The manifesto of the female grail | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser

the manifesto
of the female grail
of the enlightened feminine

Our sacred voice is awakening in a desperate world.
We listen to God in the shadow of the night.
Our prayer is evolution. Our mission has purpose.

We dream a tribal dream of unification.
The Goddess blesses us with expansiveness.
We are wildly creative. Truly. It is source.
Our trust is to surrender to love.
We accept the call. We invite the Unknown.

We believe in our heaven and a better day for humanity.
We embrace fearful, fearless initiations of darkness,
Willing to fuse with all aspects of the creation.

Our wounds weave sacred stories.
Our scars are markers on the landscape of our souls.
The source in us is powerful like God and we let it flow.

The Female Grail knits together our Selves, our awakenings, our self-realization in this world. We grant and take permission from one another, and we grow from it.
We evolve.

Our visions follow the footprints of the immortal revelations of Christ and the enlightened Universe.

You will find us…

You will find us inspiring new generations of influencers by raising our expressiveness through our trust in the Universe and our own power, taking the liberty to create our own path.

You will find us meditating among scented flowers in an ashram in India, leaving career-boosting comfort zones behind, instead embracing magical, internal peace.

You will find us exchanging our monastic cowl for fancy diva dresses, fighting to be free from mediocrity and to become enlightened business supernovas.

You will find us secretly praying at Starbucks, because prayer is our soul food.

You will find us in a crowd of people, smiling mystically with the inner knowing: I am a Child of God.

You will find us shifting universes and raising money for suffering children, whispering: I know we can heal this world.

You will find us reciting mantras of alighted kindness and wakeful happiness like a Tibetan Buddhist monk, breaking hierarchies with our truths and changing mind sets – and blogging about it from the front row.

You will find us creating our own religion, jet-setting through the world, and never abandoning the boldness of the cosmic nomads we are.

You will find us celebrating pleasure as our divine orgasm, open-hearted with our charm, lip-gloss and high heels.

You will find us healing the wounds of the soul.

You will discover among us prophets of the new paradigm: shameless self-lovers who constantly delete old Karma by forgiving the unforgettable.

You find us joyfully dancing on fire in the middle of pyres, bewitching minds into forgetting the lust to kill.

You will find us telling sacred stories, weaving the fabrics of mystery and life.

You will find us fighting desperately not to lose our ability to say “no,” and to protect our dreams.

You will find us on the Red Carpets of mavens.

You will find us among revolutionaries in compassion, among conquerors of our life’s values, among rebellions of grace, among crusaders of the unconventional and among protectors of sacred Mother Earth.

You will find us in many more locations, turning secular moments sacred through presence, just being who we are.

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