March, 2012 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
March, 2012


I want to be at your service!

It’s celebration day. Today, the FUTURE BOOK went online. With emphasis, my friends kept asking to offer this to a greater community. {Thank you to all my friends for loving what I do.}

: The offer

From now on, I offer my visionary abilities to you and your business. The FUTURE BOOK, born a while ago, started with a small group of people. I helped them see the bigger vision of themselves and unwrap their life’s mission. Today, those people have successfully added an unique ingredient to their business or even started a new one that was invisible to them before we worked together.

: You are a natural leader

You know there is something big waiting for you. But you cannot grasp it or name it. Now is the time to kindle our missions’ glowing sparks and with its fire ignite the answer to the big “WHY we are here on earth” question, turning it into a blazing North star. A guiding light that you are ready and dedicated to follow. All you need is a plan to put your mission into action.

I can help you read your soul vision and find the mission strategy of how to express it. Sometimes it is only one missing fragment to understand the whole.


The FUTURE BOOK is already writing new stories for my clients:

Crosis is a healer. She added her artistic nature creations to her healing passion: Crosis Lebensblume
Her unicorns, cornucopias and crowns spark magic and joy. She is happier and her creativity was the secret ingredient that was needed to make her business complete.

Sun Ya has built her empire based on a vision I had read for her in collaboration with Agni. Today her essences are hyper successful and she has created an organic beauty line: Akasha Chakra Essences

Nohila was looking for what to do. I said your destiny is to build a network for women. This was a fire starter and I am proud to show you what has grown out of this light’s seed (for the time being it remains a German project).

: I believe

We are about to create a revolution.
All you need is your willingness to say YES.
Jump into the frame of your greatness.
The time is now, to live fully.
Transform your mission into action and ultimately
into your very own success story.

It will be the courageous, independent entrepreneurs who will embody the change. The cracks are open to receive the vision.
The mystic visionaries are back on earth. We have de-dusted our monastery withdrawal; we are back to serve the change with our abilities. We update lost spiritual abilities for a contemporary version. More fancy and hype.

I am ready to vision for you. Together we can open new dimensions.

: Any questions?

Enter the conversation.
Email me: moc.liamgnull@liargelamefeht



flirting with Christ in 2012. A soul photo shooting sloughs too tight skins.

It was time for a fresh dash for The images of my self portraits by my iphone smacked of an old patina. Lately this provisional arrangement had lasted longer than initially expected. The cover of, Jesus The forgotten Years, was born within this session when I was running against my own walls while reading the 3rd volume in the Akasha (Still without title. It links to our now time, I may reveal). My announcement: Sepia tones and 2000 years old dust off.

Erin had contacted me by Facebook (a laudation on social media!!!): “I love the” I was instantly captured by her art, when I clicked her site: “ Would you also photograph a shy diva goddess?” I mailed her. Notice the people who approach you, my spirits had told me kindly. magnet works and my gratitude too.

“I see you”:

the infectious mantra is whispered by whole word since “Avatar” had opened a trunk of secrets of long missed recognition.

The moment Erin held her lens and her loving view on me I was recognized. Every click of the camera carried me deeper into of trance of diving into long hidden layers. I peeled and the camera melted.

Soul photography is a future business idea. Re-invent your business. Add your soul spark to the recipe. Create chances.

For me it was more of a soul retreat. The camera lost her terrifying fear to capture my soul. A new light was put upon me and made my soul shine.

When I first viewed the photography 2 days later I felt liberated from a long search. My memoirs walking with Jesus had projected a quarry into my life. Since then my search for the Holy Grail was for and of Christ’s love. A contemporary one, spiced with a wild love. It was my dream to find a new imagery for my flirt with the Cosmic Christ.

A soul photographer will make your souls shine. In her/ his reflection you can recognize your soul and light. A new business tool for spiritual junkies and enlightened business visionaries is out. Devotion and Ur-trust.

A new light is on me. I shine. Courageous.
I am flirting with Christ. I do it my way.

My style statement is born: A momentum statement of wildness and funky invitation.
I know.

When light shines, attraction comes naturally.
One photo hit 162 likes within 1 day on FB, the other one 78. Within me still blossoms a sense of beauty: how great collaboration is when love for each other marks the brand. Erin and I are richer now, from our playful experience of work.

Meet Erin Allen on

on her web site

You can see part of the album on Facebook



You think you are complicated person? Soft correction of thoughts:
You are world-changing soul! The future belongs to us! Unpack your gifts. Be eccentric. Shine your light.

For witches, princesses, fairies, mothers of culture and wonderful children, creative fire priestesses, artists, girl warriors, marvels, igniters, women on fire, crones, goddesses and angels (feel encouraged to add your fantasy, and dare to live it):

You are one of a kind!

: remember

Change is always ignited by troublemakers and trailblazers who questioned the status quo. From inside to outside, I dare. I want to encourage you to do the same. Only the uncomfortable can provoke the sleeping dragon in 2012 and light the Olympic fire for our future.

My personal inner soul healer Dr Clarissa Pinkola-Estes reveals:

3 Secretos and says:
“Nobody will tell you this until we find them out ourselves.”

: 1st Secreto
You will never lead an ordinary life.

: 2nd Secreto
You were made one of a kind and you were meant to be precisely so, your eccentricities, your strangeness and your audacities, because eccentricity is the first sign of giftedness.

: 3rd Secreto
If you seek normality please get over it, because normality is the enemy of giftedness.

You are a leader in your field. Create a universe. Teach from the center of your soulfulness.

: my 4th Secreto for you
I dare to reveal you the last of the Secretos.

Our time has come. The veils in-between the worlds get thinner. Now, the Zeitgeist and the energies work for us and not against us. The in-streaming light of the Divine Mother (the mother of all, the Goddess) is opening new dimensions and creative spaces to enter. A new world is just about to evolve in front of our eyes. The veils melt into transparency and light becomes more and more visible.

Your crown is out.
Polish your light.
Keep shining.

And thanks for being here on Earth with me in these great times.



Why I think Pinterest will shift our global look and feel.

You always loved cutting out pictures from magazines and make them your own.
You are crazy about scrapbooking.
You love coffee-table books and pictorials.
You love magazines for their world of images.

I do.

I am obsessed with cutting out great pictures from magazines that feed my inner emotional visions. I keep them in a box and go through them regularly. Some of these cuttings stay for years. They become loving visual reminders. Others serve the short-lived purpose to light up an inspirational resource.

The power of imagination is for soul visions what words are for creation. In the night we dream up movies and slide shows, we do not read books. For inhabitants of a glorious visual universe: Our world is about to take a glamorous shift.

Consciousness shift at high speed continues. I say, move on Twitter & Facebook. Make room for Pinterest, the playground for contemporary visionaries.

I vision beyond all possibilities of wildest viral growth in the social web scene. Fashion, design and product labels exude the scent of countless possibilities for marketing destinations. We are about to witness the next generation of social media. We should all grab the opportunity to feed the global vision board with our visual interpretation of this world. Why? Because we can create change on this globe that reaches deep into our collective energy field. Our visions become part of the global resource for information flow. The social platform to create tendencies is born.

Your personal vision becomes global.
And provides you with the opportunity to become an infinite trend maker for change. The market will soon listen to what we visualize (or not).

Let us meet on .

Make it easy & fun. Play with and recycle pictures. Find them, pin them. What starts small will soon grow into a unified visualisation of what should become of us, the Earth, our consciousness.

Here is my new palace on the web:
When you visit, say a word or two. Pinning and re-pinning is the new form of communication. My vision travels, is added to yours and together it becomes a more rounded, more dazzling picture. My core twirls dancing like a dervish.

Give your inspirations a new palace.

Start here.
Dance with me.
Discover and marvel.

Set frames for your project and dreams.

Build your vision board by creating a series of mood boards.

Be free!
There are no limits or judgment of good or bad taste.
Just you, your playfulness, your fun.

Show who you are.
Share what you love.
Spread what inspires you.
Celebrate what attracts you.
Design your spaces.
Believe in miracles.
Send good vibes.

Let’s do this together.

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