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My work in the world

It is dedicated to women and men to understand the need of balance of the feminine.

1on1: you and me

: I vision for you

Your Future Book

Everything has a light pattern, even ideas and visions that wait in the background for you to notice them. In Your Future Book – Ignited Soul Vision, I read the patterns and we write your success story. More

: I read the Akasha

Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Records are an energy level where everything ever thought or done, or will be thought or done, is stored. Click on more for a glimpse into what an Akashic Reading might mean for you. More

opening invitations

: I teach

Group Workshops

I give workshops and facilitate special events in person at La Lumière in South France, and at conferences and gatherings. Please see the event calendar for upcoming workshops.

: I speak