August, 2012 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
August, 2012


The hour of change has come; it strikes us like a hurricane. In this field of wave-like force we rise.

Nothing is impossible if we conjure it up with our prayers: our blue heavenly strategy, our fantasy, our creative expressions, our genius, our personal Hollywood movies, our poem, song or speech are each waiting for incarnation through our own desires.

If you miss this wave, it evades because you do not believe in it hard enough.

We are spiritual beings searching for human expression and experience on this planet, not humans searching for spiritual experience. We are here to find out about ourselves.

Failure is not a real option.
We simply seek recollection of our soul’s roots.
Not a discovery, but a return to the artistic essential of our Self.

To design a response wherein God’s creation is reflected.

I want to cultivate my life like a garden that teaches me devotion and humility.

Never to be “like” anything.
Always to be me.

It does not have to be easy.
It just has to happen.

Spirituality is art.

I am writing this from Santa Fe, where I’m honored to be with Gail Larsen and other amazing souls on our transformational speech voyage. I am on my adventure-journey of irritation and leaving the places to which I do not belong. I will be brave. I want to find the future that really belongs to me.

With wild love,
Your #cosmicnomad



How to get over
the reasons not to deliver.

There is no way to win the big pot other than to decide to deliver. Your new career, launching your web site, rebranding your company, recycling of your logo because none perfectly fits, starting the new TOP SECRET project, going for an idea so fucking big you shiver when you think about it, exporting your workshop to your audience, creating profound life changes, doing more yoga or finally writing your biography and making a beautiful book plan.

We all have a dream.
You will never know if yours can be real until you deliver.

There will never be a guarantee of success or failure. In order to express your genius that lives within (believe me we all have it), we must make choices. Listen, the inner saboteur is a magician. You may have thousands of reasons for not shipping.

Shall I share a few of mine? Of course I do not know enough. I never see clearly enough. My analysis paralysis has a fiesta; shopping is always better than disciplined writing; I could always use a magic potion. I could do better and care more. And often I do not feel like it today. I do, I do, I do. YES.

Purposefulness and perseverance are not natural. They are a victory over my inner fights to earn sovereignty over my shining light. They are proof that I can shift away from the sucking emotions.

I use my weapons to turn big ideas into movements. They are no secret, but really effective.

14 weapons to fight not-shipping.
Because there will never be an absolute moment.

  1. Whatever you ship, it will change the world. Know this in your cells. After shipping, the world you knew will never be the same.
  2. You will change when you ship. That is the art of the deal.
  3. Name the project. What is it about? How does it smell, what color does it have? What sound of music is in the air?
  4. When will you ship it? Choose a delivery date and be held accountable.
  5. Drawing the line is frightening. It’s where our lizard brain freezes and we want to turn back to our comfort zone. Stay tight. Mark the days in the calendar before and after you ship. Be gentle with yourself these days, because as you are shipping, you are transforming.
  6. Crossing the line is your initiation. The line is empowering. Your ability to move it will polish your ability to make things shine.
  7. List all participants who are involved in the shipping. Encourage each other; remind one another that you will figure it out. Collectively align with a higher source.
  8. Make a list: what are you afraid of?
  9. Name the edges you want to walk. We can only deliver extremes; everything else is compromise. We want to matter. Yes, we do.
  10. Make inner contact with your customers. Pitch it perfectly and with love.
  11. Who can stop this project? Name them. (Believe me, this is powerful.)
  12. Who is your competition? Only great competitors will make us grow.
  13. List all details required to make it happen. Make it smart and over-detailed. Then start the flow effortlessly. Let the list of details flow into your subconscious. It’s a river that will reach the sea of fulfillment. It will happen. You will ship. Believe me. Because you can. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  14. Ignore all worries that what you ship is not good enough. Fight that inner perfectionist. Trust that it is good enough. The feeling of scarcity is part of your inner genius strategy to deliver great goods.

And here is my little secret; it’s just for you and me, so please do not tell anybody.

I am so tired of my own procrastination putting endless projects between me and my #beautifulbookplan for Jesus The Book & series.

My social engagements will suffer, I know. But it feels good to be back on the track of fire. I will keep what I have promised to myself. I will keep what I have promised.

Will you share your secret with me too? Where are you?


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Mak’IN trails. Impressions of a festival of light.

Put new forms of spirituality in everyday life.
Just the beauty of light.
A moment of silence,
Something that can surprise you on a small
day-to-day level,
And that can touch you and make you feel:
It’s nice to be alive.

“You are the light. Take it into the wider world,” said Agni at the Lightfestival in the Chateau Amritabha. For the third time our team of eternal lovers of heaven and glitter had organized a fiesta for the luminescence.

This time it was different. Out of blue oceans and experience we created an event with blessings, sacred fires, music and joy. Our motto: divine love, nothing less.

Coming back to the most pure, we put our focus on our essence and on what really connects us: the power of our hearts. We recognize ourselves in the light of one another. We put all sales and marketing wizard tools aside and decided that relationships are the new pink. This soul day is sales-free.

Aurora Impressions

The light festival in Chateau Amritabha is one-of-a-kind in my tradition of Agni (the fire; I believe in light and fire). The festival brings together lightcenter leaders from all over the globe, from Sydney to Russia. It is a concert; a blessing of those who master the light; holy fire ceremonies for Agni, Shiva and Shakti; an experience of light and joyful life and more, many more blessings. All in a natural temple, on a beautiful old vortex in France. Fires burn all night and early morning meditations weave their magic. You sip cocktails with your friends and kiss the stars. It’s an ecstatic celebration of love.

My favorite moments

1. blissful explosions

Blessing each and all of you with my love; that you may have strength to love all the people you meet in your earthly life, and that you may give God’s love. We can do it better, we all know!

2. meeting you under your skin

I love encounters with souls from all over the world. I learn joyful devotions from Taiwanese folks, powerful hope from Greek folks, all that is possible from American folks, deep dark fire from the soul of Russian folks, hot truth from German folks and savoir vivre and senseless joy of French folks. I believe in learning and inspiration coming from global openness. Who are you under this lovely skin, dear soul?

3. sacred fire rituals

“When the fire is gone and the transformation is done,” said a Pujari from Haidakahn, (Babaji’s ashram) who had come to tell about the ashram, “what will stay is pure joy of life!”
Om Agni Jay! Om Shakti jay! Om Shiva Jay!

Me at the Shakti Fire ritual: Women meets sacredness in one another

You want to be a Shakti Fire priestess?
Read more about it here:

4. God’s breath made visible

I could not resist flirting with drumming, chanting and reciting mantras inspired by all religions and shamanic texts on living in sacred conversation with the earth. No matter their origin, tradition or religion, and without engagement; just spontaneous gatherings. Many observers were infected by the joy.

5. expand your light in a crowd

Accept your boundaries and lightful no’s. Feel like a star in this endless Universe. Among other stars you shine and when you need to feel yourself, you feel your boundaries.

6. daily new encounters of joy

“I want to love. I want to be in a relationship of trust and freedom. Unbounded in unconditional love. Stay with me; I will support you on your path and face the same direction,” said the bride and my friend at her spiritual wedding, and she was passionately kissed by her husband.

It was just wonderful.

The days after

I am highly inspired to write about illuminations in the cages of human bodies. I eat love.

I want to create innovative books on spirituality.

I want to sponsor illuminated lifestyle analysis of the concepts, colors and ways time is spent inside our communities, because as we claim:
there is no creation without aligned knowledge of God, and without design, our heavenly light cannot exist.

In this way, I will closely-knit interpretations of our societal evolution and the signals of universal tastes to come, without forgetting the sexy money reality.

I want to create dynamic networks that illuminate the world with art and inspiration and good business.

I will take my light and bring it to a wider, wilder world.
Meet you there.

You are the light of the world.
I am the light of the world.
We are the light of the world.
Said so. It is so.

See you there in 2013.



My birthday at the end of July is always a deadline. Each year I ritualize sloughing my old skins. Birthmarks never blur. I become naked again.

My personal new year begins anew each August.
I notice. It’s time to once again make conscious, peaceful fusions and create new space. I think we always have to remember how to return to our primal hearts. We can meander and deviate only until the moment for centering asks to be heard.

A united heart initiates the essential blooms of our love-projects and the business of our souls.

Digging into my roots I see that I started with posts about altars. Still. Relevant. Inherent. In fact. We are fluorescent altars burning for the origin of fire; we make inroads to the future we want to belong to.

As for me, I want to continue casting my light of inspirational love to illuminate your way forward, into heart-creating new spaces.

2012 is still about creating projects and new visions for the future. You want to grow a business to change the world and be spiritual?


Start with the heart:
Whatever you do. Begin here.

You are the altar burning for the divine itself.
You are a creator.
You are a master of time and space.

Branding our divine selves.

Intrinsic: You are an altar burning for the divine.
How to tap into it:

Sacred Feng Shui: Self-made for the divine business
How to attract the divine into your business projects:

Deepening: Meditation on real reality
How to reconnect with the power of now and oneness:

The missing altars; those
that I can never write about.
Affectionate caress: Nature

You will find them everywhere. There is no way to write about it. There is only clearly seeing their beauty and standing still in stumbling awe.

My lotus garden in La Lumière is a natural altar.

I want to create and promote more enlightened business to protect HER.
Mother earth.
Are you on board with me?

Me, a true Leo, wishes you:
Wild summer feelings


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