand with evolution.

The goddess always has a niche to resurrect.

You are the world revolution.

Knitwork with the stream of creation.
Criss-cross the unbelievable.

Holy stream of light bumping your heartbeat
loudly to awaken universes.
You are the animating,
feeding power of life, the supreme light
in every being in every thing in every human.

We call you universe,
we call you Shakti,
we call you GreatMother.

The temple is your expression of completed contemplation.
Your sacred pattern weaves.

In your stream I have my place, my name.
You are unchangeable. Mandala.

Let me touch your texture with my fingertips.
Changeable quintessential.
Each moment was just born.

My mission is to bestow upon myself fulfillment.

I set my right intentions.
There will be stumbling blocks on my way.
Keep me alert.

Pave my way.



How my Mum inspired and changed my life forever.

I was 16 and my heart was broken. (It had to be cracked open in order to receive the initiation of life.) My Mum said, “When this boy leaves it is because someone far better for you is coming. This is life; anyone who does not match with your highest aim has to move on in order to find his own life and his right resonances. He opens the space for the right people to come in and surround you, to love you. God always wants the best for you and everyone. When something does not work out, it is because he has a better plan provided for you.”

Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God’s approval.
– Thomas S. Monson

My Mum was right.

When I trust my life more than my pain and disappointment, things evolve most beautifully

: the man I love, the people I work with, the team I create with.

I must admit I have a childish heart. When people set me up or betray me, my heart is like a little puppy. My puppy heart swallows hard and I remember what Mum said. Head up and go.

And still: each and every time I begin by compromising for less than I truly require, I end up in dead ends. It’s like God pokes me with a soft finger saying: You are igniting another line of complications. And so it was when I refused to listen, creating a chain of complication to create more complications, on and on.

Because we only know what we know
it’s about listening to our soul
and what we want to improve.

We have been taught to live in positions of scarcity that obfuscate our thoughts, all in order to fit in. We swim in a sea of conformity builders, and we fear being alone. So we bow to a minor art.

Never compromise your culture.

If we want to create a contemporary cultural revolution, a common sacred energy flow for all people, we have to make strong decisions, all the while asking for our heart’s weigh-in and always with the aim of making our lives more happy.

: What do I really want to create?

: How do I want it?

: What do I love?

: How do I love it?

We must decide to fertilize our real relationships, our state of grace, and our cultures of quality – and not to compromise them.

First: Always stand for your own. Be joy.

So when we do flirt with compromises? We settle for less when we are afraid to stand for our own.

Instead, create your own festivals of life and bazaars of freedom; build new agreements and sacred structures that support you to be free, to be creation, essential innovation.

You will create a sustainable and profitable world only when you stand on your own sacred ground. There you have magic to give and to make … more magic.

Second: Always provide the sacred space
for others to find their path of true joy.

Networked webs of ideas and thoughts will never match the freedom provided by the clarity of the universal flow. And we are always free to step out when we cannot feel our clarity, our truth, or ourselves anymore.

Our heart needs to be cracked a million times until it’s totally free.

So we will leave our partners who cannot see us anymore. We will be betrayed and left alone. We will be disappointed, saddened and set up.

But we must grant their freedom and pray with love for the others to return to their sacred heart, to place where they feel their essence again and can heal.

We are responsible for each other’s highest aim.

I set them free.
My puppy heart sighs.
I listen to him.

“You will never be alone. Give up all worlds you do not belong to. Return to freedom.
I have a better plan for you…”


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BIG IN 2014

A circle to break your heaven free

Sitting here thinking about 2014, I know something for sure.
Something is created around us.
It’s bigger and more beautiful than we’ve ever imagined.

I want more heaven in life in 2014.

Stay open.
Do not try to put what was created in heaven into shapes and words prematurely.
It will not express the visions dreamt in awe.

We want to feel ourselves totally free and holy.
We want to feel ourselves. Naked. Full.

While I was in Taiwan the question most frequently asked of me was: What heaven do I come from? And I started to realize that in order to access and resonate with our desire to feel our heaven, we have to first create a circle of healing.

My approach to reaching the beauty created for us:

I’ve decided to follow a circle of healing this year, and I walk upon a 5-step mandala to break my heaven free. The steps are in specific order to raise the inner bar, and to ritualize the process when needed.

What will I do to feel my heaven deeply?

Step one: Breakout space
: Letting go.
Shake off all that is not me.

Step two: Shape and shift
: Laughter.
Affix a halo to my belly laugh.

Step three: Go for the gold
: Consciously choose quiet times.
Build refuges for the other side of my soul; the free and holy introvert holds still and chats with God.

Step four: Fresh start
: Rise above the problems.
Foster the balance between male and female, challenge the courage and pain. There is so much great and good stuff happening in this world.

Step five: Dearly loved
: Feel safe.
Know I am deeply desired, always.

May 2014 be heaven on Earth for you.

Hopefully we meet somewhere we have never been.

Thanks to my friend Mara Eickermann. You inspired me to write this.


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In her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, palliative care nurse Bronnie Ware records the most common regrets of the dying.

: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,
  not the life others expected of me.

: I wish I didn’t work so hard.

: I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

: I wish that I had let myself be happier.

The message: get it done before regrets get you. This woke me up.

We are often discouraged from thinking or talking about death. But believe that the skin between life and death is thin and tender. On the other side there is eternity and home, a subtle light without want. God’s voice intones everywhere. We are driven by a personal relationship with Him and Her: in our lightbody we know about it all, even if our minds do not remember.

Do not fear endings. Death is the other face of passion.

For me, the other side is part of my existence. I have been there. “Two weeks later and you would be dead,” said the surgeon after bringing me back from the edge of death. I was 18, and I had seen the other side. Since then I live differently. I want to be able to die any day saying: “I have done all I wanted. I am totally full.”

I want to life every day like my last. The presence of that conviction is beauty to my bold soul.

Preparing for death clarifies my life and what I really want to achieve. In the face of death everything gains new meaning.

Digest the feast of life.
The map for 2014

Before I make my yearly plans I do my most powerful ritual, “Before I die I want to…” I was first inspired by Candy Chang, who placed huge black chalkboards in neglected public spaces with the same question for people to answer anonymously.

I calibrated the exercise a bit and do this for myself at each year’s end. The darkness of the winter is my realm. For me death is a part of life, so I plan as if the next year will be my last.

Certainly I keep dreams for decades in my pocket but I do not plan for more than one with a schedule. The rest of my dreams float free of timetables and give me hope to live long enough to fulfill them; they are the endorphins of my soul goals.

Only two tips

: 3 things to fulfill in one year is enough.

Narrow your list down to the hopes that come from the deepest part of your soul. Go one layer deeper, then another layer deeper, then one more layer. Less is more; fewer means you’re serious.

I aim for one achievement of my life dedicated to each of my holy trinity: Braham the eternal but not understandable, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva, the creator and destroyer. May the divinity eat the fruits of my life. My reward is the scent of their contentment.

: Leave space for unexpected.

God is crazy with love; he will never bore you. Once you walk the way of bliss, creation answers with joy. So make space for possibility beyond bargaining; the genius of all. Let the planned be spoiled by the joy.

and one rule:

: My last shirt will have no pockets.

I want to do things I can carry on to eternity, just tons of memories of heavy love.

My list
list durga

Tell me, my dear friend. Write it down for us.

Before I die I want to do these 3 things…

Wild love



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On the last day in Taipei I visit the Lungshan Temple. I come here to say thank you to Master Whoyeh, whom I’ve never met; he is in the worlds of the spirits now. But I feel the presence of his heritage. As my translator Ganda instructs us, we walk our prayer mandala offering to the deities deep Chinese red candles and the red incense of obsessions. The heartbeat of the oldest temple in the city is Quan Quin, the goddess of mercy. “We praise the divine mother here,” says Ganda. The Buddha shrines surround Her indestructible cosmos that not even the 1945 bomb attacks could touch.

I had come to Taiwan to give my final “Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui” teaching. After many years of study I had become a master myself.

Permit me a word about this lineage as I offer a bow to my master of heritage, Agni. He ignited my fire when I first witnessed his ability to progressively change the energy in a room. Before then I was constantly searching for the great masters. I met the great names of Feng Shui and sacred geomancy, but no one convinced me. I stick with masters who teach origin knowledge direct from its source: directly from light to wisdom, not rewriting old scriptures (and so often rewriting one another) that the fire of knowledge extinguishes.


A few vintages ago

Over the last 18 years I have studied all the books and followed urges of my natural dissatisfaction to rewrite and find new ways to practice Feng Shui. I am compelled to find my own interpretation of the sacred space within creation. The way I see and understand Feng Shui, we find our own fierce truth of the modern new practice. It’s a necessary update for a 21st century society.

Never agree with what you learn.
Always revolutionize the knowledge.

Many vintages later

The beauty of the last era had intoxified me. So after all these years teaching ACC Feng Shui I needed to reach out for new shores. As tradition compels I asked Agni to choose a disciple to whom I would teach my knowledge to enter the line for Asia. He suggested two, and Ranra Yang from Táiwan became my assistant, listening and learning. In so doing I would keep my promise to bring the new knowledge to the roots for the tradition to continue.

Give up places you do not belong anymore.
You grow when you give up what has become too tight.
Create sacred space for others to step into.

The story of Master Whoyeh
the old Tiger gentleman.
When personal dragonlines cross.

Ranra Yang woke up during the second night of the Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui training. Something she had forgotten was awakened.

When she was 14 she and her Mum went to Lungshan Temple to pray when a man approached and told her that they had an old connection. Master Whoyeh became her master of dragonlines, Chi fights and powerful dragon caves in landscape and reading the future in palms. In his instruction, he often hit her softly on the head: “Be more accurate!“

One day he told Ranra, “I will die in three years, and you will one day teach Feng Shui. But a new way of Feng Shui that will come to Taiwan.”

Master Whoyeh had long gone when Ranra Yang and I cross dragonlines.

Real masters and ones walking with an overview of time and space are rare these days. The revolution I started had been orchestrated by Master Whoyeh; even I knew that. Our path is older than we are.

Sacred space is now open for all of us.

Temples will enter our homes, offices and public places. Chakras, five elements, dragonlines, planets, cosmic rays, the bagua and cosmograms conquer our desire to create space.

The path of the mystics is finding your own fierce truth. Study the Bhagavad Gita, study the Vedas, study old sacred scriptures, then think aloud about the way you see and understand it. Find your own interpretation of the sacred traditions.

Inspire to follow, think of the new …


For a consultation, please contact me or I will recommend to you one of my dear students worldwide. moc.liargelamefehtnull@nioj



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(I am writing this in Noetic Science in CA. Five deer are watching me. Nature, I bow to you.)

Synchronicity is a mind-state of 360° openness. I am intrigued by this raw, lying-dormant fabric of the future. Since the Robert Redfield Celestine series I am even more committed: I am a researcher of how to retrain our minds for an open flow of Synchronicity to allow the idea of God into economic and political change.

The elegance of equilibrium lies between the consciousnesses: the Alpha state of Synchronicity, and the Beta state. Beta mind-state is the laser-focused capacity to get things done, the martial art of transforming of light into shape with the universe as an ally.

Synchronicity and the mind-state of complete openness lies beyond judgment, assumptions, criticism, and indifference to our daily life lives full of grace.

The botany of Synchronicity

It happened to me:

: In Vienna when I was 22
I wanted to be an artist. I was painting and the muse of genius was showering down through me. I tried to get into art school in Vienna, and I presented my oil paintings with my application. When I was asked who painted them I did not even understand the question. Today I do. The genius in my conversation with God had found a channel and I painted it expressively out. At my age such ripeness in art was not “natural.” I was rejected, because they said I was already an artist, with no need to be educated.

Synchronicity is the muse of the genius within.
Ecstasy is the inner gateway to ignite your great vision with Synchronicity. Historically great artists found their spirit link when ecstasy gave birth to great art. The ultimate concept of beauty can be accessed unbound to our knowledge and experience.

This is our chance to bring healing connections into the duality that’s falling apart.

: in Peru
My friend and I took a trip to Machu Pichu. I was not excited about touring there and had a nap in that land of deeper consciousness while my friend explored. We caught the last train back to Cusco. God knows why, but we got off the train two stations before our destination. We were left staring into the nowhere, watching our last transport to Cusco leaving.

Mora panicked. But Machu Pichu had transferred me into a synchronic state of mind. “No worries,” I said with a certainty that is called divine. “A car will arrive in five minutes and take us to Cusco.” True enough, five minutes later a car appeared from the darkness. It stopped in front of us and a guy asked, “Where do you need to go?” Our big rucksacks were our branding for lost tourists. We arrived safe.

Synchronicity is embedded into certain landscapes. It also helps you to meet the right people, make the right connections, and connect with the right happenings.
It is a magnet for connections of right spirits. (Locations loaded with heavy energy are not open to that kind of miraculous flow. ACC Feng Shui can shift that.)

: Our love proposal (our book proposal for Jesus The Book & The Series)
I got up every day praying my Omkar and Subrabatha. Then I would meditate and ask my guides what chapter or theme to work on. Even without any logic, fragments popped in and I followed the guidelines. One week before my lifeline I panicked that I would never complete it. Agni got me back into focus: “You get it done.” I did. I still feel it’s so good I couldn’t possibly have written it. I did.

Synchronicity will help us to download products, innovations and world savers from heaven.

You can learn to provoke the Alpha state

Following the impulses when Synchronicity knocks at your door is a training.

: for the Faith in Synchronicity timing
: for innovation
: to flow with the universe in oneness
: to know
: divine idea spotting
: dreaming heaven down to earth

Each day I look for ways to show you how to get back to thinking with God and performing with your soul. This is the beginning of the love story I’m writing about that search.

Let us start: How to feel time
Synchronicity training for your brain:

: Imagine your brain vacant, full of light and ease.
Let your thoughts work for you from a distance of non-disturbance.
Solutions are enumerated and elaborated on different levels.

: 360° thinking
Imagine that you think in 360°. The ideas will come from all directions. Trust that the universe is clever, and only the right things will fly in. Let your thinking form into a new habit. Observe the effects.

: Integrate Alpha state into your sleep, let it marinate your dreams.
Take your questions into your dreams, let the answers come. Write down your insights upon waking.

Let us start with this conversation.

Tell us what project you want to download with Synchronicity?
Where have you experienced it?
Are there locations you know that vibrate Synchronicity?

I am curious to charge up the pieces that vibe with you.
Your inquires help me to move you deeper into a sync that refines your focus.
What questions and thoughts do you have?

Wild love Durga



…for co-creation.

Work only with people of equivalent ambitions. I have built teams and I have built an ashram. Along the way, people came and went, joined and left the common visions, ideals and projects. In the end the best ones stayed – those who are always for the higher goal. The warriors of greatness. Those who know about me: She demands a lot, yet she peels significance and she gives it back a million times. She is not easy, but she is worth it.

What I have learned.

Before you enter into a commitment with someone, offer a personalized value list.
What is essential, important and vital for you?
If you want to move worlds you need your warrior team beside you.

The battle begins…

Listen carefully and you know it too. Take a stillness break and you can feel it – the turmoil, vibrations and stirrings of an ongoing battle. Two tribes are bulldozing for supremacy. One has had it comfortable for centuries and is now, as discourse would have it, in a state of cosmic crisis. The other – determined, educated, alpha, dynamic and self-assured – surges ahead in terms of establishment of value and new challenges as it renegotiates its identity.

In fashion, culture, politics, it’s the return of the spiritual warrior.
A high-spirited model: virile and fiercely feminine. Yin and Yang.
In an unsure and sever époque I flirt more and more with the idea of warriors rolling up their sleeves.

Who will win?

The one who is here to protect, to reestablish values and face down obscurity.
A spiritual warrior wins and succeeds. For a lifetime.

You are free to pick your values.
Decrypted: choose your side.

: Declare what you expect: Give away great responsibility and set your expectations and consequences.
When people know that there are boundaries it raises their engagement and motivation to grow with you. And when we dare to enter new territory that inspires us for peak performances, we can reach past our boundaries and give each other wings.

: Ask for all. You deserve it: Commitment of time and spirit. The team commitment.
I still love the idea of the three musketeers: One for all. We give it all and in the end we celebrate it all.

: Never get up from the table if you began the war. I want to work with people who stay seated when it gets hot so that we can go through it together. We fight the good fight and let the power energies crash. But until the end, we do run away from our petty power plays. The challenge is to stay in the hot seat and withstand the power. Here we grow.

: Prove you deserve a place with your actions. I am willing to work with people who make a declaration of war for peace and a better world, but you have to show me that you mean it and why. We do not want to be good. We want to be great.

: Truth: Openness of thoughts. What we really think is important. Talk it out. Talk it through. Challenge yourself: have I created a liability? Do I need to re-think you?

: Simplicity: What we create raises up our lives and the world. What we fight decreases generosity, humanity and importance.

: Love: Love what you do or leave it. Love those you work with because you deserve respect and dignity.

: Immortality: Once we have lived a day, it’s gone forever. If we waste that day by investing our time in actions that don’t produce the better world we want, that loss is permanent. You’re free to decide what “best” means to you. The “best” is your soulgoal, your own ideal, and each day is a new horizon to walk it. Values act as our GPS to put us back on course time and again, so that day after day, we’re moving in the direction that takes us closer and closer to our definition of the “best” life we could possibly live.

Join us in the battle for what
we really believe in.
The question to ask yourself is this:
What is truly important to me in life?

Brainstorm a list of your values as your answers to this question.
Understanding our new tribes, our desires, our changing battle points, our wants and dialects – and what winning means to us – has never been more important. For new ways of insights, explorations, illuminations and more, secure your ticket now. Let the battle commence.

For the wilder shores of your imagination…



A small gathering for celebrities from heaven

starts at La Lumière
September 15th

A new way to live the ashram lifestyle of heaven on earth in South France.

We need to inspire our future. We raise new vocations and unite spirituality and the mundane life. So we come together to inspire small revolutions.

The Soul Series is a creative workshop, wellness retreat and salon at La Lumiére. It offers you 5 days of inspiration, cooking classes with the Michelin star chef Michael Spiridon, our one-of-a-kind Nature Spa, shared meditation and soul art. The Soul Series is 4 evenings of outdoor dining with sparkling conversations, led by Sophia-Shomani Elmlinger about “living food” and a “Your Future Book Salon” with Durga.

The air above La Lumiére tingles like Champagne.

A firework of senses will shower the South of France like glittering rain. September 15 – 19

the package:
cooking + nature spa + inspiration

: you will be seduced

by Michael Spiridon and his 3-star gourmet universe.
An internationally-renowned chef, Michael combines raw food and the 5 elements in a vegetarian food explosion. Your senses will be enthralled by his sophisticated recipes, healthy and so yummy. Back home you will remember your new love with easy menus for the season.

: you will be pampered

body and soul by our Nature Spa Team. Dive into the calmness of the Mother and recharge in nature’s wildness. Your cells will tank up power and stillness.

: you will be bewitched

by Aliana Devi and Durga and our Art temple. We dive into a sea of soul art creation. Your body becomes part of an art work and we unite body and soul.

: you will be mind-washed

by our inspirational, world-changing ideas. Three 15-minute evening terrace talks followed by inspirational conversations over dinner. Topics include “living food and beauty,” “pioneering local organic farming” and “living your vocational dream from heaven.”

about your hosts at The Soul Series ::


I have a fire under my bud. I cannot stop finding ways to revolutionize spirituality, clear off dusty layers and fall deeper in love with world changers, revolutionaries, earth savers, tree huggers, idealists, dreamers, thinkers, leaders with vision, nonconformists, artists, stargazers, trailblazers, fire spitters, Masters, Gurus and all who see things differently. I am the Lady of the salon and creator of The Soul Series with celebrities from heaven and world domination festishists. Be my guest and inspire the world.


A taste of classical French and Italian cooking.
: He cooked at Roxanne’s Restaurant in San Francisco.

: After Roxanne’s he joined Lydia’s Organics, a small vegetarian restaurant that later became the premier vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco.

: He is a passionate advocate of 100% local and organic. We stimulated growth for organic farmers and growers and we love him for his pioneer ambitions.

“I believe that a good cooking class should cover a basic understanding of raw food and some basic recipes that one has to know, but also to combine this with cooked foods, because some flavours cannot be created with only raw preparation, and some more elegant textures and experiences cannot be obtained without heat or grill. The same way goes for raw preparation; some elegant and vibrant flavours can only come from a raw preparation, so to combine and to share what to focus on in the kitchen is something I feel I want to be apart of, both in a cooking class and in a cookbook.”

about your days at The Soul Series ::

We’ll start each morning collecting herbs for green smoothies with a light breakfast outside, then you will enjoy the Nature Spa until noon. You’ll break to cook with Michael for a healthy lunch, then dive back into the the Art Temple and Nature Spa until 5pm. Each night will feature the evening’s Special Guest for a night of fine dining and conversation. All 100% organic: the food and the nature spa treats.

The registration deadline is August 30, 2013.

The cost per gathering is EUR 1,450.
All meals are included.
If you have questions or want to register, please contact us:

Your Soul-Gathering package EUR 1,450

: 5 Cooking classes with Michael
Nature Spa:
: 2 Massages (Facial and Bamboo)
: 1 Clay enveloping
: 4 herbal foot baths
: 4 morning yoga sessions
Art Temple:
: Body Mapping
: Soul art
4 Soul Gathering Salons:
: Dinner with a heavenly creative boost, laughter and serious world changing ideas.

Your Soul-Gathering Concierge package is EUR 2,200

: 5 Cooking classes with Michael
Nature Spa:
: 2 Massages (Facial and Bamboo)
: 1 Clay enveloping
: 4 herbal foot baths
: 4 morning yoga sessions
Art Temple:
: Body Mapping
: Soul art
4 Soul Gathering Salons:
: Dinner with a heavenly creative boost, laughter and serious world changing ideas.
Hotel accommodations
: We book your room at our chosen location and will mail you details.
: Airport-Transfer
: Transfer from Hotel & La Lumière

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We welcome you.