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The feminine leader initiated

#Soulgathering is a new concept designed to bring us together in open fields of inspiration to co-create the future. Each #Soulgathering has a topic and destination. This time we played around with new feminine leadership and cruised our souls into creativity and spicy conversations.

“Leadership is neither female nor male. It is the ability and capacity to lead your team or tribe to the vortex of their lives where they experience their own inner leadership and align heaven and earth.”

Shakti inspiration

Shakti is the soul; Shakti is life.
Each day was dedicated to an aspect of Shakti, the divine feminine. Oils handmade by Durga opened channels in our bodies. The field of the goddess Shakti opened to guide us for one whole day in our experience and inner teachings.

Ritual for Durga: Invite the feeling of irresistible empowerment into your life

Ritual for Kali: Invite the rich freedom of patterns into your life

Ritual for Lakshmi: Invite the rich feeling of abundance into your life

Creative inspiration

Art for our inner landscapes. Womanhood intentions. We weave, we sew, we knit, we color our future.

Food inspiration

Women dive into landscapes of their leadership and chill out in creative storms. Meanwhile our star chef Michael Spiridon was the emperor of the kitchen and pampered us with healthy, nourishing, divine food.

Beauty inspiration

Inside and outside, 100% organic: pampering cosmetics and powerful anti-aging vibrations.

#soultalk inspiration

Fierceness, leadership, one’s path, visions, craziness, silence, the creative force and our part in all of it.

erin-gilesErin Giles
“You will be known for your compassion for this world.”

ann-mollerAnn Moller
Magic happened. She made the creative process real.

“Silence is where real leadership begins…”

#naturespa inspiration

The enchanted land. The healing of our souls.

Dining under the stars inspiration


#holygrailvortex inspiration

We experience wholeness and love.

Thank you to all the souls who made this possible.
We have planted a seed.
We will grow an empire.



My birthday at the end of July is always a deadline. Each year I ritualize sloughing my old skins. Birthmarks never blur. I become naked again.

My personal new year begins anew each August.
I notice. It’s time to once again make conscious, peaceful fusions and create new space. I think we always have to remember how to return to our primal hearts. We can meander and deviate only until the moment for centering asks to be heard.

A united heart initiates the essential blooms of our love-projects and the business of our souls.

Digging into my femalegrail.com roots I see that I started with posts about altars. Still. Relevant. Inherent. In fact. We are fluorescent altars burning for the origin of fire; we make inroads to the future we want to belong to.

As for me, I want to continue casting my light of inspirational love to illuminate your way forward, into heart-creating new spaces.

2012 is still about creating projects and new visions for the future. You want to grow a business to change the world and be spiritual?


Start with the heart:
Whatever you do. Begin here.

You are the altar burning for the divine itself.
You are a creator.
You are a master of time and space.

Branding our divine selves.

Intrinsic: You are an altar burning for the divine.
How to tap into it:


Sacred Feng Shui: Self-made for the divine business
How to attract the divine into your business projects:


Deepening: Meditation on real reality
How to reconnect with the power of now and oneness:


The missing altars; those
that I can never write about.
Affectionate caress: Nature

You will find them everywhere. There is no way to write about it. There is only clearly seeing their beauty and standing still in stumbling awe.

My lotus garden in La Lumière is a natural altar.

I want to create and promote more enlightened business to protect HER.
Mother earth.
Are you on board with me?

Me, a true Leo, wishes you:
Wild summer feelings


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Choosing my religion.
Create from zero.

If I can do it, you can do it.

You have manifested your dream,” said Erin when she walked into our office. My new soul photographer had just woken up in our ashram for the first time. She is right, I thought. Awakened, I was telling myself: I have manifested my dream.

La Lumière is my ashram in South France. Last year in June, more than 120 souls from all over the world gathered here to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. My friends, my allies, my companions all share the same idea:

Love will win in the end.

10 years earlier, I arrived here with a deep knowing in my lion heart. My plan: build a house for God and people to reconnect with their souls. My friend helped me to get a mortgage and I sold my car to get started. I had no other resources but my vision, my trust and God. I resisted that it had to be France of all the countries in this world and the French of all global tribes. But God was clear about this and Agni too.

The night before the final decision was made, I had a vision of one of my 4 gurus that guide me through the universe and life. Swami prepared me: “You will go to a Holy Grail place to South France.” (Believe me, in this moment I had no clue what he was talking about.) The day after, when I was ready to ask Agni where my place is in this world, he took a needle and pinned it right to the spot in the South of France where La Lumière breathes peace and love every day now.

Against all odds, my heart knew. I do not believe in accepting what comes easy.
I believe in living what you know to be true. This may include things I do not like or even resist. And this knowing is the reason that all my visions and initiations manifest.

My dream was to build an ashram and inject it with the happiness and holy experiences I brought with me from India. I did it on my own terms. My dream was to unite the contradictions of daily life and spirituality, of modern life and God.


La Lumiére is the manifested proof that it is possible to create from zero. I started with a sold car and a loan. Miracles unfolded in uninspected ways. With the help of Agni, I discovered my talent to read the Akasha and orders after orders rolled in from all over the world. I read seminars, soul readings and workshops for healers, shamans, visionaries, world changers; women empowerment and whole healing essence worlds were born. I was reading and La Lumière was growing.
10 years of transformation, memories, up and downs, lovers, disappointments and fierce integration.


Voila. May I present:

This is La Lumière: Durga’s Ashram
Now online. Shining.


We mediate in the morning & evening.
The essence of our daily life.


Are you searching for a spiritual time out?
Are you craving for a fusion of spirituality
and freedom?
La Lumière for you: evolution!


Our Temples are the heart of La Lumière. Visit:

The Temple of Divine:
Melting pot of Hindu passion, Bhuddhist reflection and eternal love of God.
Durga dances.


Jesus’ prayer room
and its story.



This is the beginning. We are working to fill up all rooms about La Lumière, so they can shine in the web universe. Gradually, we will open more insights for you.

I dream and create visions about community, a Nature Spa, an art festival, a spiritual women conference, pilgrimages and…

New spiritual waves roll towards and over my ashram.
We can stop circling around our own axis.
We are ready to create and live spirituality on our own terms.

Do you want to align with your sacred path and learn how I shaped my own religion?

Do you dare it? Receive the “SIX WAYS I SHAPED MY OWN RELIGION”
when you subscribe.

more visions delivered
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With wild love,



My path has taken me to India many times, which I adore. I love the devoted ashram life and the spiritual deepening that happens there. My first time there, I fell in love with the beauty of Indian temples all over the country. I love having this sacred space to express one’s love to God. And I love the Indian style of natural dedication. Their altars are full of bewitching perfumes to seduce the Gods, the beauty of flowers as offerings, and sacred vibes of magic chants.

From that visit to India on, with encounters of all these wonderful Ganeshas, Shivas and Goddesses, my life transformed from a godless desert into divine celebration of my Self. For me the revolution was in seeing that Indians believe God has not only one form. God has many forms. God has a thousand forms. This made my world much richer. Indians themselves reflect the abundant faces of gods and goddesses. They say every one of them is an expression of Oneness. My world became a fiesta, awakened in the face of God and the universe.

Growing up as a Catholic, this was my final “goodbye” to enormous pompous churches. Later when recording “Jesus The Book” I learned: Jesus was his own altar. His soul was a bright flame of unending prayers ascending to the father. Everything fulfilled itself within his inner altar uniting heaven and earth. He was set alight in the most beautiful shining allures when he prayed, with his arms raised to the heavens, embraced by nature’s fields of wildness.

the altar is you

God’s flame is also burning in your sacred heart, located in the middle of your heart chakra. This is eternal truth. As the nature of fire we need to nurture with what make the fire burn bright with our love as activity, devotion as expression, prayers as evolutions, offerings as liberation and mediations as endless stillness.

May your heart be an altar, from which the bright flame of unending thanksgiving ascends to Heaven. – St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, Embrace the World found in Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions.

To dedicate oneself to the divine is to tap into the energy stream of all good vibes in the Universe. Turn the radio on!

May I invite you for a Meditation?

Close your eyes and
imagine a burning flame in your heart-chakra (in the center of your chest).
Expand it with every breath you take,
knowing this fire is nourished by the streams that flow from Mother earth into that fire with the blessings of heavens showering from above.

It is within you,
it is your love,
your inspiration
and your life force.
The flame is you,
burning for the divine.


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sanctuary for our souls

It’s dawn. Unspoken and untouched. The chants of sacred OMs fill the space with the vibration of welcoming innocence. Then silence for a moment before one opens the gate to sing the Subrabatham. This ancient Sanskrit prayer awakens God in us. Then we sink into our Meditation. God is Love is a prayer wheel rotating in our hearts. Here we are one. I can feel each soul in the room, each one’s own unique presence.

In La Lumière, the ashram I built in South France, we gather in the morning and unite in oneness. We also gather in daily evening meditation to calm down our souls and to free ourselves from the naturally accumulated residues of daily life.

We gather in the temple, where an altar offers sanctuary.  It’s a place untouched by the world, where the soul feels free to expand in divinity.

For me, opening the morning is soft and kind. Diving into my connection with God first initiates a flow for my whole day and opens my source of power. Here I am. Before the day starts and every evening for 30 minutes I center myself beyond the texture of the world. Mediation takes me inside in myself. Here is God and love. I can expand, be free and be light.

Click here to enter La Lumière.

My personal altar style combines the monastic moment of serenity embracing Christ love and the sacred beauty of Hindu wisdom and the Goddess.

A personal Altar is dedicated to our inner world and fills up with positive vibes in every Mediation. It is a spiritual island in our busy world. What we see in the altar reflects our souls. Here you can find shelter for inner sanctuary in silence. 

An Altar is a place dedicated to the unlimited world. While the world turns, the sacred space around the altar stands still. It’s a place of direct alignment. No object is without meaning and the matter has her natural order. The momentum breathes.

A space for the primal heart

Your personal altar filled with rituals will offer you a home for your soul. It’s not a matter of religion, style or environment. Altars will breathe divinities wherever you give them a place. It’s a sanctuary in the middle of a chaotic world. Just for you and your soul.

The Durga shrine

My personal reminder in the center of all hearts:
Eternity is beyond illusions.



I build altars everywhere,
because I am convinced of their healing vibes.
Here starts the series:

altars /part one:
offering uplifting, prominent space to the spirits

From the Latin “altare” (plural = altaria), probably originally meaning “burnt offerings” (Latin “adolere” = “to worship, to offer sacrifice, to honor by burning sacrifices to”), but influenced by Latin “altus”, meaning “high.”source: www.dictionary.com

sacred allures

  • Altars attract the spirit into everyday matter.
  • When you invest deeply in something that raises your spirit every time you see it, it will inspire you back. When you create meaning in your own alter rituals, specific energies come to life.
  • Altars create little vortexes that attract divine flow.
  • They stimulate intuitive consciousness of the positive awareness of universal abundance.

gods and goddesses are amazing collaborators

Ganesha, the divine remover of obstacles, helps to remove procrastination.