November, 2012 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
November, 2012


The next wave of begins.

For you and me. For more of us.

My 2 weeks off the Internet were in eccentric bloom. You should try it from time to time, and let your inspiration wander down new alleyways. In my time away I devoured 4 books and drank in some sun, both good vitamins for the soul. Let me share with you some of my inspiration highlights.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower takes me down a side road; I love to hang out with the younger generation. For a mind holiday and mind extension, think what they think and see what they are up to. It’s an antidote for narrow-mindedness, my inspirational espionage – and fun, by the way! I really liked when Charlie comes out of the cinema considering if he liked the movie. His conclusion: it did not change him. So, no good. I like that. IT DID NOT CHANGE ME; IT CANNOT BE GOOD.

Steve Jobs.
Jay-Z said, “We were kids without fathers…so we found our fathers in wax and on streets and in history. We got to pick up and choose the ancestors who would inspire the world we were going to make for ourselves.” I am inspired. This is high voltage. A genius has to be bold in a world of stubbornness.

I bow to Mr. Steve Jobs, who said it would be easy to change the communication of the world. HE DID IT.

“There’s a temptation in our network age to think that ideas can be developed by email and iChat. That’s crazy. Creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions. You run into someone, you ask what they’re doing, you say ‘wow’ and soon you’re cooking some ideas.” Mr. Jobs, we will meet again. And until then I will meet you in every corner of the Universe where inspiration thrives. Promise. We do not go to school, but we learn greedily.

Reality distortion field.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
Think differently.
Connect the dots.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink
Real motivation does not want to be traded. She wants to bloom from unconditional giving without expectation.

The Universe is a Green Dragon “To begin with, you have to embrace your full creative potential.” I am so online with this. In my next life I’m going to be a cosmologist. Or maybe not. Maybe I was one in my past lives and my passion is still kindling. The Universe is a fabric of sacred woven stories. “This was a fire that filled the Universe, was the Universe. There was no place from Universe free from it. Every point of the cosmos was a point of explosion of light.” AGNI. The Upanshashades revisited.

“tadabhyadravattamabhyavadatko’ sityagnirvaahamasmityabravijjataveda va ahamasmiti”

Lord Shiva who’s in Yaksha form, asked him: “Who are you?” Agni Deva said: “I am known as Agni, I am also called Jataveda.” The fire was creative and so is every particle of The Universe. The creative class rises.

I want to make this creative fire come alive immediately. How do we calibrate our own dreams with the creative fire of the Universe and the creative fire within each of us?

I was inspired to create a program on how to forge your future biz bliss, and since I returned I have been writing Bizbliss: an online program called WRITE YOUR FUTURE BOOK.
It will launch six months from now. Consider this a first announcement.

The next wave of the the

The age of Imagination starts. Now.

The power of imagination.
Its Secret is this: every creation is dreamt twice.


Once we dreamt in heaven; there we made the future.


I am still convinced enlightened business is key to the change we want to see in this world. Owning the streams of money ourselves and having freedom for great choices. To master your biz is the new spiritual discipline. Serve the Universe and your soul. Create the future for a better world. Trade back. Understand desire. The enlightened ones are back for change. What we have jammed in heaven for the future, we can find today.

The second Dreaming

NOW. Planet earth. Soft. Grounded. Our magic inner GPS will unleash our visions.

What we have to do is imagine. Reignite. Light the fire of inspiration and conciseness, the keys to visualizing the uncreated world within us. We want to do it together. We want to empower each other to write our own script; it will shine with our values.

The assignments are out:

Detox so that your wishes and dreams may become free.*

(*this last passage is an adaptation of a speech Agni gave this autumn. He said: ‘Now fulfill old desires, so they may die in peace. And make space for the NEW.’ )

This is the winter of decisions. The winter of desire fulfillment. Check what you are longing for. WHY? So that you may become free.

Confront yourself with your old desires. Do they still belong to you?

Make a date with them and say: “You have longed for me for such a long time. I carried you so long. Now I will fulfill you. We both want to be free.”

See, everything we meet in life was once born as a desire. Conclude it. Close the old chapters.

Clear the way for the next right thing to come through.

Next year is the year to manifest the right thing.
The vision was forged in heaven: as the old dies, the remaining holes will be filled with ourselves. To follow the right thing is truth.
The right thing does not step on the other’s feet. It permits the other one to do the right thing too.

Be free from.
Desire is limited.
The right thing
is to go your own way.

I surf on the next wave of
It’s good to know you are here on Earth with me in this great time.

with wild love



An Internet-free zone for two weeks.

Out of interruption creative space emerges. I want to let you know I will be on real holiday for two weeks.

I write and live Zeitgeist, in the spirit of the moment, so my posts are not pre-programmed for months in advance. The will be sitting in silence too.

I always liked the idea of being indispensable. And now I celebrate it for an appointed space in-between, a space I meet now for the first time.

From extensive to intensive.
From explosion to concentration.
From vast to pointed.
From transcended to the center.
From quantity to quality.

We will always meet again. I will be back in two weeks, where new adventures await.

In wild love,

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RHHLive with Marie Forleo + Hurricane Sandy.

My live report and diary from NYC.

8.50p.m. Sunday evening, October 28:
My plane is one of the last leaving JFK. One hour later, all flights are canceled. I am pressing my nose against the window, there’s no drop of rain in sight now but Sandy is flooding the news. My mystic guidance led me to this early flight, one day before my originally scheduled departure. I am in a tunnel beyond slipping through, out of the beginning chaos.

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.

Thursday evening, October 25:
“Give me the phone. I have to talk to her,” MaRa, my friend from Jesus times, insisted when I called my love at home. It was the night before my long awaited b-school RHHlive event opened its gates. “Book a flight on Sunday. Your flight on Monday will not get out early enough before the hurricane hits.” At the moment I was thinking: But I’m gonna meet Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, Mastin Kipp and… I don’t want to leave earlier, I am here to party.
But the inward me listens to what she’s saying, and I book a second flight for Sunday evening.

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.

Friday, October 26:
The news is not decisive. The hurricane could creep away or blow up like a monster. I rush through the MoMa and MET in a single morning instead of the whole day Monday.
3.00p.m: A rich, sexy and hot start. I am at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen womb of humanitarian dreaming with 300 other luminescent women from all over the globe. Sandy is forgotten.


I dive into the energy. Let me flow into the wholeness of possibility, where the universe and synchronicity make love. Let the things on my destiny-schedule happen. Now.
If necessary, in accelerated speed. Just in case I have to leave earlier.
I pray for compression: timezones and meant-to-be events.

Saturday, October 27:
I wake up with my message. “Imagination,” says God. Six hours later I see into the beautiful unicorn eyes of Kris Carr: “I have brought you a gift,” I tell her. She holds the golden wrapped Jesus the Book and a Christlove spray. She murmurs: “Unicorn.” We know. I turn around: There is Danielle LaPorte. We talk like we have just seen each other the other night before. “I have to leave earlier tomorrow,” says Danielle. “Try to get out before Sunday evening.” I am now sure.

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.

That night I check out and order a taxi for 4p.m. the next day. I speak to my love and he says: “You do not want to be in New York when the power is off.” No, this journey is not mine. Not this time.

Sunday, October 28:

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.
Also for bizbliss.

The speakers are high voltage. These souls have not served the status quo. They are here to start a revolution.

Marie Forleo knows to create from inside out: Intuition is her incredible success tool.
Danielle LaPorte turns success and failure into wisdom. “Temples of peace and tsunamis of love.”
Kris Carr teaches green revolutions. Cancer, go home. She created a movement into business.
Mastin Kipp: “God showed me how big my faith was, one small room with one bed.” His faith has exploded since.

RHH live. I know, even deeper.
If you want to play on that level
there is only one way.
You have to find your own way
to get there.
From imitation to creation.
Be a leader. Act as a leader.

2.00p.m: It’s time to leave. Everything is fulfilled. I have met my appointments from heaven.
3.00p.m: At my hotel, there are no cars available anymore. People are getting anxious.
5.00p.m: I arrive at JFK. My flight is on schedule.

8.00p.m knowing
Once again the words of Mary Magdalene were right when she asked me to channel her message about upcoming destruction and rebirth. (free download in 11 languages). 2012 is the contradiction. Bliss meets crisis. Thanks to MaRa I was able to walk into the middle of Sandy and walk out. We will need those who see in the dark to show where to walk unharmed, in the middle of radical change. I am one of them.

12.p.m I arrive in Tampa. Meanwhile, Sandy has taken to her way of destruction.

Thank you to MaRa for seeing in the dark.
Thank you to Marie Forleo and her team for this miraculous experience.

: My friend T. got angry when I suggested that we should get out of NY because the city would not have electricity for the next days. I am tired of knowing; I am not here to frighten but to help.
: Some of the b-schoolers are still stuck in NYC. My heart is with all of you. I know you are safe and will return back home soon. I pray you find the beauty in the experience as a blessing. Something in this chaos is a divine gift.
: We are shown the signs. We must bow first before they will talk to us.



The wonderful Ronna Detrick and me in powerful conversation about the Sacred Feminine…and much more.

I am so honored to share my story with God, Jesus and Jesus The Book.
You don’t want to miss being part of this conversation!


Creating Sacred Community.
Crafting Meaning-full Conversation.

10:00 a.m., PST

Dial: +1 530.881.1300 Code: 590920#

Meet Ronna and a Conversation with woman and God. Finally.
It’s hot stuff! I promise !