La Lumière welcomes you.

Open to a vivid spirituality that lives beyond religion.
Ignite the love within you.

Wrap yourself in a Heaven on Earth

Welcome into your modern life presence, celebration, meditation,
at a contemporary ashram that brings spirit into your every day.

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: for you – evolution

La Lumière is a divine haven in the hills of the Provence. A temple of nature.
Here you can find and touch your inner core. We offer you this quiet place to find sanctuary during your stay, and to take time for your spiritual growth. Participate in daily spiritual discipline of ashram living, morning and evening meditations and rituals. Receive individual spiritual guidance.

We come to La Lumière to evoke God within ourselves. Surrounded by the sensual setting of Provence in the south of France, we honor all religions, and celebrate the Christ Love. Meditate, chant in ceremony, harvest lavender,
pluck figs, pick olives. Return to your center and find harmony by remembering the presence of your true natural self. Draw strength here for your daily routine, and
let your deepened spiritual self support your contemporary life on your return to it.


: for community – togetherness

We come together to awaken a more magnificent world for all of us. At La Lumière we awaken unity, to be one in love, and in God. We pray to invite inner peace, that there be, in turn, outer peace in the coming of the Golden Age. Come for a retreat while practicing seva (service). Or stay in the nearby villages with host families. Pilgrimage with us to sacred sites of the divine Christ Love. Celebrate with us in our annual summer festival, or come for a workshop to share your experience in a group.

: for sacred Earth and Spirit

La Lumière is settled near a Holy Grail Vortex. In Sedona, Arizona, and the Valley of the Gods in Utah and New Mexico, Heaven flows toward Earth. La Lumière is situated in the Esterel, a vortex which flows from Earth Heavenward. As the awakened land here aspires toward Heaven, so do we aspire to connect with the Creator God to remember God in ourselves. We pilgrimage to gateways of heaven at this vortex, where there is stillness, joy and peace to be experienced. Back at the ashram, we celebrate with fire ceremonies dedicated to Shiva and Agni, the Lords of Fire. We meditate in the Temple of the Divine of the divine feminine.
And we pray and hear teachings in the Jesus’ prayer room.

La Lumière means “the light.” Part of the Lightcenter network in the tradition of Agni and fire, La Lumière is a house for God where you can deepen your personal spirituality.

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