Jesus The Book — The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser



Volume one of the untold chronicles
of Jesus of Nazareth and the ones who love him.


ISBN: 978-1-936060-26-9

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  • Foreword
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    By Durga

    There is a chapter of love where the ink never dries.
    - STING, The Book Of My Life

    I do not believe in you, Jesus,” was my first reaction when he appeared to me in a splash of light at the age of 24. I had turned into a non-believer after many heartbreaking disappointments in the church’s fraud and dogma. My spirit was revolting for freedom and aliveness. But he had already turned my life upside down. Twenty years later I hear myself saying: “I remember precisely my first encounter with him…” It was the beginning of my story of walking with Jesus 2,000 years ago.

    When everything – or the truth of how it really was – is lost, someone has to walk through time and space to remember the real story. As Jesus once did, I am here to start a revolution.

    I was born with a rebellious head and a raw heart that stores the memories of thousands of years. For years my favorite fairy tale was the Children’s Bible my Great-Grandmother used to read me, holding the fire of her own images. I was there. I longed to know what it felt like to “be live on” the times of Jesus and feel how he really was.

    I was raised Catholic but I rebelled from religious education at 14 when it slipped out of my mouth: “Mary was everything, but no Virgin.”

    Filled with pride, my wild hot truth was saturated. My music teacher found me silently sitting in the church. Alone. She asked me: “What are you doing here?” I told her, “When the noisy thoughts of the people are gone, I can hear him talking.” I was 15.

    Saints are for the church. But we are on the trail for an intimate and vivid relationship with Jesus Christ. He was a feminist, a revolutionary against the establishment and fraudulent political order, and an inspired spiritual activist. He was love and when one was on his radar it was impossible to resist his charm. His presence transformed us all.

    This book had to be written. I was privileged to be the first person on this planet to read it. But before all that, I had to follow my own prophecy and re-meet Agni, the man I was married to by Jesus himself. He is my master and reminded me of all I know. He believed I could read the Akasha and threw me in the deep end. I was re-reading my own sacred chronicles.

    You have to trust me. If you do, I can take you with me into my vulnerable story. I had to walk the unbelievable. I deliver the miracles I have lived. When I opened the first chapter I was reading the intimate and still new. Reading my story from the Akasha unshackled my memory. I desired it: the tastes, the textures and the moods. Now I remember it all. How it was.

    Jesus The Book is my personal memories of Jesus’ real stories. Let me lend you my senses and feelings to read and watch Jesus The Book in 3D. Experience Jesus close up as never before. This book is my personal heart’s treasure. My prayers are out: May your personal Jesus rise.

  • A never-before-told journey
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    Travel through time, and walk the story of Jesus through the eyes of Miriam, 2000 years back, on Palestine.

    “I looked up into the most unbelievable pair of eyes I had ever seen. I perceived a being so immense that I had neither words nor thoughts to describe it, but all I could make out was the silhouette of the boy, a few years older than myself….”

    Walk with her in wonder through memories of life in the Essenes community, in which the young Jesus was also educated in these days.
    Feel with her when she meets Mary, the mother of Jesus, who tells the story of her son’s birth, their time in Egypt and the mysteries of the white light, and years later, when Miriam finds Jesus after his fast in the desert and follows him to Jerusalem.
    Live with her at this time, when Mary becomes a second mother to Miriam, and Mary Magdalene one of Miriam’s closest friends.
    Listen with her when Jesus invites Miriam to follow him on his travels until the day he is crucified.

    In her story, you will relive the holy nights in Canaa, and dive deeply into the mysteries of the light of Christ and the Sermon on the Mount, when Jesus released humanity and whispered forgiveness. See yourself in the faces of the people: crying Roman soldiers, praying mothers, reverent devotees, embracing families, shivering doubters, thankful beggars, touched seekers, found lost souls, thousands of lovers…

    Witness with Miriam recounts of the lost traditions of the sacred feminine at these times, and learn who Jesus really was: the real Christ, a revolutionary, a transformer, and a healer. Find yourself through the archetypes of those who came for healing.

    Come, learn anew of Jesus of Nazareth.

  • Raves & Love
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    Thanks to all those loving souls who love the book already.

    “Jesus’ story has compelled centuries of orthodoxy – for good and for ill. Durga’s telling of Jesus’ story is not only unorthodox, but good; very good. Her intuitive wisdom and tender heart invite us right into the scenes of a story we think we know. Miraculously, she’s captured scenes and emotions we’ve not had the courage to imagine, let alone allow to capture us – to change our hearts and our lives. Some might find this book an example of “where angels fear to tread;” a dangerous and subjective interpretation of a sacred text. I disagree. We need to re-hear, re-read, and re-imagine this text and Jesus. Not dangerous; rather, critical and full of hope. In my opinion, it’s the stuff that causes angels to rejoice.”
    Ronna Detrick, Writer. Speaker. Spiritual Director.

    “Durga’s writing makes me feel like I’m there… back two thousand years ago, in the flesh. I marvel at the beauty of her message, and find myself riveted, aching to know what happens NEXT!”
    Linda Sivertsen, bestselling co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan

    “Jesus The Book is a spiritual masterpiece, it will captivate your soul in a way that very few books are able to do. It will awaken and reconnect dormant aspect of your very core in a way that’s natural, gentle and loving. Spiritual transformation awaits all you need to do say is ‘yes’” Agnes Fehlau, Radio Host | Wellness & Beyond

    “Just finished reading Jesus the book and I not only loved it but felt a strange sense of familiarity while reading it. I cannot wait for the second book! Thanks Agni and Durga!”

    Diana Gorbea World Renowned Healer & Spiritual Teacher & CEO of AZ Center

    “Whatever your beliefs, this is a great story. We might think we are very familiar with the story of Jesus’s life yet this book adds so much more to the story. We meet his mother and childhood influences and get a rich sense of the land he grew up in. We meet his friends, Simon in particular and witness the amazing gatherings of people who came together to feast and celebrate and hear Jesus’s teachings. The summary we get in the Bible doesn’t do justice to the events that lasted for hours and hours. We get to witness his courage and anguish as he faces his own death. And we get to see just how radical Jesus was in his own time especially in relation to the role women played in his life. Through Miriam’s voice we get to know the women who surrounded Jesus and the important roles they played. Organised religion seems to have relegated women to a secondary position yet here we see women shining in their brilliance as healers and holders of wisdom (“they are a fundamental, primeval force of the universe”) Then, women healers were persecuted and down the ages the persecution has persisted. Yet how refreshing to meet a Christ in this book who is a feminist! His teachings come alive here, his life lives again and we are drawn into his spirit and his love. Some people may dispute the facts as described in this book. But I don’t think anyone could read this book without being aware of Divine Presence emanating from the pages. It’s a good read – it has a transformational impact.”
    Geraldine Bown, CEO of Domino Perspectives

    Feel like i am back to the Mists of Avalon yet it has more spiritual substance. It is fiction and the ways of the Essences is beautiful. I want to live in that world. The Marys’ are in it as healers and priestess….”
    Sparrow Mattes |

    “I recently had the opportunity to be given a copy of the book “Jesus The Book” by the authors. As many of you know me, it is not the type of book that I would normally go to the bookstore and select for myself. I have now read the book numerous times and each time something more is revealed to me. It truly touches my soul each time I read it. Never before has a book so deeply affected me. Within the pages I found answers to questions that have held throughout this life time. Understanding and knowledge spring forth from every paragraph. The story of Jesus is finally alive. Alive for everyone who reads the words. Alive in a deep and profound loving way that elevates and enlightens.
    The story is told in a way that will reconnect you with your own truths. I highly recommend this book regardless of your spiritual path.

    I have had the blessing of meeting Frank “Agni” and Durga. When I say blessing it is an understatement of words. The love that comes from both of their hearts is inspiring and comforting.
    Take the time to read this book this year if it is the only book that you read.
    Carla Goddard, Shaman Medicine Woman | Sacred Soul Shaman

    “Agni and Durga, I would describe your work…Jesus the book…
    as a spiritual Monet
    Samuel Joseph Bell |

    “If you have ever felt there was “more to the story” of Jesus and his life on Earth, this book will quench your thirst for the knowledge and truth that you have been searching for. Jesus the Book opens your heart and shares some deep insights to a story of love and light that will ring true in your soul, the minute you read it.”
    Pamela Jo McQuade Author of Spiritually Rich and Sexy: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Infinitely Attractive

    “People have searched the world for answers and traveled hundreds of miles for insight, I happen to be one of the luck ones who only have to visit my bookcase for a taste of what it was like to have known Jesus. Jesus the book engulfes you in the time Christ walked the earth. Not only do you get to experience what he was like growing up but the amazing transformation as his friends see it. It’s true treasure and spiritual time capsule that has opened my eyes and warms my soul. Thank you for this wonderful gift Durga and Agni. Blessings, Peter”

    Peter Armentor | Armentor Design

    “I just finished reading Jesus The Book, WOW! Through many tears I found my way slowly through this amazing story. I was immediately captivated and felt a Light begin to permeate my life. To be able to join Miriam as she lives her life near Jesus is the greatest honor, I fell in love with her and Simon, the apostles.. Mary Magdalene. It’s as if you were there, I felt every step they took and something inside of me is forever changed by sharing in this true story of the life of Jesus. I am so grateful for Durga & Agni for sharing their pure love!” Kelly Lynn Anderson

    “Jesus the Book’ takes an unorthodox approach to recounting Jesus’ life, but its message of love and spirituality is clear and consistent throughout the book. The events of Jesus’ life are recounted through the unique perspective of a young girl, Miriam. Miriam’s journey is one of self discovery, spiritual enlightenment and love. She recounts her own life story and the time she spent with Jesus and his mother Mary, describing their influence on her spiritual development. This book is about “Love” and its power to impact one’s self and everyone around us. A must read.”

    Farshad Bagheri

    “I just finished reading this book, and I never wanted to put it down! An amazing remembrance by Durga, that will enlighten all, even those who feel they already are living in Truth. This inspiring story will bring out every emotion you have, and may even stir up some remembrance of long ago Truths we were given and have forgotten. I can hardly wait for the next book to come out!!! For everyone who is searching for Truth, Divine Guidance, trying to look inside and find yourself, anyone and EVERYONE – This book is a MUST Read… will challenge you, and delight you with Jesus’ true words, and true life!”
 MaDaya Tina Hartford, Reverend, Yoga Teacher

    “I highly recommend this beautiful book. “Jesus the Book” is a deeply insightful, mystical journey that transports you to the time of the Beloved Jesus. I enjoyed the perspective of the divine feminine, the vivid accounts and detailed descriptions that leads to a remembrance of the mysteries of the life of initiates. It calls us to deeply remember, and as we awaken, to bring this wisdom into our daily lives. A wonderful read, with brilliant spiritual truths revealed along the way. Enjoy!”

    Lori Anderson

    “This book provides quite a different perspective on Jesus’s life. Some truths could be shocking and yet the love messages of Jesus are extremely powerful. Reading this book takes me a step closer to Jesus and myself as well. It is as if I have re-lived the experiences of His time. I was overwhelmed and deeply touched. This book takes us a step further into Truth, Love and Compassion. It is indeed an awakening and transforming experience for me. I feel this book comes out just in time as we are facing the crossroads of the coming year 2012, “Jesus the book” provides valuable insights for us. If we are open ,we will be touched by it.”

    Ra Sha Wang, Spiritual Teacher & CEO of Golden Angel Lichtcenter

    “’Today the heavens open up and solve the mysteries of the forgotten years of Jesus. His teachings, as never told before, arise in the dawn of a new age of light.’ These words on the back cover of “Jesus – The Book” by Durga Holzhauser and Frank Eickermann were the first ones I read when I held the book in my hands. And truly, these words perfectly describe the book as it follows Jesus life from a first hand perspective. Miriam, who spent her life with Jesus, is the one who guides the reader through his life and the events that happened around him. It’s amazing to finally be able to find out about the real story of Jesus life, the real Jesus, his real message and to be able to get to know Jesus as saint and human being at the same time! For me now there’s no difference anymore between pictures that are drawn about Jesus, his life and his message. His life and his message can now be applied to our times, it’s in our hands to live love every day. In my eyes ‘Jesus – The book’ is an extraordinary book. It reveals so much truth, wisdom and love I think a lot of people will appreciate this book. I am truly touched by it and so much looking forward to getting the second book into my hands!”

    Saran J. Becker CEO of Sacred Path Center

    “The Christian tradition did never reveal what happend to Jesus from the age of 12 to 29 years apart from being a carpenter trainee. However, several writers/resarchers have investigated the matter ie.: In the book The lost years of Jesus, Elizabeth Claret Prophet, Summit University Press, 1984, reveals that Jesus spent seventeen years in the Orient both as a student and a teacher. The events of his pilgrimage from Jerusalem to India and Tibet were recorded by Buddhist historians. Her book is based upon eywitnesses of these documents. Dr. Barbara Thiering in her book Jesus the Man, Bantam Books, 1993, reveals her findings based on 20 years research into the Dead Sea Scrolls. The summary of her findings is that Jesus was a leader of a radical faction of Essene priests. He was not of virgin birth. He did not die on the Cross. He married Mary Magdalene, fathered a family and later divorced. He died sometime after AD 64. Also Eric von Däniken has contributed to the story of Jesus in one of his books by publishing a photo suggested to be Jesus´ grave in India. In Jesus The Book by Durga Holzhauser & Frank Eickermann, we have for the first time the story of Jesus told by someone who was actually present The story is told with warmth and credibility. All facts seems to coincide with previous, independant researchers ; and not in tune with the established Christian teaching; the most controversial of course being that Jesus did not die on the cross. What would be the effect of Jesus The Book ? This may not be so obvious. Considering Jesus the Man of which a film was made and sent on TV prime time in Australia. It created a lot of heat and discussion which slowly subsided. The effect on the established Christian church was next to nothing. But Barbara Thiering had no spiritual organization behind her. In the case of Jesus The Book the authors are currently in the process of supporting the build up of a network of spiritual light centers These light centers could create the required momentum , that is to awake people and gain acceptance for the true story and the true Christ. But the task is considerable , to say the least. Please convey my gratitude to Frank and Durga for this beautiful book for which I am convinced will open the eyes of many people and facilitate everyones spiritual development. I look foreward to Volume II !” Ole Petter Sverre

    “’Jesus the Book’ takes you on a never-before-told journey of Jesus’s life as told through the eyes of a young girl. She recounts her own life story in which the time she spent with Jesus and his mother Mary, deeply influences her spiritual development. I enjoyed the perspective of the divine feminine, and the vivid descriptions of the life of initiates. This book is about “Love” and its power to impact one’s self and everyone around us. It is a deeply insightful, mystical journey that transports you through time back 2,000 years. Whatever your beliefs, this is a moving story. It’s calls us to bring wisdom into our daily lives. A wonderful read.”

    Stacy Zemon | DJ Success Coach

    “When I first picked up ‘Jesus the Book’, I thought that this was perhaps another story of someone`s modern day interpretation of holy tales told. Being raised by a mother who was a devout Catholic, the great book was her closest connection to God. She had a love for every single word that was scripted onto the gold lined pages of her sacred lifeline, the holy Bible. We knew these stories well, so I thought! The book’s title certainly captured my attention but would the story do the same? After reading the first few pages, I had already begun to imagine the scene set before me the author had succeeded to capture my attention! ‘Jesus the Book’ was beautifully written, and I felt excited to learn more as I read, as if I had experienced it for the first time myself. I wanted to read more, and was not able to leave it aside for very long. Now of course, as I completed the book, I was left with an entirely different outlook on the messages that were left by the man himself Jesus! Eye opening and inspiring! Thank you both Durga and Agni for sharing the love and light, and the truths inside of your hearts.”

    Jay Lane, Medium Intuitive Video Psychic Advice

    “I was amazed how much this story reverberated in my heart. I was genuinely touched and felt enlightened after I read it. The flow of the story is interesting. Some details will surprise you, yet I think what is most important is, how the book establishes a genuine and heartfelt connection with Jesus, his friends, his teachings and his love. Read it!!!!!”

    Can San Trantow | Sunset Fortune

    “An enlightening and amazing journey of a read! Kudos to the authors for such a marvelous delivery… this book will leave readers in awe!”
 Tany Soussana

    “Reading Jesus The Book is healing and remembering. It fills you up with joy and love. It clears your mind and gives you a new understanding about who Jesus was and who He is: Fire & Love! Om Jesus Jay!” Surja Dehn, Spiritual Teacher

    “Jesus The Book is one of those books that come around just once in a while. This book I could not put down. From the beginning to the end, this book was compelling, addictive, and left you continuing to crave more as you progressed through the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope that all that receive this book see through the veil as the truth of Spirit lies in the contents of this book. This is the truth of how life was and felt like a personal first hand accounting as to how it was when we were present at that time. It is the truth of how I see it and it will be a beautiful reminder for you as to how you saw life when you reach into the depths of your soul to acknowledge the understanding of this clear accounting of life in these biblical times. We all may have an Essene connection and you just may see yours too after you read this riveting book. I loved it. It really reached my heart.” John Hirano, Reverend

    “Reading “Jesus the book” for the first time was like coming home. Very often I would feel like remembering the scenes written before me even while I read them for the first time. On several occasions I felt like a strong fire burned away old shadows inside my soul, so that parts of me could finally heal. Reading the Lords Prayer moved me, shook me … Read More down to the soul, and tears of healing ran down my face. This book is one of the greatest gifts I was given. Thank you Agni and Durga for giving this to us.” Kahoka Stenske

    “The ‘Jesus the book’ was for me like waking up in the Love of Jesus. The memory of the time I had with Jesus and them who were in that time with Him on their way with Him. By reading the book I suddenly was back in the middle of that period when Jesus was with us and we all together were on our way with him. Lots of questions I had were answered. So many things I did not understand my hole live till now, the things I learned and heard in church about the story, the tale and history of Jesus and were I did not find an answer; all those things found an answer and often with tears in my eyes and heart reading was like healing. I found peace again. I am so happy that ” Jesus the book” exists. To recognize myself again and I allowed myself to Love again, the way Jesus learnd us. Thank you Agni and Durga for this wonderful, marvelous book. ‘Om Jesus Jay’”

    Benira Niederberger, CEO of A-R-A Lichtzentrum

    “I found reading ‘Jesus the Book’ such an enriching experience on many different levels. It felt that there were seeds of light planted within the book that nurtured and spoke to a very deep memory in my spirit. It is a book that resonates with light and love and a deep healing of rifts that have occurred over time through a partial telling of esoteric ‘Truths’. There is such a profound understanding and honoring of the Divine Feminine and the importance of it’s place in harmony with and in essential partnership with the Divine Masculine. In union, seeds can be planted in receptive, fertile ground to be nurtured. A seed is mere potential without the soil and the soil fallow without the invigoration of new life. Receptivity to the Divine, in silence and surrender is valued with the creative force acting as a vehicle for Spirit. The Book honors the ancient mystery schools of female healing and power that for so many eons had to remain underground and spoken of obliquely through symbolism. The training, discipline, commitment, love and potency of the women who journeyed with Jesus is clearly revealed. These stories also reveal the socio/cultural context of that era, where women were not able to travel freely and bore consequences. The book embodies the importance of non-judgment,unconditional love and connection to source in transforming apparent injustice. There are surprises within the book, relationships once pivotal are brought to the surface, a connection with different universes and a reconfiguring of the ‘death’ of Jesus.The roles that Salome and Judas chose to take are particularly moving and this story reveals their bravery and burden. Agni and Durga bring forward voices of love, fire, great mystery and deep wisdom. ‘Jesus the Book’ reveals, specifically at this time, the boundless love of Christ and how through thousands of years and our many incarnations,there was no real separation. The descriptions of the Holy nights in Cana are incandescent. There is an excitement, kindled in the story, that seeds planted 2000 years ago, in these pivotal times could now be ready to be activated and bring in the Golden Age.” Rose Claiden

    “I’m in love with this book! I can still feel it in my heart… amazing stories, sometimes breath taking, sometimes tears making. I did read this lovely book so quickly, didn’t want to go sleep and eat – so much I was part of this story, so “excited” what’s next? I learned a lot about Jesus and his teachings, which deeply resonated with my heart and they still do, on and on… I’m very thankful for this book and recommend it to everyone! It’s a pleasure to read it. The real art of unconditional love accessible to everyone! Thank you… PS: I’m very much looking forward to the second book – hopefully it comes very soon. I’m very thirsty and hungry for it. Life is great with books like this.”
 Farhi Horak | Farhi Healing

    “This book is very uplifting. Once I started reading this beautiful book I could not put it down. This book is so Alive and It made me feel that I was on the journey along with Durga. Very enlightening. This book offers Divine Guidance for anyone who is searching for the truth. What a marvelous masterpiece. I am looking forward to the next book.”
 Brenda Cubra

    “This book is AMAZING!!! I have never ever read a book…where I COULD FEEEEEL THE ENERGY of what had been written! I loaned the book to my Mother LOVE…and she stopped EVERYTHING (including her usual Saturday cleaning!)…she read the first 165 pages STRAIGHT!* 
BEING a busy Mother LOVE myself I can’t SOOO INDULGE! I had a different relationship with JESUS THE BOOK. For me…it was my quiet time…my tea time! My time to get a little reprieve from the noises of a FULL-HOUSE of noisy, happy kids!* 
 Lorinda N. Rainwater

    “I have read this book word for word, and it is truly and purely THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, it is the TRUTH that has been long forgotten, and misinterpreted throughout the centuries, as I, myself, was a witness to this story. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book. For those how have an “OPEN MIND and an OPEN HEART”, will be inspired and acknowledge the truth written, word for word. For those who DO NOT have an open mind, it is definitely “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, regardless of culture, ethnic background, religion and beliefs. I highly recommend this book!!!!! 

I must add that not only is this the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, it is a true story, and the messages in this book speak the truth, and the TRUE teachings that have been long forgotten throughout the centuries. It is a blessing that Agni and Durga are here in this lifetime to share their story, Divine Love, Divine Light, and speak the TRUTH. Franchesca”
 Franchesca Hicks

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