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Travel to wholeness

surprises I AM encounterING on my own journey

I wonder, will you have the courage to go with me into a deeper spiritual world today? I hope you will.

My intention for my travel was: to encounter my wholeness.

Now I’ve been in the United States for three days, and in those days I’ve experienced three revelations about healing my own heart and how to walk through dark times. I didn’t know what I would find here, but today I want to tell you about my three steps to create a resilient future for those of us brave enough to walk through our own inner fires and shadows.

I am a spiritual guide, and I hope the path I walk will inspire yours.






We celebrate the love that glues us
and this Universe together.
We celebrate Jesus because he was love.

As for me,
I wish all the love of all the worlds
for you and your beloved ones.

(Love rules.)

Also, I have a surprise for you.
It is the right time to announce:

You are invited
to come to our first ever


April 17-19
at La Lumiére, South France

For the first time people from JESUS THE BOOK & THE SACRED SERIES will gather together. You will meet me, Simon, Fee, Essenes, Women of Ephesus, the loving circle of the 108 around Jesus. For three days we will show how we live the Christlight today.

I had to wait more than 2,000 years.
I cannot wait any longer to make this real.
We came here to find one another again.

Will you come?

I invite you to dive into a celebration of love and life as we gather to build a new communion. Be part of live readings and fire rituals, ancient ceremonies coming alive today.

You cannot miss this.

If you want to know more and you come from far away, please contact our office for assistance.
email: moc.liargelamefehtnull@isarap
phone: +33 498 113162

I hope to see you there.
Jesus always said his teachings would be understood in 2,000 years. This means you.

Merry Christmas, my dear one.
I love you.



And also how God plays
his tricks.

A too-long story dedicated to our readers and loving followers of the books.
A letter from my sacred heart to your sacred heart.

The timing.

It was this May.

I knew from the beginning of 2014 that this year would be a wild horse.
The more clear this became, the more focused I was on understanding what it is really all about: why I am here, ultimately.

You must know I am typical scanner. I have a Pandora’s box full of talents and like to have many simultaneous projects growing in my garden. I am the type of gardener who likes to raise extraordinary, exotic flowers side by side with shameless and wild weeds.

But by May it was clear that I had experimented too much in my garden; some plants crowd others out and keep them from growing and blooming. I made a laser-focused decision to focus only on YOUR FUTURE BOOK: We Dreamt our Lives in Heaven, and offer its online program with tools for remembering and aligning.

The JESUS THE BOOK & THE SACRED SERIES book proposal would wait, even though there were only five pages missing before completion. Book 3 in the series had been in the pipeline for two years, and that would wait too. So far, so good.

Proud and clear, I boarded an airplane from Santa Fe to France.

Usually I sleep on flights, floating airily with heaven. Not this time. I could not close my eyes and slow down. The mantra JESUS THE BOOK started ringing loudly in my ears. It flew around my aura and vibrated high like a laser.

“But we had an agreement!” I protested. “JESUS THE BOOK must wait.”

Let me explain something. I believe all truly-aligned ideas come from God first in the form of light patterns. From spirit they take form as an idea, then into projected images and then they crystallize into matter.

For years now I’ve observed how my books are realized, escorted to their birth, and grow into this world. I see things as a vision when they are still in the universe long before they happen. And timing is the greatest challenge for mystic visionaries like me.

This time JESUS THE BOOK hit the ground with a crash of thunder.

But I got it. I saw a vision of the future once again, and went back to my planning.

I got home to La Lumiere in France, for a meeting with the wonderful hundred and eight around Jesus.

“We have mail, Durga. A guy who came to the film festival found our website. He wants to stay and meditate with us.” My assistant Parasi looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Then invite him to come,” I replied.

Let me shorten this part of the story: two days later I had an offer to make JESUS THE BOOK a series on HBO and Netflix. But I had to write two more books in order to complete the series. I didn’t have to ask Jesus if there were two more books in the series: I already began Volume 3 two years ago, and Volume 4 is our story, of how we all re-met.

Typical of movie people, they wanted it yesterday and sent us an offer. We did not sign, because we wanted a solid foundation based on legal advice.

But I started to write and planned my withdrawal for three months to complete the series.

The miracle opens.

For two years prior I’d had no images for the books.

All at once I could see what was so obvious, but had been hiding from our eyes: Jesus The Seeds of Christlight is the lost story of the Christian church.

After the crucifixion, the omnipotent temples of Jewish High priests, kings and Roman emperors did not find much resonance with the “Religion of Love” Jesus was teaching, nor the existence of heaven here and within each of us, nor the concept of divinity within each woman and man. The early Christians searched for shelter from persecution and spread themselves over Europe, Asia Minor and Asia.

The church of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was hidden away, innocently embraced in Gaul, South France and planted into the groves of Celts. We still find many traces of The Church of Mary Magdalene, the Celtic Symbiose of Christianity and Druids in France and England.

The Christian church of Rome started to grow parallel and its roots reached into South France.

Years later the Inquisition, aided by the king of North France and the Pope in Rome, invaded the Occitane (the name for South France in the medieval Ages). It exterminated all the roots of the church of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We have no idea what happened; all memories from there were brutally extinguished.

In this part of our story the companions go to India. Jesus does not go to the Hindu temples of the Brahmanic priests; he chooses to walk with us down the path of the old Shakti temples, the living breathing vortexes of powerful Shakti.
The book tells the story of our Shaktipat into initiation. We walk till we meet the most powerful place of Shakti in Hirapur. There all prophesies come true. We walk our footpath back and return with the secrets of the Black Madonnas. It is the story of the traveling church of Mary Magdalene and Jesus planting Christ light seeds in Asia minor, Ethiopia, Egypt and South France.

This is the story of the “seeds of Christ light” that Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Essenes and the early Christians planted. Our time is destined for harvesting them.

I restore the image.
I remember.

The messenger

And then.

My producer disappeared without a trace.

Now I see how God sent a messenger to open the floodgates of my writing.

Out of my hands, stories tumble over stories. We decided to end it at one point, and still the book has no end. There will be another book.

Seeds of Christlight will come out next year. The book proposal is ready to go. And more changes, more promising developments: I met the wonderful filmmaker Mary Arose Comstock and together we started to play and dream. We find ourselves at an open end of a thousand opportunities.

What I have learned:

: God keeps us on track. He is the keeper of our real soul dreams. It may not end up as you think it should, but it will always be best for you.

: What glitters most is not always the greatest path.

: We need to plant gardens instead of pouring industrial concrete.

: You will always come back to what is yours. No escape.

I love you



Ask yourself:
How will I make a difference?

My visions of a new spirituality.
The Future trends of the golden Yuga.

I have something important to show you.
It is important to understand the evolution we live in right now. You need to understand it to recognize its symptoms and its effect on our lives. When we are able to read it and wield it, we can co-create with the heart of the cosmos.

The critical evolution is happening now and affects our everyday lives. When we identify the layers of understanding, it’s easier to open our hearts to a more meaningful expansion of imagination and words.

This involves crucial hope, new models, the significance of remembering, the Shiva-Shakti immersion, the Christ Consciousness grids. Yes, this is big. Our future matters.

And you find it in yourself.

Why now
We are the ones, and we have been waiting for this time. We as humanity have walked together through past evolutions. At one time the old seats of tradition gave us all the knowledge we needed to live within the laws of the Universe, the dharma and the earth’s resources.

But now we are the ones who must hold a conversation between earth creation and the creation of the universe. We were born with the knowledge that only when we bring the two together, the earth-creation and the universe-creation, can we live in harmony and bring to life all that we wish: thriving communities, fruitful environments and sustainable lifestyles.

Ask yourself: How can we work with the earth and Universe so it does not stream against us?

Our time is both a blessing and a challenge.
Everything is popping up at the velocity of our time. It’s a bloom of new visions and rapid shifts amid destructive, outdated systems that we ourselves created.

What is so special about our time?
It’s about everybody. Not as Buddha came, Krishna came or Jesus came, as individuals to shift our minds. We are about to shift humanity with the collective. Everybody will be a leader in their way to create new collaborative communities. We need these in every part of our lives: our partnerships, our society, our ecological systems, how we farm, how we give meaning to money, how we grow as people.

Gratitude is the new religion.
When we surrender fighting the status quo, we can disconnect from the noisy world and enter a moment between the dimensions where everything is right. We will build on that soil, all the while inquiring: “What do we need to heal? What do we need to support that brings forward the life of Universe and Earth together?”

My bigger vision witnesses what is going on in the cosmos:
I am seeing big changes.

: Everybody is rising

Ideas that will not shift the collective will die.
Leaders have to listen and knit together the old seats of tradition and power with new meaning.

: Shiva-Shakti Immersion

Our society has too long ignored the Shiva-Shakti balance. Shiva is the masculine power of creation; Shakti is the feminine power of creation. When Shiva-Shakti do not kiss in eternal union they dance disconnected and fall in succession into self-destruction.

Our world is overpatterned with the masculine. We are in charge of raising up the feminine and re-understanding Shakti from an initiated female leadership. Only then are we are able to uncover truth from deep within.

The rise of the Shiva power in us is actually disoriented, because what we thought was a masculine role has lost potency. So the masculine reaches out with softness. The feminine is too fierce and the masculine too soft.

When we consider how balance is created, we can see that it is first provoked by extremes. But this time we will not experience the feminine becoming so fierce that it becomes self destructive; we will not experience the masculine falling apart.

Instead, we are all part of a bigger evolution. We are rebalancing Shiva-Shakti with new ideas to unify with the universal.

Bringing soft masculine and hard feminine into balance.
A New Masculinism. A New Feminism.

Ask yourself:
How can I balance my Shakti?
How can I balance my Shiva?

Christ consciousness

We are done with healing, transformation, forgiveness. The teachings are connecting us with wholeness now. The love that created the universe and actually holds it together will change our society. Earth herself is rocking the Christ-light from the inside out. This love and the Shakti that was suppressed will change our approach and understanding of ourselves, our business and work, everything.

We have dreamed this cosmic dream together.
We as soul society have dreamt that universe. We mediated in unison on this powerful new dream of a new earth that we have never seen before.

You are part of this collective dream.

The story of the Universe continues
The cosmologists know our universe has a story of beginning when in one moment of eternity all was created from one singular source. A fire expanded into the whole universe filled with all that ever was and ever will be. Peaceful beauty was the source of everything. The cosmos had her secret of spacing time and timing space. It is woven into the universe and is always there.

I tapped into something when my friend and courageous-thought sparring partner Mary Garvey Horst created a live recording of me as my mystic vision opened. I saw into the heart of the universe.

We are now connecting with the beginnings of all times. The moment of God; the beginning of all. From there all our stored data from our past changes, and we remember.

Do you think we are walking backwards?
We are actually fusing together.

We were born in this magnificent glory. Luminous and golden.

We are connecting with the genetic origin of times to create a new evolution. We are walking backwards into our knowledge. We will carry it forward into an update for our age. We are about to reinterpret the creation on our own terms. We will apply it to our daily lives and take it from ashrams into our businesses, and from monasteries into daily life.

Everybody is in the game.
We are doing it together. Everybody is responsible for his and her part.

Reconnect with your soul vision.
Silence is our souls’ refuge these days.
We are healing the data of our past and transforming it into pure light.

We are about to create the data for a future
that we do not know.
We know less than we ever did.
The promise: It will be wonderful.

When we remember who we really are, we automatically quit our destructiveness.
We are complete divine beings who can shift a disconnected society toward mutual support, leaving behind exclusion and competition.

Acknowledge what has always been there.
Acknowledge your soul.
Acknowledge mother earth.

We have a lot to do.
Start with yourself.

I love you.



Come to send off Jesus The Book & The Series on its pilgrimage around the world.

The “Tour of Wonders” begins in Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 7th at 7pm at the brand-new Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center.

Meet Agni and me and ask us your burning questions in person. We will tell juicy behind-the-scenes stories of Jesus The Books & The Series. We love to surprise and shift Christ Consciousness.

We will start a fresh conversation about our travels with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and what it means for all of us today. Whatever happens, the miracle is designed for and of you and your friends. Expect to feel the side effects of Christ-love, including bliss, joy, magic, and feelings of unity.


Come. Bring your friends. It’s free.
May 7th at 7pm

Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center
172 Los Vaqueros
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
Let us know: moc.liargelamefehtnull@nioj



7 timely reasons we should publish my memoirs about Jesus, directly into the front line.

Special Announcement: Meet Agni and me on May 7th in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
We will answer your questions live. Find more about this inaugural event at the end of the post.

It’s time.

When everything—or at least the truth of how it really was—is lost, someone has to walk through time and space to remember the real story. As Jesus once did, I am here to start a revolution.

What we can experience together
in sharing the truth of what happened

Reality #1
Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married.

Among others NBC news and Huffington Post publish:
Scientific Tests Show ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Wasn’t Faked
NBC news

Huffington Post

Our live memories
Mary Magdalene searched for the Son of God. She was his lover since they met, and she was there when he was crucified. She was pregnant. She was his wife. She called him back to life.

“Mary Magdalene was silent. She sat there and looked at Jesus and then she looked into the emptiness. Mary Magdalene looked at Simon and then she looked at me for help and then back into the emptiness. In her helplessness, she abruptly stood up and knelt before Jesus. “My beloved,” she said, “this is my heart’s wish and my entire soul. I would like to ask you if you would take me as your wife.” She laid her head in his lap and began to weep bitterly. I grew very calm. It was like an eternal moment that was being created within us, as we waited for an answer from Jesus.

“Arise,” he said. He took her in his arms and replied with loving words, “You shall be my wife, Mary Magdalene. It shall be so. Know that the journey by my side is one of inseparability.” He held her tightly in his arms and I could no longer hold back my tears and I only sensed how deeply profound this decision was. The four of us spent the afternoon alone. The spell had been broken; the wall between man and woman had fallen. Mary Magdalene had broken through the unspeakable, she had hunted the son of God himself and he loved her again. How can one describe lovers whose divinity finds itself in the fire in which their love burns for each other and God? There are moments in which life solidifies so densely that the beauty takes your breath away. Love is the poison of intoxication and we were drunk off each other.” Jesus The Forgotten Years in South France

Reality #2
Mary Magdalene and Jesus had a daughter, Sara.
She was reborn in 2010.

Our live memories:
Sara is born in South France 2000 years ago, while Jesus is far away.

“Mary Magdalene looked into her daughter’s eyes, “You are Sara, named for our first mother. She carries the legacy. She is a great soul. God will surely know why this child is a corporeal descendent of Jesus himself.” In that very moment, I realized how exhausted Mary Magdalene was and she fell asleep with her daughter in her arms. In her sleep, she murmured, “I so wish he could have been here. But he knows that his daughter has come into the world. I thank you all for the love you have given me.” Jesus The Forgotten Years in South France

I am in South France when Mary Magdalene contacts me on spiritual level. Since I am used to having conversations with the non-materialized world, this is not unusual for me. She tells me her daughter is soon to be reborn and showed me her mother in vision. It turns out Sara’s future mother in this life was already pregnant, but she didn’t know it yet. She conceived Sara on a holiday in South France. Later we find out her modern-day mother was Sara’s daughter 2000 years ago.

Sara is one and half years old. She is visiting me in my ashram in South France. When her Mum takes the younger bother to bed Sara uses the words she knows to say that she wants to stay with me. Outside in a hanging chair under the stars she starts to ask me something I cannot understand. Through questions and answers by nodding I figure out she wants me to take her to our Jesus prayer room. Each day before then she had opened the door to this room, she looked in and declared indignantly: “The baby is not here.” I knew she was looking for Jesus. So this night the little girl kneeled down in the room and asked me to give Jesus a rose. She asks me to chant a prayer for him. Then she sits still and turns to eternal silence. Then she sighs deeply, with heartbreaking desire.

Sara and her Mum are back for a visit in September. Sara starts to ask several times a day: “Where is my real Mum?” We ask her what she means. She is clear: “My mum in heaven.” I go deeper. “You mean Mary Magdalene?” Sara looks at me with eternal love and I lose myself when she answers: “Yes, the one like you, but not you.”

At a dinner back at home Sara tells a friend of her family: “You know my real mum lives in South France.“

2014, April 14
Sara tells her mum after waking up, out of nowhere:

“Mama, mama my other Mama died!”
Her Mum
“Which Mama do you mean?”
“The one who lived with Durga…”
Her Mum
“What? She died?”
“Yes, she is not in heaven anymore.
She is now on earth.”
Her Mum
“Do you mean she is reborn now?”
“Yeeees, she is now a baby.”

Sara says she wants to find her Mum soon.

Reality #3
Sara was married to my son John 2000 years ago.
One year after she was born in this life, he reincarnated near her so they could meet soon.

Our live memories:
The marriage of Sara and John

“While the sun bathed everything outside in gentle, red tones, I sat silently at the window and observed Mary Magdalene combing her daughter Sara’s hair. She was performing an old ritual to sanctify her daughter for the upcoming wedding ceremony. Mary Magdalene and I had grown old, but we were still full of power and anchored in our consciousness. As I silently observed my beloved sister spirit as she caressed the shimmering, fawn-brown hair strand by strand, I admired her beauty which was marked by age; a life lived that radiated from each of her wrinkles. She was bright and dignified.

It was a very special day. Today, at Jesus and Simon’s request and of our children’s own free will – who had accompanied each other since their earliest childhood – we were preparing for John and Sara’s wedding.” – Jesus The Forgotten Years in South France, Modern-day Southern France/Languedoc

A young woman we have known for awhile comes to see Agni to tell him what nobody else knew. She was pregnant. When Agni tells me the secret on the phone I was in my kitchen, cooking, the receiver resting between my head and shoulder. As soon as we hung up, an immense light appeared to me, soft and caring. “I am John, ( my son in Jesus times ) and I am coming back. I want to be near Sara.” I was the first to know.

Sara and John live in the same city in Germany today. 4 and 3 years old today, their love story spans an arc beyond time. The first time they met in this lifetime, Sara took his hand softly and led him to a secret place. They are good friends ever since. We are signatories of an old love, 2000 years and older; they planned to come back from heaven to find themselves and recognize each other as soon as possible on earth. To be witness of this love story over time is breathtaking. Whatever they will live or how they will live it is open for us to watch.

Reality #4
People desire the lost memories of Jesus.

The keywords “Who was Jesus” get 24,900,000 hits a month in Google searches.

Reality #5
Jesus was a feminist.

The New Testament is now a collection of orally passed-down tradition. Paulus—formerly Saulus—a self-proclaimed Apostle who had never met Jesus in person became the father of the oldest part of the Testament. The four best-known gospels originated from unknown authors using partly known names of other Apostles, thus lending authority to the texts. But those who were there—true apostles and contemporaries—were already dead when these gospels were written. Women and reincarnation disappeared from the stories because the writers did not deem them worthy of making history.

Jesus asks me to travel with him. I must be around 17 years old.
“Jesus, how do you imagine something like that is going to happen? You travel everywhere around the country. How could I possibly accompany you? Don’t you see who I am? I am a woman; I can‘t just wander everywhere with you and write your story. How do you propose to solve that problem?” He said simply, “I will ask your brother whether you can go with me.” I could not imagine how Jesus’ idea could be realized. We lived in Israel, after all. A woman who is not his mother may not travel together with a man. She would only gain a very bad reputation in any towns or villages that she visited. I knew exactly what people would think; after all, we were old–fashioned Hebrew Jews. I would simply be labeled as a whore. Jesus The Book, Capernum

Jesus knows he will be crucified. One day he tells me:
“Without this love I would not be what I am. If I do not have time to tell them myself, I would like you to tell the other women this. Without these women’s love I had not been able to achieve what I have. Your love is so strong and supportive that I can plant my seed, my words and my mission in it. Every day, unconditionally, you give me this love from your hearts. You lay your love in my path, to give me security and joy on this Earth.”

I would only understand these words of Jesus much later. What I realized at that moment was that he revealed the divine, female nature to me — and he had thanked me for it. I knelt before him and said, “Lord, I was unable to do otherwise, and I don’t believe any woman who has followed you could have. I can speak for all women who are near to you. We do not know anything else than to follow you with heart and soul. That is our good fortune. That is our fulfillment.” He just looked at me and answered, “You are all true priestesses.” Jesus The Book, Capernum

There were important women around Jesus. Women will love to learn about the sacred women’s circle around Christ and to discover that three of Jesus’ apostles were women. When they hear this, they sit up and take notice.

“Through Miriam’s voice we get to know the women who surrounded Jesus and the important roles they played. Organized religion seems to have relegated women to a secondary position yet here we see women shining in their brilliance as healers and holders of wisdom (“they are a fundamental, primeval force of the universe”). Then, women healers were persecuted and down the ages the persecution has persisted. Yet how refreshing to meet a Christ in this book who is a feminist!”
—Geraldine Brown

“[I] feel like I am back to The Mists of Avalon yet it has more spiritual substance. I want to live in that world. The Marys are in it as healers and priestesses…”
—Sparrow Mattes

Reality #6
Jesus prophesies for our time. He promised Christ Consciousness would be a collective shift.

The real teachings of Jesus will take form today. His promises were for us today to witness coming true.

12 aspects of his promise for the collective

Aspect one: Love’s Realization
Truth and love merge in timelessness to an everlasting river of bliss and creation. This is the never-ending feast of love he wanted us to celebrate.

Aspect two: Bhakti-Devotion
Jesus predicted we will dream a new world. A devotion that will turn our life’s dreams into reality.

Aspect three: Heavenly joy
We will experience heavenly joy as a carrying force in our lives. We learn that living in a seventh heaven is available to us all, as is vibrating from happiness, and mastering our daily life with ecstasy and joy.

Aspect four: The light of Earth
Jesus predicted the light of the earth is a creation aspect of the Christ-Consciousness.
And that the Earth has known about the upcoming new era for a long time and prepared herself for it.

Aspect five: Freedom
This creation aspect of the Christ-Consciousness is freedom from attachment and will strip off old chains that shackle our mind and emotions. It contains the willingness to love limitlessly.

Aspect six: Salvation of the Shakti-Powers
Shakti the feminine power awakens. Shakti powers are a light aspect of the Christ- Consciousness. The feminine receives salvation from old repressions. The white Christ-Light appears as ruby light of Christ in the Shakti light, who comes into the world of creation.

Aspect seven: Leadership and Seduction
Since our expulsion from paradise we have not treated Leadership and Seduction as things that go together. These two aspects of Christ-Love are dancers in a sacred dance of creation.

Aspect eight to twelve are not visible yet. As we continue reading Book 3 of the series they are appearing.

Reality #7
It’s time for new dreams. This world craves new images.

Each year at Easter the whole collective dives into the pain body cultivated since Jesus’ crucifixion. Watching the Jesus movies, I had to switch off the TV this year.

I opened Jesus The Book and started to read. As the vibes of the book took in spheres of love, my pain body dissolved. When people are lifted into a new consciousness, the teachings of Jesus are alive and not killed year after year.

I started to dream. I had visions of Jesus The Book and Series broadcasting Christ Consciousness every year into people’s homes. What if our new images of Christ Consciousness filtered new eternal beauty into this world?

We have a great task to become brokers of a real Christ, elevating the collective consciousness, and not pulling it down.

So let’s do it now, together.

Meet Agni and me on May 7th in Santa Fe, New Mexico and ask us your questions in person.

We will surprise you with Christ-love and a fresh conversation about our travels with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and what it means for all of us today.

Together we will christen the brand-new Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center and launch the “Tour of Wonders,” sending Jesus The Book & The Series on its pilgrimage around the world.

Come. Bring your friends. It’s free.
May 7th at 7pm

Agni’s Shiva Shakti Center
172 Los Vaqueros
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
RSVP: moc.liargelamefehtnull@nioj


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Decipher your promise.

What the Blood Full Moon resurrects for all of us.

This is the time I have been waiting for. Seven years ago we started to write down our memories of Jesus, our memories from when we were there. (“We” includes my love Agni, me, and many who lived at the time and remember it.) Jesus always predicted that his teachings would be understood in 2,000 years. The seeds are popping now. Jesus’ prophesies are online.

The message Jesus seeded for this time is encoded in “Jesus The Book & The Series.” It is revealed upon reading. Whatever you are searching for, it is in there. But you must find it for yourself.

The story of Jesus resurrects these days from darkness. It comes not as a messenger, nor a preacher, nor a rescuer from outside. It rises within us. The promise Jesus made for our times is living in the books made for you. So when you read the books, the promise is somewhere in there and will emerge in your dreams, your insights. Maybe Jesus or one of those who walked with him will talk to you. It was locked up till now, but the blood full moon on April 16th deactivated the light code.

The Blood Full Moon resurrects
& The Story of Jesus

Easter, April 2014: These weeks are the probably the most intense and most powerful of the year 2014. A big cardinal cross of initial planets intends to initiate us into higher enlightenment. The blood moon calls out to the red Shakti powers of the Universe dancing in wild ecstasy. And Easter, the feast of resurrection, charges the air with powerful energies. Reaching backward we touch long-ago planted seeds of divine wisdom and rebirth them into prophesies come true.

Recently Bono, the singer of U2, declared he prays to Jesus, the personal one. He believes Jesus made promises that will come true. He and many more: the collective spirit of optimism is more powerful than ever.

We have written our memories.
So you can remember.

Decipher your own promise
for the new heaven and new earth.

How to open your miracle yourself

Get your books for free as PDF download.

Start to read.
The promise for you is in there.
Read and trust it will find you.
Be open for the miracle.
The book will talk to you in a scene, in a sentence.
Images will stir your soul.

When you finish the books for the first time, start again.
I promise it will be different the second time.
The light in you is now activated.
You will find what you are searching for the second time through.

Then join the community that’s collecting now.
Post and tell us what happens in your life.
Our promises are important now.

Tell us what comes to you.
We enter the collective Christ Consciousness together.

Join the communion.

Here is more about Jesus The Book & The Series

The books are free to download for 21 days from now.

Your personal message in there is infinite.



My dear. I still fear disappointing you. Stay with me.

Close to the heartbeat of Zeitgeist, we break through the machinery of production. Many stars cracked open already, and we have decided to rise beyond convention. We need to stay with our values to create the essence of something new. We have to stop producing and start creating.

Moreover, I refuse to create for the sake of pleasing. When we pretend we will lose every time. I will stay tight, lean, focused. The aliveness hurts so good.

I will never resign my seemingly-paradoxical work of marrying Jesus the Book & The Series with business life. I can never bridge the paradox of being an addicted specialist – a mystic visionary – and being fractured by the hustle of online business.

I work from heaven down to earth. Following the circle of creation is a bold choice not to please for pleasure. I still do not believe in broadcasting mechanically, only with trustworthiness and reliability.

Come out when you are ready.
Be unpersuasive and vulnerable.
Keep the space open.

Our book proposal is now our love proposal for this world. After month of sweet holy asceticism, I am home and it’s completed. Jesus The Book & The Series’ #bookplan left me with bliss. I was writing daily, guided by Your Big Beautiful Book Plan a la Linda Sivertsen and Danielle LaPorte.

In the span on one month I have passed through each circle of devoted inspiration, humility, avidity, mastery and disillusion. My head is still a vacant place. My spirit is open, filled with a new space of creation. I have never felt so good. I am a #desire map.

Try it. Dedicate yourself to one thing for one month. Celebrate liberation.

Writing down my vulnerability
(finally, a foreword for the books)

Forword for Jesus The Book

There is a chapter of love where the ink never dries.
– STING, The Book Of My Life

I do not believe in you, Jesus,” was my first reaction when he appeared to me in a splash of light at the age of 24. I had turned into a non-believer after many heartbreaking disappointments in the church’s fraud and dogma. My spirit was revolting for freedom and aliveness. But he had already turned my life upside down. Twenty years later I hear myself saying: “I remember precisely my first encounter with him…” It was the beginning of my story of walking with Jesus 2,000 years ago.

When everything – or the truth of how it really was – is lost, someone has to walk through time and space to remember the real story. As Jesus once did, I am here to start a revolution.

I was born with a rebellious head and a raw heart that stores the memories of thousands of years. For years my favorite fairy tale was the Children’s Bible my Great-Grandmother used to read me, holding the fire of her own images. I was there. I longed to know what it felt like to “be live on” the times of Jesus and feel how he really was.

I was raised Catholic but I rebelled from religious education at 14 when it slipped out of my mouth: “Mary was everything, but no Virgin.”

Filled with pride, my wild hot truth was saturated. My music teacher found me silently sitting in the church. Alone. She asked me: “What are you doing here?” I told her, “When the noisy thoughts of the people are gone, I can hear him talking.” I was 15.

Saints are for the church. But we are on the trail for an intimate and vivid relationship with Jesus Christ. He was a feminist, a revolutionary against the establishment and fraudulent political order, and an inspired spiritual activist. He was love and when one was on his radar it was impossible to resist his charm. His presence transformed us all.

This book had to be written. I was privileged to be the first person on this planet to read it. But before all that, I had to follow my own prophecy and re-meet Agni, the man I was married to by Jesus himself. He is my master and reminded me of all I know. He believed I could read the Akasha and threw me in the deep end. I was re-reading my own sacred chronicles.

You have to trust me. If you do, I can take you with me into my vulnerable story. I had to walk the unbelievable. I deliver the miracles I have lived. When I opened the first chapter I was reading the intimate and still new. Reading my story from the Akasha unshackled my memory. I desired it: the tastes, the textures and the moods. Now I remember it all. How it was.

Jesus The Book is my personal memories of Jesus’ real stories. Let me lend you my senses and feelings to read and watch Jesus The Book in 3D. Experience Jesus close up as never before. This book is my personal heart’s treasure. My prayers are out: May your personal Jesus rise.

And more…

Forword for Jesus the forgotten Years

In the silence she appears through the dark blue mists. Close up to her face. She is peaceful and serious. Unaffected she walks. Her eyes are lowered in prayers. The camera pans out a wider view. More than two hundreds people walk down the steeped hill. Their faces are frozen, some cry, some utter their benediction. The camera is still with her. She comes nearer a dark knight: She searches his eyes enquiring, but he stares into the pyres burning and waiting. His face is marked with disgust. She stops in front of him and before he can prevail she falls on to her knees before him. Her people’s voice rises to praise the Lord. The roar of the lion was heard trough their tender light of purity when she murmured: “I forgive you, my worst enemy,“ before she ascended the fire herself.

When I opened the first page in the Akasha to read the sequel to Jesus The Book, I froze. I found myself in the year 1244 in South France during the final days of the Cathars. The popularity of their teaching was a thorn in the flesh of the church and the King of France. A dark crusade moved out to literally extinguish the roots of the pure believers. The last surviving Cathars fled the blood-letting to Montsegur where they finally were burnt after starving and refusing to renounce their faith. Mysteries were woven about their manuscripts and treasures, which were never found.

Dan Brown often mentions that the Cathars preserved the secret of the marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene.

Landing in the thick of this darkness shackled my emotions and cut my voice. For three months I refused to go back to the readings, from which our books are first recorded. I lacked not forgiveness but understanding. My beloved and heartfelt truth was reviled in those days and the life roots I planted in those soils was to be extinguished. I had to feel the hate leveled against me. I desired and suffered from my core, reliving this life in South France.

Death and suffering are woven into the very heart of this Universe. Dying as an act of living service to a greater community is an act of passion. The power to refuse to pass on suffering is our legacy from Jesus himself. We have to make big decisions. Today.

In spite of the wave of doubt in my heart I heard my name. I needed to know that this book would glue together the forgotten sacred history without letting it fall apart once again. That it would offer connection and comfort to our entrusted reader. We have the power of participation in this life on earth. Each of us has the power to make difference. The day I decided to “walk the pain” was the day I went back to our readings.

Even so, feeling alone is a suffering stigma on our immaculate heart. It teaches me to cross the boundaries and break the walls of my loss. Each page I was reading from heaven down to earth shredded my heart. I took the risk. I chose aliveness.

From 1244 in the last days of the Cathars, the legacy of Jesus The Forgotten Years was to build the bridge in a fading world of desperation. The teachings of Jesus and his God are still blooming in secret lands hidden away from the church. I read for the need of healing.

I walked through my memories of Mary Magdalene and me left alone in this land after Jesus’ crucifixion. We had to fight with a normal life, facing problems that women have still today. Mary Magdalene was pregnant. Jesus had survived and traveled to India. Mary Magdalene had to walk through her sadness. As women do for each other, I walked with her. Other women of the sacred circles came to join us. We supported each other there, trying to remember how to raise the light in a desperate world.

I had to walk this book. We have to stop to reserving our stories for special occasions. We rob others’ grace when hiding the art of pain. Big visions grow at the edges. When we stop wanting it all, it all begins. Love takes shape in the wild silence of destructive beauty.

One real reader is enough to affirm why you do what you do. Thank you Althea Treakle-Provost for offering me salvation when you posted this on Facebook:

“I grow tired of reading books the repeat the saga between the light and dark, and how the light must yield so the darkness may continue its power play. Even a short sentence that hints of such saga is enough for me to close the book and offer the symbolic yawn.

Today, I began to read your book on a Nook, a gift from Tim. Double blessings. Aleka, my daughter back from Costa Rica came into room, crawled into bed and unbeknownst to me was silently reading along. The page, just so happened to read in Oneness. Aleka offered her heart felt agreement. My heart felt the full measure of your words, as they mirror the depth within my heart. Thank you. A gift indeed.”

We have to trust each other. I need to be honest with you.

Wild love



The wonderful Ronna Detrick and me in powerful conversation about the Sacred Feminine…and much more.

I am so honored to share my story with God, Jesus and Jesus The Book.
You don’t want to miss being part of this conversation!


Creating Sacred Community.
Crafting Meaning-full Conversation.

10:00 a.m., PST

Dial: +1 530.881.1300 Code: 590920#

Meet Ronna and a Conversation with woman and God. Finally.
It’s hot stuff! I promise !


Choosing my religion.
Create from zero.

If I can do it, you can do it.

You have manifested your dream,” said Erin when she walked into our office. My new soul photographer had just woken up in our ashram for the first time. She is right, I thought. Awakened, I was telling myself: I have manifested my dream.

La Lumière is my ashram in South France. Last year in June, more than 120 souls from all over the world gathered here to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. My friends, my allies, my companions all share the same idea:

Love will win in the end.

10 years earlier, I arrived here with a deep knowing in my lion heart. My plan: build a house for God and people to reconnect with their souls. My friend helped me to get a mortgage and I sold my car to get started. I had no other resources but my vision, my trust and God. I resisted that it had to be France of all the countries in this world and the French of all global tribes. But God was clear about this and Agni too.

The night before the final decision was made, I had a vision of one of my 4 gurus that guide me through the universe and life. Swami prepared me: “You will go to a Holy Grail place to South France.” (Believe me, in this moment I had no clue what he was talking about.) The day after, when I was ready to ask Agni where my place is in this world, he took a needle and pinned it right to the spot in the South of France where La Lumière breathes peace and love every day now.

Against all odds, my heart knew. I do not believe in accepting what comes easy.
I believe in living what you know to be true. This may include things I do not like or even resist. And this knowing is the reason that all my visions and initiations manifest.

My dream was to build an ashram and inject it with the happiness and holy experiences I brought with me from India. I did it on my own terms. My dream was to unite the contradictions of daily life and spirituality, of modern life and God.


La Lumiére is the manifested proof that it is possible to create from zero. I started with a sold car and a loan. Miracles unfolded in uninspected ways. With the help of Agni, I discovered my talent to read the Akasha and orders after orders rolled in from all over the world. I read seminars, soul readings and workshops for healers, shamans, visionaries, world changers; women empowerment and whole healing essence worlds were born. I was reading and La Lumière was growing.
10 years of transformation, memories, up and downs, lovers, disappointments and fierce integration.


Voila. May I present:

This is La Lumière: Durga’s Ashram
Now online. Shining.

We mediate in the morning & evening.
The essence of our daily life.

Are you searching for a spiritual time out?
Are you craving for a fusion of spirituality
and freedom?
La Lumière for you: evolution!

Our Temples are the heart of La Lumière. Visit:

The Temple of Divine:
Melting pot of Hindu passion, Bhuddhist reflection and eternal love of God.
Durga dances.

Jesus’ prayer room
and its story.


This is the beginning. We are working to fill up all rooms about La Lumière, so they can shine in the web universe. Gradually, we will open more insights for you.

I dream and create visions about community, a Nature Spa, an art festival, a spiritual women conference, pilgrimages and…

New spiritual waves roll towards and over my ashram.
We can stop circling around our own axis.
We are ready to create and live spirituality on our own terms.

Do you want to align with your sacred path and learn how I shaped my own religion?

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