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“God, who do you want me to be in this world?”

It was my blazing, angry question when I was 25. I was standing in front of an art school, from which I had been turned away because teachers there declared that I was already an artist. It turned my life inside out. I began the long walk on my path of fire, a spiritual path I willingly chose.

After many steps along this path, I asked myself:

“Who do I want to be in this world?”

I want to be an unconventional icon, who encourages others to live wildly. I believe permission to do so is our natural birthright.

I want to be a writer of sacred stories, in my inspired ivory tower, in the company of muses. I dream of invitations and opportunities that return me to humility, to kissing the earth, and to magic connections of mind-blowing inspiration.

I dream of The Female Grail, and The Female Grail dreams me right back into my existence. We mutually shape one another as creator and creation.

I believe in the necessity of world peace and the birthright of human dignity.

I believe enlightened business can end poverty, stimulate new energies, and start a revolution.

I know that networking is a natural feminine manifesto, weaving eternal stories of creation between and among women.

The Universe is wise in itself. And Women will change this world.


: I am the author of Jesus The Book, the first volume of my life with Jesus when he walked the earth. After a series of surprising events, the book was recorded through Akashic readings, and it recounts my personal memories of that time and his teachings. It also describes how this memory came to change my life today.

: I have provided Akashic readings for more than 10 years. This ability came to me one day when the curtain was wide open to the other world. You’ll see my stories of this experience in my blog.

: I have built up a modern Ashram in South France named La Lumière. There I give full expression to a lifelong dream. At La Lumière, we follow the pulse of  modern life and share daily meditations and Sadhanas. People come from all over the world to dive into the light, to recharge their lives, for pilgrimages and workshops, or to just be happy practicing Seva. (“Seva” is sacred service to a cause you believe will benefit others.)

: 15 years ago, when our Western world was barely able to pronounce the word “spirituality,” I built Shakti Ma, a very successful spiritual center in Düsseldorf Germany. Our success was clear: we inspired a manager of Microsoft, politicians of the Green Party, respected accountants, paradigm shifters, innovative thinkers, and many other modern professionals to crackle to spiritual life and discover the spiritual world as their source.

: I read energies; I am author of the Nine Masterschools of Feng Shui (published in German and Chinese, English translation forthcoming). With Feng Shui, I dig out energetic roots and polish them with contemporary needs.

: In the early days of my path, I worked as a successful art director and graphic designer, receiving awards honoring my innovation, creativity, and trail-blazing communications ideas.

My spiritual path

My path is a blessed expression of my divine wildness.

I walk the path of fire every day. As a girl I read Irina Tweedy’ book, Daughter of Fire, and became hungry for spirituality. I wanted the same meal she had. I made  residence in many Ashrams in India and found spiritual teachers. I am very open to sharing my miracles if you ask. I have lived with them.

I do not believe that we have to play small for ourselves.

I do believe we need bigger horizons for our genius and powerful souls.

Who have I become on this path?

A revolutionary for the divine. A world changer.

A universal dreamer. I believe in the power of possibility.

Unpredictable, even to myself.

When I came to South France I sold my car for the first payment on my house and for the wish in my pocket to build a house for God. God as I love him, free and powerful. Since then, my path has been paved with miracles, creating the La Lumière ashram, and burning away disappointments.

I manifest the mysterious in the material.

Softness is my greatest teacher.

My intuition has saved me millions of times, in thousands of lives.

I remember that Jesus called on me as one of his female apostles.

I change my life situations, and help others to do this also. I guide people to be a greater version of themselves.

My offering from the path

I lead workshops, give lectures, and I adore invitations to speak at conferences, groups and special events. Topics people love to hear about are:

The Female Grail
Feminine Christianity
Jesus the Book
How God can change your life
Opening to your personal calling
Enlightened Business
Soul Visions

I also give Akashic readings. I help people to know who they are.

Contacting ME

The Female Grail is waking up inside our voices. I invite you to become part of the conversation.

Let’s connect, bold soul. Here are the best ways to reach me:

email-icon Email: is magic. Let’s dig deep.

icon-facebook acebook: for an enlighting conversation.

icon-pinterest interest: trending & exchanging the really cool world we both live in.

icon-instagram Instagram: because I’m curious about your world and would love to introduce you to mine.


My words are your words

With credit of course. Take them, and tell people where you got them. Bring them to their wildness.

And thanks for being here on Earth with me in these great times.