Jesus The forgotten Years — The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser



Volume two of the untold chronicles
of Jesus of Nazareth and the ones who love him.


ISBN: 978-1-936060-05-4
Price: 12USD

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  • Foreword
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    By Durga

    In the silence she appears through the dark blue mists. Close up to her face. She is peaceful and serious. Unaffected she walks. Her eyes are lowered in prayers. The camera pans out a wider view. More than two hundreds people walk down the steeped hill. Their faces are frozen, some cry, some utter their benediction. The camera is still with her. She comes nearer a dark knight: She searches his eyes enquiring, but he stares into the pyres burning and waiting. His face is marked with disgust. She stops in front of him and before he can prevail she falls on to her knees before him. Her people’s voice rises to praise the Lord. The roar of the lion was heard trough their tender light of purity when she murmured: “I forgive you, my worst enemy,“ before she ascended the fire herself.

    When I opened the first page in the Akasha to read the sequel to Jesus The Book, I froze. I found myself in the year 1244 in South France during the final days of the Cathars. The popularity of their teaching was a thorn in the flesh of the church and the King of France. A dark crusade moved out to literally extinguish the roots of the pure believers. The last surviving Cathars fled the blood-letting to Montsegur where they finally were burnt after starving and refusing to renounce their faith. Mysteries were woven about their manuscripts and treasures, which were never found. Dan Brown often mentions that the Cathars preserved the secret of the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene.

    Landing in the thick of this darkness shackled my emotions and cut my voice. For three months I refused to go back to the readings, from which our books are first recorded. I lacked not forgiveness but understanding. My beloved and heartfelt truth was reviled in those days and the life roots I planted in those soils was to be extinguished. I had to feel the hate leveled against me. I desired and suffered from my core, reliving this life in South France.

    Death and suffering are woven into the very heart of this Universe. Dying as an act of living service to a greater community is an act of passion. The power to refuse to pass on suffering is our legacy from Jesus himself. We have to make big decisions. Today.

    In spite of the wave of doubt in my heart I heard my name. I needed to know that this book would glue together the forgotten sacred history without letting it fall apart once again. That it would offer connection and comfort to our entrusted reader. We have the power of participation in this life on earth. Each of us has the power to make difference. The day I decided to “walk the pain” was the day I went back to our readings.

    Even so, feeling alone is a suffering stigma on our immaculate heart. It teaches me to cross the boundaries and break the walls of my loss. Each page I was reading from heaven down to earth shredded my heart. I took the risk. I chose aliveness.

    From 1244 in the last days of the Cathars, the legacy of Jesus The Forgotten Years was to build the bridge in a fading world of desperation. The teachings of Jesus and his God are still blooming in secret lands hidden away from the church. I read for the need of healing.

    I walked through my memories of Mary Magdalene and me left alone in this land after Jesus’ crucifixion. We had to fight with a normal life, facing problems that women have still today. Mary Magdalene was pregnant. Jesus had survived and traveled to India. Mary Magdalene had to walk through her sadness. As women do for each other, I walked with her. Other women of the sacred circles came to join us. We supported each other there, trying to remember how to raise the light in a desperate world.

    I had to walk this book. We have to stop to reserving our stories for special occasions. We rob others’ grace when hiding the art of pain. Big visions grow at the edges. When we stop wanting it all, it all begins. Love takes shape in the wild silence of destructive beauty.

    One real reader is enough to affirm why you do what you do. Thank you Althea Treakle-Provost for offering me salvation when you posted this on Facebook:

    “I grow tired of reading books the repeat the saga between the light and dark, and how the light must yield so the darkness may continue its power play. Even a short sentence that hints of such saga is enough for me to close the book and offer the symbolic yawn.

    Today, I began to read your book on a Nook, a gift from Tim. Double blessings. Aleka, my daughter back from Costa Rica came into room, crawled into bed and unbeknownst to me was silently reading along. The page, just so happened to read in Oneness. Aleka offered her heart felt agreement. My heart felt the full measure of your words, as they mirror the depth within my heart. Thank you. A gift indeed.”

  • A new world is born
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    Rise with the ashes as the forgotten years of Jesus are told, and escape with Miriam and Mary Magdalene in exile.

    “In three days, we will die. Facing this, we do everything we can to preserve the scriptures and the Holy Grail. We know that everything we love and know and believe is dying with us.”

    Miriam is incarnated 800 years ago in the time of the last Cathars. The last days of the early Christians are upon them in Montségur. Jesus appears to Miriam and asks her to tell them story of Jesus’ forgotten years, to heal them as they await their death on the pyres. Her story begins…

    Return with her, as the narrative returns to South France in Jesus times. Jesus has survived the crucifixion and has traveled to India. Miriam and Mary Magdalene have escaped with others from Palestine, and are living in exile as two of his female apostles. Mary Magdalene is pregnant. Together, they must fight life’s challenges alone, as the others come and go.

    It is a woman’s story.
    Walk with them as they move through the sadness of their loss.
    Remember your sisters as other women of the sacred circles come to join them, and support one another as they try to remember how to raise light in a desperate world.
    Celebrate with them when their fervent prayers spur Jesus’ return.

    Jesus the Forgotten Years spans two histories to tell the story of the early Christians. Volume two in the Jesus the Book series weaves a tapestry of stories, leading to the legacy of the Cathars in Montségur in South France. The teachings deriving from the first Christians finally end here. In their story, you will travel with the Essenes as they are guided to a new community, and as Jesus travels to many European countries teaching.

    Jesus the Forgotten Years tells the story of Jesus in England, Rome and Ephesus, and remembers the wedding and holy bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

    Jesus planted many hidden seeds to grant us a rich harvest of blessings, to remember light today.

    The Jesus the Book series is recorded by Durga Holzhauser, with the support of Agni F. Eickermann she remembers it through the Akasha, the universal database which holds eternal knowledge, past and future.

  • Raves & Love
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    Thanks to all those loving souls who love the book already.

    “Jesus The Forgotten Years is a transportive, magical followup to Jesus The Book that brings us back to old friends and reintroduces us to the devoted destiny of Jesus’ closest companions. It’s truly a book composed from love, with love, and it reveals lost histories with care and devotion in every word. Jesus The Forgotten Years is a story that will lure you in and stay with you, just as the companions came together and cared for one another across distance and time. Bravo, Durga and Agni!”
    Jess Larsen, Virtual Assistent |

    “Jesus The Forgotten Years is like an earthquake, shocking my body to the core. I have never read a book with such instantaneous impact on my consciousness. I gave into the pleasure with devoted unravelling, and continue to be surprised by all that has grown out of it.” Nema Bliggenstorfer

    “Jesus the Forgotten Years radiates healing, enlightenment and miracles. Reading it opens the treasure chest in your heart so that you may discover your Divinity and realize your personal legacy.”
    Pamela Jo McQuade, Author and Award Winning Finalist for Spiritually Rich and Sexy: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Infinitely Attractive

    “There is a void felt within where books and teachers cannot fill. The invitation to spiritual knowing remains unanswered until one is ready to undergo the journey of remembering. Durga entered into the void and illuminated the truth within, she offers her pivot, a personal expression of oneness.”
    Althea Treakle-Provost |

    “I was deeply touched by this book. The recorded encounters with Jesus had such an impact on me, they left me feel as though I was part of the story. I was able to experience the pure, divine love within me (unbelievable)! Jesus’ conversations with God and his prayers for the people awakened a new quality of prayer within me. The dialogue of the heart becomes tangible and I felt as though the reading filled me with inexplicable strength and knowledge. The topic Jesus has been talked and discussed about countless times. However, if you open your heart for this book, you will experience Jesus far beyond the stories. Five stars because I was able to experience Christ love in its powerful aliveness.”

    Joshua Tutzer | PA Zentrum Freiburg

    “Travel with Jesus in times long past. However unlikely it may sound, this adventurous journey into your own soul will fill you with love and a deep understanding. It did for me!”
    Esther Jacobs |