July, 2012 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
July, 2012


I turned 47 last week. (Deep breath.) It’s the way it is. I had to turn my desire towards a dignified feeling of embracing it. No blah-blah about our society and standards of beauty here. We all know it.

It will always stay strange to feel like a wild young horse inside while watching my skin molding its texture. Nature is my wise woman, she takes me to each flower again and again. I stumble, enchanted by the beauty of blossoms fading. Beauty has no revenge. “Once a beautiful girl always a beautiful girl,” the courage under fire gives birth to another earth. Deeper. The power of the plants never vanishes in vanity.

I started to stare into faces
of old women when I was 17.

Meret Oppenheim exiled me into my mystery-woven stories. I reached a dark place where art and the war of fire ends and knowing grows magic mushrooms for the future.

Spent. Experienced.

This gallery is my honor to real sacred stories. It’s one of womanhood and femininity.
The content of each wrinkle is a sacred story woven by the master of life.
A story only the person beyond knows how to tell. If you are willing to listen, then you will enter life.

Photos: bloom by trendunion

“Any woman who has a positive attitude about herself and carries herself with class, but doesn’t try too hard to and says, ‘Hey look at me I’m a bombshell,’ is basically a bombshell. It’s just a woman with a positive, strong attitude who knows she has it going on.” – Miranda Kerr

Ageless beauty: Jane Goodall. Beautiful.
Ageless: Beatrice Wood, artist. Her most productive years: from age 80 to 105.

Inner beauty. Inner beauty
Shining from inside.
Soul and experience emerge
into a irresistible seduction.
Beautiful and without essence
No way I deny myself.

Reversible beauty

The new natural order remembers the grace of natural progression for little private pockets of sanctuary for the spirit.
As I learned from the generations before me, the generations after me will also be inspired by me.
Nourishing the little birds in the nests and the old wrinkled trunks.

Beauty comes into existence already aging.



The sweet spot for money.

In our world what we do is paid with money. You crave money. And money craves you. In nature there is a natural attraction of magnetic enchantments. The power of money’s attraction is its many smells and tastes: sweetness, sealed dark roads or dirty secrets, perfumed elegance, diffuse phantasms or diamonds, lust or poverty, real fun or joy.

But straight from its source, money has no flavor. The taste comes with experience, that later turns into presumptions. And when it comes to the money talk, many languages of love end.

Exploding our universes and provoking new experiences of spirituality, we often end up in a dead end. I still believe that some have far too much money and are overdosed on acquisition and consumerism. Meanwhile, unacceptable circumstances in our world create masses of people who have not enough to eat or starve.

Money is often mixed up with value. My teacher Agni once said: “Nothing is cheaper than the things you can buy with money,” and the wisdom went straight underneath my skin. With life as our greatest master teacher, we embrace every moment of our experience and richen our unsatisfied souls.

This new world asks for balance and creates a new sphere of influence. Success on our own terms is the new path and will open new gates for enlightenment. Our business is our spiritual path, leaving behind old dynasties of ascetics’ monastic vows and religious labyrinths of poverty in the name of God’s realization.

But before you ask for money, make sure you walk the inner dangerous landscapes of your own lightness and darkness of value.

What is your relation with self-value?

How to peel off your (lizard) skin: radiate your worthiness with every cell of your individual value. Know that it will be found in self-love.

  1. Close your eyes and feel rich, no matter how filled your purse is. (I always feel amazingly rich, even with no money at all.) It is lifestyle shift that isn’t dependent upon “reality.” How does it feel?
  2. Feel your own worth. Underneath your skin and bones. It’s a strong one. It has nothing to do what your parents or anyone else has ever said about you. Pulsate that feeling and jam with it.
  3. Redefine your value and abolish self-built borders.
  4. Pricing is a feeling. Feel it inside your body. Does the number make you strong? Go ahead. Or weak? Then change it up and play! Offer priceless love. And ask: Who will pay this?
  5. The only passionate way to burn for what we do is to give it all. That includes not asking for a limited or partial exchange, but for the whole rich feeling of satisfied hunger.
  6. Share the gift of your individuality. Life offers endless opportunities to share your unique talents and gifts. We all have them, and the only reason we choose to not use them is because we have a little person in our head that says: ”You aren’t good enough. You don’t know what you’re doing.” Delete.
  7. Feel the price that it is worth: Increase your prices with your cajones and ovaries (original stolen words from Marie Forleo). Last week I had revival business with one of my best Feng Shui clients. His business expanded globally since I last worked with him. Sitting in front of him for the update to my fengshuivision.com work. I had a vision of a price that was more than 3 times what I usually asked. His lovely wife swallowed and he said; “You know it is strange, but this is the price and I am happy to pay you this money.” Great feeling! Amazing self-worth!
  8. Ask for your price without expectations. I did it not because I was greedy, but from the hunger of wanting to give it my all. I was keen to give my best and in this moment my whole body knew that for less I could only give less. That’s an ugly feeling. Asking for the right price attracts AHA moments and great feelings of value.
  9. Be ready to let it go. Underselling yourself is hard to recover from. Let the opportunity go if it would you require you to do so.
  10. Vanity is overvalued. I had a consultation with a true SEO genius. She insisted on charging $25 an hour so that she could be accessible to everyone. She met honor with honor. My persuasion could not melt her. Her self-pride defined her line of luxury.
  11. Too cheap is too expensive. My last workshop did not run. I wanted to make it affordable and priced it accordingly, but the contrary occurred. It fell into the lake. People said it was too cheap to fly all the way to South France for. My lesson learned.
  12. Delete this thought: “It is greedy to ask for too much.” Self-judgment is a killer. Remember: “You are worth it.”
  13. True and accurate self-estimation is killed by self-judgment. Stay earthly and grounded. You have nothing to lose except your own deception, because your dignity is untouchable.
  14. Taboos need to be broken. So do monastic and dogmatic self-beliefs. Vows of poverty only create belief in a bad guy. Release it all to the wind.
  15. Defining the true value of what you provide may cost you the growing pains of greatness. It’s worth it. Focus on creating more happiness, more health, more money, more and more.
  16. Generosity: Give what feels good. Give more if it feels better.
  17. Enough: Again and again. It’s your mantra to wholeness.
  18. Meditate on the power of giving and receiving.
  19. Radiate the rich feeling. Attraction is on its way. Tap into the fun factor on the spot. Otherwise it’s no fun!
  20. Money is alive. Feel the sensuous texture of business and money. It has its own perfume, its own style, own mood, own light and sound and taste. Caress money when it comes. Bless the donor and the money.
  21. Embrace collective value as a world’s citizen. Collective value is founded on renouncement and a culture of real luxury. Renounce buying a cheap toaster, for the sake of true value creation. Purchase handmade goods that have the value of duration. (I love 100-year guarantees.)
  22. And Love. What else?




“Addressing an audience of senior business leaders at The IoD’s Annual Convention taking place at London’s 02 earlier this year, Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide, claimed that in today’s crazy world, strategy is dead, the big idea is dead, management is dead and marketing, as we know it, is also dead.”

He said: “To win today we all need to power things up and speed things up.

The spiritual father Kevin Roberts of “the lovemarks effect” ignites the next revolution and makes my heart sing.

Yes, it’s time to wake up.
I believe art will change this world.
The Universe is creative and creating. So are we.

More from Kevin, as he continues to dismiss the relevance of the “the big idea” and opens a new field of blue ocean creative strategy:

“The big idea is dead. There are no more big ideas. Creative leaders should go for getting lots and lots of small ideas out there. Stop beating yourself up searching for the one big idea. Get lots of ideas out there and then let the people you interact with feed those ideas and they will make it big.”

My heart sings loud now. I am back in my own story; I am with my inner creative child.

Earlier in my life my childish innocence made me a successful art director and prize-winning creative for innovation. I told my personal story last week to my ACC (spiritual consultant and feng shui/energy changer students: 8th chakra woo-woo included). After finishing my story, there was a silence that vibrated with the pure energy of inspiration. Hanna, one of my spiritual change warriors said: “Thank you, you opened a space for me. Now I understand.” Encouraged by this, I want to share my personal memories about creativity and the universe with you too.

Personal Collages

My natural GPS Pathfinder & the Universe online

I was a very creative girl. Out of the wildness of being blessed/cursed with such expansiveness I decided to become an artist.

But after enough art schools rejection letters, I asked my heavenly business adviser (aka God/Universe): “I understand you do not want me to be a artist. Please show me what it is I shall do.”

I left my bohemian dreams and realized there were other plans for this life. Within the week (real choice attracts prompt universal response), a friend casually suggested: “Why don’t you apply for graphic design school: you create great mechanical drawings and you have your application portfolio ready to go.”

When the sound of truth rings we recognize it instantly. I knew it, and I sent my portfolio to Fachhochschule in Germany. Two months later I received a call from the secretary of graphic design: “Please come by and bring your documents for enrollment.”

“When are the entrance exams?” I asked, because admission typically consists of a portfolio review and exams. “No exams,” said the voice on the other side of the phone. “You were picked as an exceptionally talented applicant.” Za-za zoom!

Now the real story starts. Yes, I was talented. So what! (The universal GPS had put me on a path.) I know everything was as it should be. But I woke to find myself in a totally strange world of cool designers, future brand advertisers, ambitious creatives, geniuses and trailblazers of the design and branding world.

Can you picture it? Me: a neo-hippie spiritual burning for India, gurus, truth and the missing part of life. This was 20 years ago, when spirituality was not a mainstream lifestyle but a relegation for freaks.

On the first day of my academic year, all the students tried to get their places in upcoming projects for the winter semester. I found myself opening every door of the corridor and quickly shutting them again. I did not know anyone, except a friend from the upper classes. I was terrified by the overcrowded rooms of strangers.

At last I opened one door and found myself in a group of 6 people and a professor explaining the semester’s project in his class: a new design for a hinges catalog. I stayed and enrolled. (My inner GPS was on!) Later I learned that the other rooms were so full because everyone tried to get a place with the most popular professors. My professor had a reputation as the most stringent and rigorous, with exceptionally high demands of his students. High voltage quality!!!!!!

I did not know this at the time, and back home I immediately started to create a new design for the hinges catalog. It was the first time in my life I’d done something like this, and I had no clue how. So I did it on my own terms: with a ruler, scissors and little penciled notes and measured marks.

My first official review with Professor Hagenberg turned my destiny. I had forgotten (typical me!!!) to erase little millimeter measures on my layout. And in so doing, I won the heart of my stringent professor, because nobody in his world had ever considered that people buying hinges need measures to know if it will fit on their furniture or doors.

My naive childish attempt blossomed into a blue ocean creative strategy. (The universe had plenty of space for my genius idea, because I kept out of it. I did it, but without any conscious intent: I just played like a child.) My personal Goethe loved me from then on and I was keen to learn from his genius.

The next project was a jewelry catalog, and I won again with a childish layout. I found the jewelry boring and changed the sizes: big jewelry on small people. I also remembered as children, we drew a figure and folded it in the middle to continue on the other page. Both ideas made the run and I was reborn as designer. (I still had no clue what I was doing then, I had just the feeling a superior force guided me and I played joyfully. ☺)

The key to creativity was unlocked.

In coming years I collaged and created, finding fragments and rearranging them into just-glimpsed and compelling visual moments. I became a very successful art director and designer until the day when my life’s GPS wanted to make a u-turn…

Today I find myself going back and sitting on the floor, collaging ideas, images and fragments, until they grow roots and I start to write.

Become like children:
enter heaven and create

Unite your wildness with your purpose. Allow them to fall in love and work together. We want to create a channel, like the Grand Canyon, that can contain their forces into a single, untamed current and grant access to the sacredness, beauty, and monument of our true work.

I think we need our innocent inner child to unlock the secrets of the future. In the struggle for change, our creativity fosters the innovation we need. The inner child knows how to find creative solutions and play with those ideas until they grow fruit.

Remember and dream.
Build a bridge to what you are really good at.

Get lots of ideas out there and then let the people you interact with feed those ideas. Only then will they will make it big.

Now you: What did you love to do when you were a child?

I would love to know, and others would love to read it too. Just write it down below, and let us collectively unleash creativity. Inspiration is a chain of fire. Your story is the firestarter.

With wild love



In the middle of 2012, I consciously pause for a deep inhale. Yes, the world is still alive. Ours is a rapidly-changing world, but the end has not come.

Amid chaos it is wise to stand still and make room. Take no action. Do nothing. Find stillness. Sometimes stopping the perpetual machine of time to do nothing but focus stimulates more evolution than relentless action could.

These days I’m taking a moment to stand still after a period of rapid action. In the first half of this year, I said YES and the world answered. This October I will enter the stage and talk about SPIRITUALITY AND BUSINESS at the WIN conference in Rome. Earlier in 2012 I gave birth to a program called WRITE YOUR FUTURE BOOK and had 18 enthusiastic souls join me in dreaming a heavenly book down to earth without losing sight of the new meaning of money or the powerful OM Namah Shivay (meaning “I create one with God”).

I know it is time to find a center in our heart where the streams of the universe meet our personal knowing. There our hearts awaken and remind us that all answers live within. 2012 presents the challenge to break the old and open new space for the new.


I remember times when my soul found food in the Bhagavad-Gita. I recently started rereading the teachings of Krishna. The inner discipline of serenity is the true art of performance. Let’s allow old wisdom to inspire our times and transits.

How Krishna taught Arjuna how to attain the serenity
of mind to see clearly through the Self.

“But the man who is self controlled,
who meets the object of senses
with neither craving nor aversion,
will attain serenity at last.

In serenity, all his sorrows
disappear at once, forever;
when his heart has become serene,
his understanding is steadfast.

The undisciplined has no wisdom,
no one-pointed concentration;
with no concentration, no peace;
with no peace no joy can be.”

Bhagavad-Gita, translated by Stephen Mitchell

Take a deep breath right now and stop time. Dare to wait and expand your inner world. It is wise right now to slow down; the motion will come back soon, I promise. This moment is ripe for receiving, rather than doing, before the next wave of shifting energy crests.

With wild love,



Let us introduce ourselves.

Aliana Devi’s Vision:
The art of soul healing

: Currently Aliana Devi Schafferer lives in Brixen, Italy and is in the process of starting a new life in Vienna. She is mother to a wonderful daughter and, together with her soul mate, she has an eventful life. She is architect, Feng Shui consultant, decorates spaces with colours and ignites creative processes with passionate support.

Childhood memories

Fragrant flowers, the first touch of the grass with naked feet, the smell of warm earth, wild and gentle bird song, humming bees, playing children, bustling gardeners, soughing trees, rain after a warm summer’s day, a light evening breeze, the delicate scent of elderflowers when it tickles one’s nose for the first time…

Isn’t it wonderful, this conscious perception of the awakening and powerfully growing world of nature? Creator and creation in full expression.

Every year memories of one’s own childhood rise with the scent, which might carry one into a beautiful garden where one felt comfortable and was one with nature. Where one played, created phantasy worlds and gave oneself fully to Mother Nature.

Our creativity didn’t know boundaries in those free spaces, and even indoors did we, as children, create small, individual oases of comfort and spaces of security. This is the art of expressing one’s soul.

Due to these experiences I developed a passion for spaces and my desire to become an architect. After years of studying, professional experience and development that were quite male oriented and focused on the spaces outside of oneself, I gave birth to my daughter and found back to my original passion and quality: to create space on this in- and outside and fill them with love.

My Passion

After many years of Feng Shui training and consulting I understood the interconnection between human and nature, the elements, the nature beings, the planets and the whole universe. It became clearer and clearer that we are all part of this divine cycle. The beauty of nature shows us the perfection of this earth and it shows us our own perfection. The “I am perfect! I AM.

Feel the rhythm of the Earth, the original sound of the trees, the flowers, stones, fairies, dwarfs, feel the elements. Feel your own rhythm and find the beat in which you flow as part of the whole and pulse with ease. Feel the connection between body, mind and soul and express it individually. Nature is our best teacher when expressing our inner self artistically.

Nature is art in completion!

I support people in the process of creatively expressing their most inner space and I do this with great passion and a lot of love. I delight in creating mood boards to convey a feeling for the spaces that are about to develop. Personal mood boards are created by visiting the hidden spaces of your soul through my loving guidance. These collages, images, drafts will open up new pathways. The artist is in you! The creative process frees from redundant soul burdens, your own potential has room to unfold. Just as we cleanse our temple, our apartment, our house, so can we experience inner cleansing in the Nature Spa. We purify, honour and care for our body, our own, holy temple and our soul!

Do you love, like me, …
the art of nature, her wholeness and beauty and digging through earth with your hands?
massages and expressing your body and soul?
to eat with body and soul and passionate creativity?

Then you are one of us – I’m looking forward to meeting you!

In creative love,
Aliana Devi

15 to 20 September 2012

Book your place: only 10 women can join us for this extraordinary experience in autumn.

The Nature Spa

Healing of the feminine soul in the hands of nature and creativity

for women by women

or book your place per mail moc.liamgnull@ereimul.al.eciffo


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