December, 2011 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
December, 2011


“Jesus The forgotten Years”,
the long-awaited sequel to
“Jesus The Book”
is launched.

A gift for your friend…


ISBN: 978-1-936060-05-4
Price: 12USD

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Withdraw and receive.
Choose both.
Willpower is limited.
Sovereignty is gold.
Stare holes into the dark night sky.

Wait and see.
Destiny unveils itself.
Skin sensations of a life-wave shower.

Let your soul swing freely.
Learn to see in the dark.
Enlarge your glass.
The bigger, the more reality you can see.
Grow the authentic.
Turn willingness into a sacred fire.

Expect miracles.


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Surrender. Die. And embrace the unknown.

Universe/God has left me with big question mark on my forehead. For two weeks now I’ve had more questions than answers. Usually my insistent WHYs to Universe/God provoke a chain of illuminating events and insights that grant me an understanding of wholeness and shifting answers.

A missing Business plan for the feminine.

This time it is different. Let me tell you the background story. On the 6th of December we started our book launch for Jesus the Forgotten Years, the sequel to JESUS the BOOK. We were a team of 4 women rocking WordPress backstage: virtual assistants running on high octane, others studying the latest internet launch strategy games on the market, and me running design strategy. (You must know I used to be an art director in my past life.) We were a fast-paced train of action.

: Everything in your life is something that you want!
Now a word about timing: our book launch wanted to take place during a time when energies are climbing up to winter solstice; when the longest night opens deep initiations for our souls’ lives. Something inside me knew that this book wanted to be born in the dark, like a shining star arises from the sacredness of black holes. You can see how that might change the game…

In the middle of gearing up for a busy deadline, all indicators were a go for getting it done with fire. Suddenly, even with our devotion level increasing and high speed momentum building for even more manifestation in short time, my voice (I call him God/in Me) interrupted and clearly said:

Stop the train!
Get out and listen to the grass grow and swallow light blue air of the sky’s endless expansion.
Nothing will happen if the train does not arrive on time at its destination.
Receive instead of doing.
Truthful presence will open greater miracles
and expand time.

Honestly! No Google research will help you with this inquiry.




we love to announce:
“Jesus The forgotten Years”,

the long-awaited sequel to

“Jesus The Book” is online.

Jesus The Book

Download the forgotten love story, either on:

Here is our prayer:

Wherever you arrive shower blessings.
Travel far, the more you will be home.
Reach out.
Walk and pray.
Carry your love to the streets.

A preface, a love story, and a promise.

A preface is usually married to a book. But this one is different. This preface is wild like me and decided to fly free and unbound.


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You had a fabulous master plan
before you were born into this life.
You had a detailed sketch. A vision. An awakened dream.
A great strategy prayed down from awe.
You wanted to be born, you see.
You craved for nothing less than being alive.

You jammed and planned in heaven,
You were tremendously conscious of the secret of it all:
About the secret of you.

You dreamed the landscape of your heavenly Hollywood movie in 3D. Your life’s soul-book had already been blissfully composed; you then sketched it out into what would become your movie. Your life, then, would turn that film into your personal vocation, both as a divine call to God’s service and as your soul’s work laid out before you…

And then… complete power outage… you came to earth, and you forgot it all.

A fascinating world beyond.


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