Welcome to the expedition
departing for the Shakti Temples in India.

This is our online Shakti Temple.
I am thrilled to spin in Shakti power with you.


Departure day in La Lumiere

My suitcase closed. Online check in. Have a look what I see before leaving.


Awakening in Delhi Just for one Day

I woke up in Delhi, with a strange sensation of time.
Like this slow time of eternity still living in India and the rush of modern times.

I made some shopping and stayed with myself.

Tomorrow at 7 I will dive into the skies and land in Bhuvesvanar.

My friend Stella awaits me there.

I will dream of my first real touch of the #shaktitemple in this lifetime.
Dream with me.

 Hier findest du eine Kurzzusammenfassung zu diesem Video auf deutsch.

Temple 1: Chausath Yogini Temple in hirapur

Today I was in Hirapur.

I think we need to create new #shaktitemples.
Always going for the new light.

This is what the first Shakti temple inspired in me, I am a little grumpy… I found a forgotten temple of Yogini’s.

Hier findest du eine Kurzzusammenfassung zu diesem Video auf deutsch.

Temple 2: Chausath Yogini Temple in Ranipur

I had to travel 10 hours in the car, slept in a place you do not ask what i was like (I refused to touch the shower and eat). But it was worth it.

At sunrise we arrived at Ranipur Jharial Temple in Orissa.
This Shakti Temple and this place made it all good.

A place where the moon oscillates and all is alive. The nature is fully awakened.

Hier findest du eine Kurzzusammenfassung zu diesem Video auf deutsch.

Nature Yogini Temple in Ranipur

Hier findest du eine Kurzzusammenfassung zu diesem Video auf deutsch. 

Temple 3: Shiva Temple

I was invited to the Shiva Temple and the priest asked me to join the Puja (ritual for the creation power of Shiva), he softly invited me saying: Durga Ma.

This time I take you to a longer exploration, I wanted you to feel what I feel.

Choose a Yogini, let she choose you. Like I did.

You do not need to know her name. Feel her first and her vibration, let her be your gateway to the new Shakti openings.


Temple 4: Chausath Yogini Temple Mitauli

When we walk with Shakti sometimes things fall apart.
But only to break away the beauty of our laser focused path.

The path to Mitauli was chaotic. The fight canceled, my friend aweful sick.

I ended up to re-organize my whole trip, got a driver, drove 9 hours to see the Shakti Temple in Mitauli, my heart was jumping remembering my last live childhood as a free little princess in Gwalior and a land filled with clean farmland and kind people.

All was wonderful.
I met also the dark heritage of the ShaktiPat. In my nights I dreamed it.
I am here to heal this.

We are about to write a new story of the Shakti, the feminine force of creation.

P.S. Mitauli is near Gwalior

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Temple 5: Temple in Naresar Shakti and Shiva

Welcome to Naresar in Madhya Pradesh.
Following the traces I found this temple that would take me to a different story.

Naresar is filled with Yoginis but it is a tantric temple.

Tantra has many interpretations to be lived.
For me its the cosmic power to unleash.
It is the balance of Shiva and Shakti.
It is the fullest feminine meeting the fullest masculine.

I found a place of purest Shakti that conquered my body.

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How to digest Delhi. Once the city of Yoginis.


64 Yoginis in Delhi

Delhi was destroyed and rebuilt many times. The ancient city of Yoginis is fragmented buried under new roads and stones.

We have to find the secret thread admid all forgotten roots of the path of feminine enlightenment.
We have to look for the secret thread that leads us to what has been long time ago.


Temple 6: Durga’s Temple


Image of YogiMaya in Delhi

DurgaDelhi Durga in Delhi

They say in ancient times Durga herself was teaching there.
The temple is built around unpretentious stones vibrating the power of the mother.

I decided to update the stones.
(It caused some electronically breakdowns. So what?)


 The stone of Durga in Delhi

Shakti searches for a new era.
Shakti searches for balance.

We are about to build the new temples.
We are about to build a new trail of the Shaktipat for the future.
With the heart and indecency of the the 21st century.

Thank you for traveling with me.
I felt you all the way.


Hier findest du eine Kurzzusammenfassung dazu auf deutsch.


Liebe Durga, ich habe mir gerade eben das Video vom Yogini-Tempel in Hirapur angesehen und muss sagen, das habe ich auch noch nicht erlebt, dass ein Video mir so derart den Atem genommen hat. Es fühlte sich so tot und niederdrückend an. Erst, als Du die Lebendigkeit wieder in den Tempel brachtest, fühlte es sich für mich wieder ein wenig besser, fröhlicher und lebendiger an. Also das ist definitiv ein Ort, den ich, wenn ich mal in Indien sein sollte, niemals besuchen würde. Weißt Du, was dort früher mal vorgefallen ist??? Ich bin gespannt auf den nächsten Tempel und bin sehr froh, Deine Reise miterleben zu können, wenn auch nur übers Internet. Namasté, Heike

Sinra Kristina Brose says:

Als ich den Platz sah fühlte sich das auch so melancholisch und verlassen an, aber die Yoginis freuen sich bestimmt wenn sie wieder wahrgenommen werden und dann werden sie wohl auch wieder aktiv und bringen ihren Geist in die Welt.

Sinra Kristina Brose says:

Ich finde den Platz eigentlich sehr kraftvoll und harmonisch vor allem das Runde

天云水月林夜 says:

I smelled the flowers in the Shiva Temple in Ranipur when the deities arrived. I felt the the call of the rocks patterned at Yogini Nature Temple in Ranipur, amplified at your feet. I had to bow as you entered the temple, only to raise my eyes when you have transfixed me on the guardian of Yogini Temple Chausath in Ranipur. (It’s weird bowing to my laptop, but eh *shrugs*…)

“We will spin again in silver light, as we danced to the moon”
And I see the moon spinning again, unlike now, when only one face watches earth.

Thank you for letting me fly by you with your journey. Love, love love to you two.

Alexa says:

Magnificent! Thank you for sharing Durga, pure sister. Your words, and love and images reverberate shakti throughout the temple of my body and yogini soul. A powerful journey even from afar. Blessings to you sister. Namaste ~ in wildness & lots of love.

Samiel says:

Thank you for so much beauty Durga ! Dear sister ! – may we dream ourselves, our yogini sisters and the whole humanity into a bright, peaceful and beautiful future. Thank you for sharing these visions !


Chelley says:

You two beauties lift my spirit to higher levels with each reading. Thank you Durga and Alexa. Love you.


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