The Female Grail | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser

unify! the impossible,
the contradictions,
and the sacred.
choosing my religion.

Back when I was a girl, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wanted to be enlightened.

Later, after my first visit to an Indian Ashram, my dream amplified and I wanted to build a house for God. I never talked about my ideas with any soul, because I was educated in a Catholic context.

Already I could hear the naysayers’ responses: “Who the hell are you, girl, daring to wish this?”

Today I run a living ashram in South France and recently finished editing the second book of three about my memories walking with Jesus.


Yes, I remember my past lives, as others remember their childhood.
Yes, Jesus was cool. If he were with us today, People Magazine would name him “Sexiest Man Alive.”
Yes, I was burnt for my voice many times.
Yes, I remember Mary Magdalene and all the other great women around Jesus whose stories were stolen and silenced because they were outrageous and wild.

“In the end it’s all about God and love,” said Jesus.
“The women will save this world,” says the Dalai Lama.
I say, “You are God and God is you. God is our Mother and our Father. You just have to remember who you are.”

Our future is calling.

It all started with my idea of magnetizing a circle around enlightened feminine Christianity. Or did it start even earlier? To be sure, I clearly remember the moment when a phrase from heaven poured into my mind with a sudden and surprising flash: “The Female Grail.” The magical words intrigued me as they wove themselves into an unforgettable song.

You see, the veils between the worlds were always thin for me. Receiving messages that spin the future into visibility, having mystic visions, reading the Akasha like others surf the Internet, or watching lost stories of the heavens in my sleepless nights: none of this is unusual to me. I must dive into the Unknown.

And so the Female Grail was quietly born amid my struggle to bridge 2000 years of walking among Jesus’ sacred lost stories with a contemporary life as a modern woman of the 21st century.

I have a vision

The Female Grail is a feminine voice that will lead the future
with an awakened heart.

It is bold and wild and reverent.

The Female Grail is a reawakening for women as spiritual leaders.
It is enlightened feminine Christianity. And it is the natural power of feminine networking as we dream our callings collectively into the material.
We are witnesses to power becoming feminine.

We have to discover this together, through experience with one another.

the legacy

2000 years ago, after the crucifixion of Christ, the early Christian story continues.
A group of travelers came over the sea. Among them were two women who landed in South France with others who had walked with the Lord. They were Mary Magdalene and Miriam, two of the female apostles of Jesus. The Female Grail begins there. I was Miriam.

We had to fight with a normal life, facing problems that women have still today. Mary Magdalene was pregnant. Jesus had survived the crucifixion and had traveled to India. Mary Magdalene had to walk through her sadness. As women do for each other, I walked with her.

Other women of the sacred circles came to join us. We supported each other there, trying to remember how to raise the light in a desperate world.

One day, Mary Magdalene became sick. If I was to help her, I had to remember the language of the Essenes. I listened. I entered some place deep in myself. I entered a different state of mind. The plants of a foreign country began to talk to me and tell me which to take to make medicine for her.

2000 years later, The Female Grail continues. It is the story of women who can reconnect with an inner knowing, how they can survive in every situation, even if they were taken from home.

Our inner wisdom is gold.

the new religion is
business set alight.
fulfilling dreams
is the new enlightenment,
offering new spiritual leadership and values.

If we reconnect with the source that is our instinct, that is behind our hearts, we can create the future. We can do it. The story of 2000 years ago is the bridge to an enlightened business model.

Instinct is the new capital.

Your business only needs you.
You can stop following all the rules.
You can define your business and your own values.
You can do it the way you want.

Give yourself and each other permission from now on.

It is time to recognize each other. There’s knowledge inside that embrace.

Business is service.
Service is imperative.
How can the voice of female Christianity support the new imperative?

growing organically is glitter

I want to increase step by step with you. I want this page to be an example of how to grow seeds of dreams.
I will start with my visions and follow my insights and inspirations.
And I will listen to you. I will share with you how I devote myself to embody the Cosmic Christ love in daily life, business, leadership, spirituality and pleasure.

We do not need to be saints. We need to color this life brightly with our souls.

honesty, truth
and unpredictability

The Female Grail is permission to be who you are.

Have you noticed that support makes us dependent, while permission empowers each individual to be who she is, who he is, and who we will become?

With permission, we stop making attachments. We stop feeling beholden and obligated, and we act from belief in each others’ dreams and desires.

We can empower each other, if we say yes.

You deserve everything as a child of God. Everyone does. But something happened here on earth that makes us forget this. We can be loved. We can have peace.

The Female Grail is about love and respect for all beings, and permission to grow into who each of us is.

knitting together in a circle
of networking

What if we make way for each other with our work in the world, with our awakening in the world? The circle of women and men starts here and expands into its fullness as it weaves into being.

Where you hesitate, I go forward. Where I lose words, you open me up to share my message in another way. I do not dream this alone. You do not dream alone. Networking is the feminine manifesto. Networking is knitting.

The fabric of the Female Grail has started to weave a golden pattern of talents. These women and men are helping to weave with their genius.

Danielle Laporte: “I just think it’s fucking hot.” … I did not need more to firestart the
Pema Teeter: “You make the soul speak.”
Jess Larsen: Greatest self-care supportive service ever.

Paul Jarvis
: Purity, serenity, elegance, gentleness, politeness.
Silke Schäfer: Best visionary Astrologer ever!
Irka Schmuck: Hi beautiful daisy! I just discovered you!
Agni Eickermann: Forever. Thank you for always believing in me.

There is an awakening in the world of new thinking and changed values.
The future has an open end. We do not know it but it is up to us to create it.

Our stories were written in the universe. The universe invites us. When we remember our heaven we know who we are on earth.