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On the last day in Taipei I visit the Lungshan Temple. I come here to say thank you to Master Whoyeh, whom I’ve never met; he is in the worlds of the spirits now. But I feel the presence of his heritage. As my translator Ganda instructs us, we walk our prayer mandala offering to the deities deep Chinese red candles and the red incense of obsessions. The heartbeat of the oldest temple in the city is Quan Quin, the goddess of mercy. “We praise the divine mother here,” says Ganda. The Buddha shrines surround Her indestructible cosmos that not even the 1945 bomb attacks could touch.

I had come to Taiwan to give my final “Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui” teaching. After many years of study I had become a master myself.

Permit me a word about this lineage as I offer a bow to my master of heritage, Agni. He ignited my fire when I first witnessed his ability to progressively change the energy in a room. Before then I was constantly searching for the great masters. I met the great names of Feng Shui and sacred geomancy, but no one convinced me. I stick with masters who teach origin knowledge direct from its source: directly from light to wisdom, not rewriting old scriptures (and so often rewriting one another) that the fire of knowledge extinguishes.


A few vintages ago

Over the last 18 years I have studied all the books and followed urges of my natural dissatisfaction to rewrite and find new ways to practice Feng Shui. I am compelled to find my own interpretation of the sacred space within creation. The way I see and understand Feng Shui, we find our own fierce truth of the modern new practice. It’s a necessary update for a 21st century society.

Never agree with what you learn.
Always revolutionize the knowledge.

Many vintages later

The beauty of the last era had intoxified me. So after all these years teaching ACC Feng Shui I needed to reach out for new shores. As tradition compels I asked Agni to choose a disciple to whom I would teach my knowledge to enter the line for Asia. He suggested two, and Ranra Yang from Táiwan became my assistant, listening and learning. In so doing I would keep my promise to bring the new knowledge to the roots for the tradition to continue.

Give up places you do not belong anymore.
You grow when you give up what has become too tight.
Create sacred space for others to step into.

The story of Master Whoyeh
the old Tiger gentleman.
When personal dragonlines cross.

Ranra Yang woke up during the second night of the Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui training. Something she had forgotten was awakened.

When she was 14 she and her Mum went to Lungshan Temple to pray when a man approached and told her that they had an old connection. Master Whoyeh became her master of dragonlines, Chi fights and powerful dragon caves in landscape and reading the future in palms. In his instruction, he often hit her softly on the head: “Be more accurate!“

One day he told Ranra, “I will die in three years, and you will one day teach Feng Shui. But a new way of Feng Shui that will come to Taiwan.”

Master Whoyeh had long gone when Ranra Yang and I cross dragonlines.

Real masters and ones walking with an overview of time and space are rare these days. The revolution I started had been orchestrated by Master Whoyeh; even I knew that. Our path is older than we are.

Sacred space is now open for all of us.

Temples will enter our homes, offices and public places. Chakras, five elements, dragonlines, planets, cosmic rays, the bagua and cosmograms conquer our desire to create space.

The path of the mystics is finding your own fierce truth. Study the Bhagavad Gita, study the Vedas, study old sacred scriptures, then think aloud about the way you see and understand it. Find your own interpretation of the sacred traditions.

Inspire to follow, think of the new …


For a consultation, please contact me or I will recommend to you one of my dear students worldwide. moc.liargelamefehtnull@nioj



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(I am writing this in Noetic Science in CA. Five deer are watching me. Nature, I bow to you.)

Synchronicity is a mind-state of 360° openness. I am intrigued by this raw, lying-dormant fabric of the future. Since the Robert Redfield Celestine series I am even more committed: I am a researcher of how to retrain our minds for an open flow of Synchronicity to allow the idea of God into economic and political change.

The elegance of equilibrium lies between the consciousnesses: the Alpha state of Synchronicity, and the Beta state. Beta mind-state is the laser-focused capacity to get things done, the martial art of transforming of light into shape with the universe as an ally.

Synchronicity and the mind-state of complete openness lies beyond judgment, assumptions, criticism, and indifference to our daily life lives full of grace.

The botany of Synchronicity

It happened to me:

: In Vienna when I was 22
I wanted to be an artist. I was painting and the muse of genius was showering down through me. I tried to get into art school in Vienna, and I presented my oil paintings with my application. When I was asked who painted them I did not even understand the question. Today I do. The genius in my conversation with God had found a channel and I painted it expressively out. At my age such ripeness in art was not “natural.” I was rejected, because they said I was already an artist, with no need to be educated.

Synchronicity is the muse of the genius within.
Ecstasy is the inner gateway to ignite your great vision with Synchronicity. Historically great artists found their spirit link when ecstasy gave birth to great art. The ultimate concept of beauty can be accessed unbound to our knowledge and experience.

This is our chance to bring healing connections into the duality that’s falling apart.

: in Peru
My friend and I took a trip to Machu Pichu. I was not excited about touring there and had a nap in that land of deeper consciousness while my friend explored. We caught the last train back to Cusco. God knows why, but we got off the train two stations before our destination. We were left staring into the nowhere, watching our last transport to Cusco leaving.

Mora panicked. But Machu Pichu had transferred me into a synchronic state of mind. “No worries,” I said with a certainty that is called divine. “A car will arrive in five minutes and take us to Cusco.” True enough, five minutes later a car appeared from the darkness. It stopped in front of us and a guy asked, “Where do you need to go?” Our big rucksacks were our branding for lost tourists. We arrived safe.

Synchronicity is embedded into certain landscapes. It also helps you to meet the right people, make the right connections, and connect with the right happenings.
It is a magnet for connections of right spirits. (Locations loaded with heavy energy are not open to that kind of miraculous flow. ACC Feng Shui can shift that.)

: Our love proposal (our book proposal for Jesus The Book & The Series)
I got up every day praying my Omkar and Subrabatha. Then I would meditate and ask my guides what chapter or theme to work on. Even without any logic, fragments popped in and I followed the guidelines. One week before my lifeline I panicked that I would never complete it. Agni got me back into focus: “You get it done.” I did. I still feel it’s so good I couldn’t possibly have written it. I did.

Synchronicity will help us to download products, innovations and world savers from heaven.

You can learn to provoke the Alpha state

Following the impulses when Synchronicity knocks at your door is a training.

: for the Faith in Synchronicity timing
: for innovation
: to flow with the universe in oneness
: to know
: divine idea spotting
: dreaming heaven down to earth

Each day I look for ways to show you how to get back to thinking with God and performing with your soul. This is the beginning of the love story I’m writing about that search.

Let us start: How to feel time
Synchronicity training for your brain:

: Imagine your brain vacant, full of light and ease.
Let your thoughts work for you from a distance of non-disturbance.
Solutions are enumerated and elaborated on different levels.

: 360° thinking
Imagine that you think in 360°. The ideas will come from all directions. Trust that the universe is clever, and only the right things will fly in. Let your thinking form into a new habit. Observe the effects.

: Integrate Alpha state into your sleep, let it marinate your dreams.
Take your questions into your dreams, let the answers come. Write down your insights upon waking.

Let us start with this conversation.

Tell us what project you want to download with Synchronicity?
Where have you experienced it?
Are there locations you know that vibrate Synchronicity?

I am curious to charge up the pieces that vibe with you.
Your inquires help me to move you deeper into a sync that refines your focus.
What questions and thoughts do you have?

Wild love Durga



…for co-creation.

Work only with people of equivalent ambitions. I have built teams and I have built an ashram. Along the way, people came and went, joined and left the common visions, ideals and projects. In the end the best ones stayed – those who are always for the higher goal. The warriors of greatness. Those who know about me: She demands a lot, yet she peels significance and she gives it back a million times. She is not easy, but she is worth it.

What I have learned.

Before you enter into a commitment with someone, offer a personalized value list.
What is essential, important and vital for you?
If you want to move worlds you need your warrior team beside you.

The battle begins…

Listen carefully and you know it too. Take a stillness break and you can feel it – the turmoil, vibrations and stirrings of an ongoing battle. Two tribes are bulldozing for supremacy. One has had it comfortable for centuries and is now, as discourse would have it, in a state of cosmic crisis. The other – determined, educated, alpha, dynamic and self-assured – surges ahead in terms of establishment of value and new challenges as it renegotiates its identity.

In fashion, culture, politics, it’s the return of the spiritual warrior.
A high-spirited model: virile and fiercely feminine. Yin and Yang.
In an unsure and sever époque I flirt more and more with the idea of warriors rolling up their sleeves.

Who will win?

The one who is here to protect, to reestablish values and face down obscurity.
A spiritual warrior wins and succeeds. For a lifetime.

You are free to pick your values.
Decrypted: choose your side.

: Declare what you expect: Give away great responsibility and set your expectations and consequences.
When people know that there are boundaries it raises their engagement and motivation to grow with you. And when we dare to enter new territory that inspires us for peak performances, we can reach past our boundaries and give each other wings.

: Ask for all. You deserve it: Commitment of time and spirit. The team commitment.
I still love the idea of the three musketeers: One for all. We give it all and in the end we celebrate it all.

: Never get up from the table if you began the war. I want to work with people who stay seated when it gets hot so that we can go through it together. We fight the good fight and let the power energies crash. But until the end, we do run away from our petty power plays. The challenge is to stay in the hot seat and withstand the power. Here we grow.

: Prove you deserve a place with your actions. I am willing to work with people who make a declaration of war for peace and a better world, but you have to show me that you mean it and why. We do not want to be good. We want to be great.

: Truth: Openness of thoughts. What we really think is important. Talk it out. Talk it through. Challenge yourself: have I created a liability? Do I need to re-think you?

: Simplicity: What we create raises up our lives and the world. What we fight decreases generosity, humanity and importance.

: Love: Love what you do or leave it. Love those you work with because you deserve respect and dignity.

: Immortality: Once we have lived a day, it’s gone forever. If we waste that day by investing our time in actions that don’t produce the better world we want, that loss is permanent. You’re free to decide what “best” means to you. The “best” is your soulgoal, your own ideal, and each day is a new horizon to walk it. Values act as our GPS to put us back on course time and again, so that day after day, we’re moving in the direction that takes us closer and closer to our definition of the “best” life we could possibly live.

Join us in the battle for what
we really believe in.
The question to ask yourself is this:
What is truly important to me in life?

Brainstorm a list of your values as your answers to this question.
Understanding our new tribes, our desires, our changing battle points, our wants and dialects – and what winning means to us – has never been more important. For new ways of insights, explorations, illuminations and more, secure your ticket now. Let the battle commence.

For the wilder shores of your imagination…



A small gathering for celebrities from heaven

starts at La Lumière
September 15th

A new way to live the ashram lifestyle of heaven on earth in South France.

We need to inspire our future. We raise new vocations and unite spirituality and the mundane life. So we come together to inspire small revolutions.

The Soul Series is a creative workshop, wellness retreat and salon at La Lumiére. It offers you 5 days of inspiration, cooking classes with the Michelin star chef Michael Spiridon, our one-of-a-kind Nature Spa, shared meditation and soul art. The Soul Series is 4 evenings of outdoor dining with sparkling conversations, led by Sophia-Shomani Elmlinger about “living food” and a “Your Future Book Salon” with Durga.

The air above La Lumiére tingles like Champagne.

A firework of senses will shower the South of France like glittering rain. September 15 – 19

the package:
cooking + nature spa + inspiration

: you will be seduced

by Michael Spiridon and his 3-star gourmet universe.
An internationally-renowned chef, Michael combines raw food and the 5 elements in a vegetarian food explosion. Your senses will be enthralled by his sophisticated recipes, healthy and so yummy. Back home you will remember your new love with easy menus for the season.

: you will be pampered

body and soul by our Nature Spa Team. Dive into the calmness of the Mother and recharge in nature’s wildness. Your cells will tank up power and stillness.

: you will be bewitched

by Aliana Devi and Durga and our Art temple. We dive into a sea of soul art creation. Your body becomes part of an art work and we unite body and soul.

: you will be mind-washed

by our inspirational, world-changing ideas. Three 15-minute evening terrace talks followed by inspirational conversations over dinner. Topics include “living food and beauty,” “pioneering local organic farming” and “living your vocational dream from heaven.”

about your hosts at The Soul Series ::


I have a fire under my bud. I cannot stop finding ways to revolutionize spirituality, clear off dusty layers and fall deeper in love with world changers, revolutionaries, earth savers, tree huggers, idealists, dreamers, thinkers, leaders with vision, nonconformists, artists, stargazers, trailblazers, fire spitters, Masters, Gurus and all who see things differently. I am the Lady of the salon and creator of The Soul Series with celebrities from heaven and world domination festishists. Be my guest and inspire the world.


A taste of classical French and Italian cooking.
: He cooked at Roxanne’s Restaurant in San Francisco.

: After Roxanne’s he joined Lydia’s Organics, a small vegetarian restaurant that later became the premier vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco.

: He is a passionate advocate of 100% local and organic. We stimulated growth for organic farmers and growers and we love him for his pioneer ambitions.

“I believe that a good cooking class should cover a basic understanding of raw food and some basic recipes that one has to know, but also to combine this with cooked foods, because some flavours cannot be created with only raw preparation, and some more elegant textures and experiences cannot be obtained without heat or grill. The same way goes for raw preparation; some elegant and vibrant flavours can only come from a raw preparation, so to combine and to share what to focus on in the kitchen is something I feel I want to be apart of, both in a cooking class and in a cookbook.”

about your days at The Soul Series ::

We’ll start each morning collecting herbs for green smoothies with a light breakfast outside, then you will enjoy the Nature Spa until noon. You’ll break to cook with Michael for a healthy lunch, then dive back into the the Art Temple and Nature Spa until 5pm. Each night will feature the evening’s Special Guest for a night of fine dining and conversation. All 100% organic: the food and the nature spa treats.

The registration deadline is August 30, 2013.

The cost per gathering is EUR 1,450.
All meals are included.
If you have questions or want to register, please contact us:

Your Soul-Gathering package EUR 1,450

: 5 Cooking classes with Michael
Nature Spa:
: 2 Massages (Facial and Bamboo)
: 1 Clay enveloping
: 4 herbal foot baths
: 4 morning yoga sessions
Art Temple:
: Body Mapping
: Soul art
4 Soul Gathering Salons:
: Dinner with a heavenly creative boost, laughter and serious world changing ideas.

Your Soul-Gathering Concierge package is EUR 2,200

: 5 Cooking classes with Michael
Nature Spa:
: 2 Massages (Facial and Bamboo)
: 1 Clay enveloping
: 4 herbal foot baths
: 4 morning yoga sessions
Art Temple:
: Body Mapping
: Soul art
4 Soul Gathering Salons:
: Dinner with a heavenly creative boost, laughter and serious world changing ideas.
Hotel accommodations
: We book your room at our chosen location and will mail you details.
: Airport-Transfer
: Transfer from Hotel & La Lumière

Click here to have a walk in the Nature Spa

Click here to have a walk in La Lumiere

We welcome you.



What if everything that’s unfulfilled in you is just an unforgiven thought?
My ideas are revolutionary these days.

Have our resentful brains drafted the finical crisis; does my cultural anger about Catholicism influence Jesus the Book; does my lack of forgiveness for all religions’ suppression of women through history inhibit my growth as a modern-day feminine spiritual leader? Has our anger about not being seen or acknowledged spun a fabric around our sacred heart?

Perhaps an old wound on the ocean floor of our soul drives our fulfilled life away. It may be obvious when someone has broken our heart, but the stickiest bandages are the ones that are hidden away in our subconscious mind, eating up our desires.

Forgiveness has a thousand layers.

Every strip of unforgiveness lays a gauze of dressed sorrow around our sacred heart. Wrapping the layers protects our wounded pain, but after a while the compression immobilizes our feelings. It becomes strings that hold back the fulfillment of our heart’s desires and covers our dreams with an obscuring mist.

Search for the living inner wound that has stolen its own life from your soul.

“Lord in heaven, forgive us our trespasses, forgive those who have trespassed against us, and lead us to salvation. Not by seeking retribution, but by freeing through forgiveness. Let us see that we are children of your kingdom. Forgive us every moment, where we have forgotten about you. For thine is the kingdom, the love, the power and the glory.” (from Jesus the Book)

Peel back the layers.
Untangle your heart.

Sleeves up. I want it all. My inklings are true, I will go deep. There is no guarantee of fulfillment, but a commitment to serenity in hopes that the Universe may be tempted to plant miracles in pure and fertile ground.

Layer one: We are all human.

In Vienna there is a little monastery. The nuns work in the streets. When they return from the exhausting life outside the silent walls they ritualize a forgiveness every single day, whether the need is apparent or not. “We are humans,” they say, “We will hurt each other, we will make mistakes. But we forgive them at the end of the day, we will not take them to another day to live on.”


Detox for your soul: You can create a cure lasting 2 to 3 weeks in less than two minutes a day.

This practice is rejuvenating and builds more than 20 years of good karma in each session.

Close your eyes for two minutes and invite all of the people in your life who are locked in your inner prison. Who is there for you to forgive, to set free? People you share your life with, people you used to know and people you have forgotten about, even people you do not know. Take the chance to de-clutter even past lives.

Be really brave. This is not about open debts. It’s about setting each other free.

Freedom is opening space for bigger love to grow.

Layer two: The conscious wound.

We have been hurt. It happened to me and it happened to you. We remember every little detail when it happened, the look and taste of the environment. When you still can remember all the little gestures of the precise moment you were hurt, you are not done with it. You want to be free? Go back. Remember.

This one is awesome to free yourself from a painful separation, when a business partner set you up to fail, when someone betrayed you, after a long dispute or to cope with painful childhood memories. It’s for crisis and dramas.


: Call the unforgiven person into your vision. Then say, “Now I am ready to
  forgive you.” (Feel the life force behind your words.)

: Join your hands and build a bowl in front of your heart. Fill it with fire from
  your heart. Let it burn.

: Say, “I release you. Please forgive me for holding a false vision of you for so long.”
  Burn the image of the person you kept in the fire.

: Then contact the soul of the person with your heart and ask them to return
  the image of you they have held on to. Reclaim it.

: When the image returns, burn it in the fire. It is not you. Then let the fire give
  birth to the real image of you.

: Breathe it into your heart, and become whole.

Layer three: The Liberation

Ultimately we cannot forgive anyone until we have completely forgiven ourselves. This is the last liberation. Your own! Forgiveness strengthens us, instead of weakening. It is not an act of heroism for which you are rewarded, but an act to trust in God again. It teaches us to stop being a victim and to deal with our real emotions. It is the ultimate key to progress in our spiritual evolution.

We encounter pain everywhere. It seduces us into hesitating, collapsing, losing ourselves in grief. It is for us to try to change this by refusing to give into the non-forgiveness.

“Father, forgive them, as they don’t know what they are doing!” With this Jesus was liberated in his most difficult hour, even before guilt could take its first breath. First comes forgiveness, then comes healing.


: Forgive yourself. Forgive God within.

: Say, “I am ready to heal.”

: Forgive God. Dare it, try it.

: Open your heart to the universal life force.

: Open your heart for Love.

I pray I have delivered the miracle. May the Universe flow into a river bed in your heart. Deep breath. In.
The universe creates through your heart.



Let’s keep it short:

A real spiritual master creates masters.
Not followers.

He was a healer before.
He will heal you.
He is a realized teacher.
He nurtures and creates teachers.
He is a master.
He will make us masters of our lives.

:: to the feminine

A real spiritual feminine master creates feminine masters.
Not followers.

She was a healer before.
She will heal you.
She is a realized teacher.
She nurtures and creates teachers.
She is a master.
She will make us masters of our lives.

Back when I was a girl I was asked: What do you want to become when you grow up? I said: “I want to be enlightened.” I like the idea. As a revolutionary I like the idea of everybody being enlightened even more.

I do believe times have changed. These days we leave our monastic ashram robes behind and step into the world. It’s easy to withdraw from the mundane. But I do not believe in this as a final liberation. Instead, our destiny is to face life as our initiation path, as a pathway of Shiva (the creator and destroyer). Therein lies freedom.

Measure the masters and feminine masters
by your heart’s temperature.

I must admit I love them, the gurus, the realized teachers who mastered it. The ones enlightened enough to lift me up. I have met them. My heart knew I had to and I searched them out in places leftover from a long time ago. This world has become a melting pot of spiritual movements. My heart likes the real ones.

So I observe them and love them, and then I go back what is the real spiritual path for me.

I have my own personal dictionary of spiritual teachers.

: AVATAR (*my personal stars)
A God incarnation, reflecting one aspect of God or many. Their life force can put our souls into a new life, erase karma and heal with a word. Jesus is one, Babaji, and Sai Baba are others. Never try to analyze them, simply know them with your love. Their light has no limits. Their consciousness is all. They are not limited by time or space. Their teachings are beyond words. They change the destiny of humanity.

A soul who has mastered her Self. Her heaven and earth are melted and not separated. She knows: to understand God you must be a little bit of God yourself. They teach knowledge. Measure them by their devotion.

One who has mastered a domain or an ability. They teach what they have mastered. Are they unlimited? No. But we can learn what they have learned. I love to learn from them what I do not know.

I believe we need more spiritual teachers for life. Followers tend to put their stars on stage to admire. And the sun may shine for a while. But I ask my stars to teach me how to shine myself. I want no imitation but inner wisdom.

You must measure yourself.

You are free to choose your spirituality.

At the Age of 24 I had my moment of enlightenment. It was two weeks of feeling like a bottle of pink champagne. I was beyond death and the love had me back home. God, I want that feeling everyday.

You know what effect it had my life?
I am hungry
to live.

I chant the Asato Ma Sadgamaya:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Om, Lead us from Unreality (of Transitory Existence) to the Reality (of Self),
Lead us from the Darkness (of Ignorance) to the Light (of Spiritual Knowledge),
Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

I read again and again:
- The Autobiography of a Yogi
- Daughter of Fire by Irina Tweedie

I pray:

This world needs spiritual leaders in every corner.
If you want to be a leader you need to be a healer first.
First heal your inner world, then heal your environment, then lead what you want to change.
Then come out and tell your sacred story.


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The fall of to-do lists.

My garden is my master of time. She is in an eternal state, shifting blooms from tension to rigidity, from breaking forms to beauty.

I asked her: “How do you understand time?”
“In cycles of obeisance: from suppleness to realization.” She sings.

We have to revolutionize our relationship with time. There is never quite enough time. We have no time, not enough time, all the time. Time and space define our life. But have we defined them?

“I need to cross items off my lists,” I say to my garden.
She just daydreams and creates anyway; she does not even take me seriously.
“Oh yes, oh yes,” she says. “I will ask the flowers. They may know.”

Turning my productivity into creation.

Each morning I am thrilled by the universal flow. Shivers in showers.
So many great ideas fall into my imagination every day. Too many, too much.
I want to know which is the right idea to pursue.

Here is a recipe that guides me in flowing through with my day with relaxation.


(To start my day and not spoil it from the beginning.)

In the morning I sing the Subrabatham chant. This song awakens God within. Sanskrit makes ma souls swing. I am there.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I flow. A golden and peaceful river of perfection.
There I dream in accomplishment of my day’s tasks.
POPS of joy. Fulfilled.

I ask: What wants to be fulfilled today?

I make a soft structure. Little anchors of the day.
Feel what wants to be done at what time of the day.
Become a river. You will reach the destinations.

I start my day. Flow. Listen for ways to add innovation and creativity. Charge up my resources. Think: wholeness, relaxation, expansion, and clarity in lifelines. Time expands. I pray with the moments; the details are my meditations now.

Not more than 3 in a day. I celebrate each one.
Flow into them until they’re filled up. I want POPs of JAYs. More.

When I fall out, am stressed, overwhelmed, disorganized, I go back to my garden, saying: “We have to start from the beginning. Be patient with me. I promise I am a devoted disciple.”

She offers me a flower.
To me flowers symbolize enlightenment, revolution, regeneration and global thriving.

By naming flowers as tools for time management, I push forward this conversation.

May my secret awaken your secret means of lifting your projects into full potential, to flow divinely every day.

Let us flow.



What Feng Shui books
will never tell you.

There are places that leave us feeling good and places that suck or cost us energy. There are vortexes charged with the elation of grandeur, where we shiver in wows. Beauty is charged with positive vibes. A basic instinct whispers: “I never want to leave.” And then there are spaces where we pray: “Please get me out of here. Now.” Our emotional triggers immediately detect energetic good-vibe-killers.

I was a natural seer of these energies.
But the first time I saw Agni demonstrating how to remove darkness, transform bundled negative clouds, and switch on energetic light spots to shift whole areas I was sure: you cannot read this in any Feng Shui book. I had found a true Feng Shui master. I wanted to go deeper; to get under the surface in a way books never could.

Energies influence our moods and can even change us. Here’s why: energies surround us, and we all sense the invisible. You do. And you know it. Do you also know that energies tell stories we can read and interpret? The law of attraction of the real Feng Shui teaches that we cannot only read energies; we can transform and change them. We can create balance and shift positive vibes. We crave it. And I teach and consult on this.

“A clear space is open to attract synchronicity destiny.”

Lifted :: Shifted

Low energies pull down your consciousness.
Lifted energies raise you up.
Environments that pull you up grant you good feelings.
A house of divine will attract the divine.
Energy is access to light.

Change the energies, change the world.

I have learned…

: When we heal the land, we heal the people. After Ireland’s country was healed with avant-garde energetic landscaping by Marko Pogacnik, peace negotiations began and ended in the Good Friday Agreement.

: Surfing on energy is possible. I advised a client to simply move his office desk into the stream of the dragon line, the most powerful Chi energy lines. He soon expanded from a small office to a worldwide business.

: First you enlighten your house, as a result it enlightens you.

: Energy lingers. A divorce house that’s charged with divorce battles will influence its new inhabitants. A bankrupt business space attracts new bankruptcy, if you do not transform the energies fighting against you.

: People have energies. They can influence our living and working spaces, positively or negatively. But real Feng Shui can set energetic borders to preserve the sovereignty of our space.

: Chakras are also in the rooms we live in. Chakras are pulsating energetic color bulbs. We may walk through them every day without knowing, but once we know it we can use them to fuel our desired vibes.

: Rooms have elemental power. They taste like Fire, Earth, Water, Metal or Wood. Once you know it you can taste it.

: Every space longs to return to balance with universal streams of creation. Nature and plants know all this naturally, but we have refused to see. We can relearn and shift by healing.

: Our hearts yearn to flow with the Universal stream and the abundant Earth stream. A business owner who wants to earn more money only for the sake of money will by ignored by the energy streams in the long term.

: A crystal radiates light.

: Bagua energies do not always come through the main door.
Sometimes they don’t use a door at all, and instead come through the walls. I have seen it.

: Energy marks our environment,
shapes moods, characterizes outcomes and influences us and our daily decisions.

: An energy hole in your work space and family home will eat away your energy and make it difficult to keep your mind abundant and affirmed. You will feel exhausted. Real Feng Shui can block it.

: Whole cities (often disordered nature)
can support or suck energy.

: Energy fields collect memories, and we tap into it.
Real Feng Shui can see karmic fields and provide real healing.

: Clear energy pulls fulfillment, happiness and success into our life on our own terms.

: Flowing with the energy is bliss.

I want to take this knowledge to businesses…

for changemakers, spiritual business artists, holistic entrepreneurs and idea leaders. Imagine being able to lift super-creative vibes in the room before going into a meeting, imagine a social worker using Feng Shui in the saddest areas of this world (shifted areas keep bad stuff from sticking). Imagine reading time flow as a means of making quicker decisions. Imagine connecting with the universal answer with one click. Imagine being sure about your inner world, because you are connected. Next year I will teach Business ACC. More soon.

Learn to see energies.
Learn to change the energies.
Learn the rhythm of creativity.
Learn creation habits.
Learn about the rhythms of space and time.

Thank you to my Master Agni who taught me Feng Shui and more. Together we have published the book NINE MASTERSCHOOLS OF FENG SHUI. The book was published in Chinese, the cultural mecca of Feng Shui.

Let me shift your space.

Get a free download of NINE MASTERSCHOOLS OF FENG SHUI in English.



is a misled Mantra.

Do not say it. Do not even think it.

Money listens wisely. But like energy, it follows dedication.

One of my best friends put me on edge saying: “I have this dream. I reserved the time, but I do not have the cash.” Wow, I think, why not reserve the money also, when reserving the date and desire?

Do you know money is energy? Money is neutral. It flows and it has no taste. We add the flavor with our thoughts and emotions.

So here is my persuasive secret mantra:
(*It worked in my early days when I decided to fulfill my desire to learn to be an ACC Spiritual Consultant and learn energetic Feng Shui. It worked when I booked my trip to India, with no money. The Divine wanted it, and I did it with no financial resources.)

Fill in the blank.
I will have the money to do this: ____________________________.

Say it loudly for a change of cash flow. (Money listens.)

: Do not limit its origins with your thoughts (Money is everywhere.)
: Hustle and work with all your devotion.
: Open for the space and then let go.
: The universe responds just in time.

First the intention. Then the prayer.
Go open. Go spacious.
Miracles are not exclusive.
Money’s dedication is to serve, not to limit us.

Money is sweet like honey, is an abundant stream of golden light, is coming and going, is there in time, is essential, is from God, is my support. Money is persuasive, is the power of Now, is creative, is falling apart. It is what we think it is, not what we project. Tune into it, and get it right.

Write to us and tell us what you will have money for. We listen closely.



Swipe the inner critic
from your hard drive.

“You can’t be criticized.”
“Right” I say, “definitely not.” (Deliciously self-assured.)
Because the critic is always wrong.

My virtual assistant Jess Larsen reframed my critic mythology habit (inherited by my culture and parents). When I started to work with I her and asked her to peak the performance of my writing. She was totally irritated: “WHY should I? The strength of your voice stands alone.” It took her 1 second to unmask the mythologies of this world that deform artists, performers, writers, creatives, musicians, singers, entertainers, inventors, all atypicals.

We were born creative: insatiably painting, experimentally writing, talking to trees, uncensored and singing loudly with joy, living as the incarnation of women who run with the wolves. But we were thwarted by self-proclaimed experts, ambitious parents, cynical teachers – all people mostly unhappy with their own lives – pretending to be more God than we are.

A whole industry has killed Art and Creativity. Critics measure art by money. But we are at the end of that road. We are now at the horizon of a promised land, bringing art back into all areas of life without selling out. We need art and creativity to reform business, money and the global society. Creative idea hunters wanted.

For the sake of experiment.

Drop perfectionism. It never worked. We just build a frozen and inflexible form that is too tight for our souls.

For the inner and external critics, next time you have criticism going again ask yourself:
Is this my own shadow I am pointing at?
In particular, be wary of these four mythologies.

Mythology one:

“This person puts herself on airs, she always want to be the center of attention, it’s all about her.”
Ask yourself: Do I undermine standing in the spotlight of my light and refuse to take my place in this world?

Why not shine, I ask you, and warm the hearts of those who can see.

Mythology two:

“This person is manipulative. She pushes people in one direction.”
Ask yourself: Am I not taking my responsibility to lead?

Baby, the whole universe is about manipulation. It’s how we start movements of creation and ignite innovations. Let’s move each other in the name of the Lord.

Mythology three:

“I cannot stand how she talks, she dresses, she acts. “
Ask yourself: Do I express myself in the ways I’d wish to?

Dare to express yourself, preempt the critics.

Mythology four:

“This offer is not as good as I expected,” or “My husband should change.” (Uhh, attention here!)
Ask yourself: Where was my inner leadership when I decided to buy something or choose the partner of my life?
Or ask yourself: Am I honest with myself? Is our time over? Has my time to leave come?

Create space for what does not fit you anymore.
Job, relationships and life situations.
Dare to Change.

Critics, go back and fish in your own waters. We want to have love marriages with all the people we work and live with. Raise up your inner critic and confront the killers of creativity. They never were right and never will be.

New ways require a new language.

Maybe the whole universe was and is an experiment.
God is madly in Love with his creativity.
That’s why he is unpredictable.

We choose through resonance. Forever.


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