June, 2012 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
June, 2012


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In India people say the divine mother has 108 names through which she expresses her wildness and abundance. A Japamala is a prayer chain that flows over the fingers when reciting mantras to shift body, mind and soul. It has 108 pearls for each beautiful, eternal aspect of the divine, plus one for the Guru, symbolizing the oneness of everything.

As my Gospel of feminine leadership continues, it forms itself into 108 steps honoring the sacred numbers and rhythms.

I have tried it out, now it’s your turn: just recite the steps as loud as you like, or mix them up, or just pick one as an affirmation. My flow organized these into their current alignment. Create your own flow. Be in-spirit!

The prayer chain continues, just as our generation will succeed by moving forward. We are the change we have been waiting for.

36 more steps

For the balance of the feminine.

  1. Read the signs.
  2. Business is a dance. Are you a passionate tango lead or a graceful ballerina? A drummer or softly flowing leader? Each of us has her/his own rhythm of succeeding and flowing with the universe. We continue to work on new forms of work and flow with each other. The universe is our dance teacher through the evolution.
  3. Effortless is surrender.
  4. Hunting for authenticity, not for celebrities. Knowing that hidden among our shadows lives the light that we shy away from (and thus our embedded power), we challenge our weakness to polish our potential and our envy to love our own genius.
  5. God is our best business advisor.
  6. Learn to read the inner map. Remember we were all born with a perfect master plan, our celestial mission. We have engraved knowledge about it in our inner map. We remember the decoder. We trust the miracle to … Flash!!!!
  7. Travel your inner landscape. Open new rooms. Integrate. All life form starts within. It will never be perfect, but will always be whole.
  8. Curiosity. Never stop learning. I always say the day I end my curiosity to master what I Iove, I will die. Not physically, but in my passion. Not learning is dying.
  9. Right timing: Sense timing like temperature. Our skin knows. Time freezes, warms up, gets hot when the time is right. We can sense it in our ovaries, its flow, all based in synchronicity. (synchronicity timing)
  10. Emotional leadership is continuously hooked into the source of all power. Within its reaches, we trust (rather than doubt) and our impulses are welcomed as essential tools of the progress.
  11. R-evolution.
  12. Generosity is gold.
  13. We are connected. Connected to collective knowledge is a pool. A divine master plan enrolls itself. Step by step. Trust each step.
  14. You do not know the ending. Just know the next step with excitement. The universal master plan is always fortuned and favored.
  15. Experiment is investment. Risk failure and success.
  16. Follow the process, not the result.
  17. The path is the joy. This moment is the fulfillment.
  18. Forgiving is our daily ritual. We are humans and we will make mistakes again and again.
  19. Knitting teaches us how to create meaning. Weaving teaches us how to connect.
  20. Be brutally honest. Honor the other one with respect and truth.
  21. We are mothers of business. We give birth to ideas. We grow them inside first. Then we deliver them, nourish and protect them. We have no goals or wishes of our own; we know that divine seeds grow organically into perfection. We are just the gardeners and fairies. We stay open to receive. Openness is our highest resource.
  22. Tolerance is our dignity. The future we belong to investigates the creation of new life forms beyond dogma and fanaticism. All religions are extensions rather than limitations.
  23. Divine laws of creation: We break rules. We do not make them.
  24. Qualities: We allow our genius to shine, our divine gifts to be shared, and our resources to be nourished and connected.
  25. We share proudly the state of continued growth, not the end result.
  26. Beauty is the essence of our purpose.
  27. Abundance for everybody. The universe knows better than we do.
  28. You have a magic sword. Use it!
  29. Say no when self-love demands it. Even to the divine.
  30. When ego wants to interfere, we need to break through love’s barriers even more gently.
  31. We live in seasons. We know them and feel their energies. Transitions are passages that allow us to let go of what’s dying. We give birth to the new in the midst of the breakdown of the old.
  32. Devotion is fuel. Give without asking.
  33. Ritualize: Your work space is your temple. Your heart is an Altar.
  34. The soft and the tough attitudes unite the contradictions. Whatever is needed, we have learned enough to know when to dissolve in surrendering softness and when to rally with pointed toughness.
  35. Reaching out for the stars! A fresh take on ambition.
  36. A culture of independent, self-determined entrepreneurs. Building up independent cultures, greenhouses of creativity, uniqueness, authenticity and just being who we are.

As a mantra prayer is continued,

the Gospel will be accomplished too…

In wild Love



Let us introduce ourselves.

Shomani’s Vision: Body Healing Arts

Shomani Elimger lives and works in Freiburg. She is the mother of 3 wonderful children and a holistic clinic. She loves the life of a wisdom loving shaman, enchanted herb witch, truth warrior and meditating Buddha being when the children cause havoc.

My life in the world of herbs

Herbs and healing plants exist quite unremarkably by the wayside. Silent. Embedded in nature. You recognise them only when you sink into a different world. A world of concentration, silence, listening to nature. Suddenly you see them and they talk to you.

Being seen

For 5 years we lived next to a small plum tree that kept its fruits to itself. One day I walked through the grass, looked inward and examined the tree closer: “What a beautiful tree you are” and I smiled at it. A gentle breath of wind caressed us. Suddenly I saw a violet shimmer under the leaves. I came closer and saw that the tree carried beautiful, ripe fruit. My little son and me were allowed to harvest them. They were given to us in love. They were the best plums we have ever eaten.

I spoke with the neighbours who had lived there for 20 years. No one ever saw the fruit and so they fell to the ground year after year. In silence, in contact with the small tree, it showed itself with its nourishing, healing power. That was a big lesson for me.

When we lovingly turn towards the secret world, new unexpected gates open up leading to a world of love, of pleasure and healing. A mythical world with dwarfs, fairies and water beings that protect the plants.

Nature and me

These days it is my greatest pleasure to dive into these worlds and create delicious wild herb menus, bath salts, lotions and healing oils. One day I chat to a water nymph, the other a dwarf chases me away. All in unity with nature. We want to return to nature and feel this world, as archaic as it might be, with all our senses.

Another aspect of nature, which we incorporate in the Nature Spa, is the power to express your being. When I walk through the forest, I continue to be surprised by how artistic nature really is. Dew drops on the flower of a nestle, leaves in the wind. Branches that look they were painted.

There I sit in a clearing. Around me bright green fern. I lie down and above me the beech leaves dance in the sun light. I breathe in deeply and feel embraced by the beauty and art of creation. Art is part of creation, nature continues to show us.

It is indispensable that you express your being. We want to give space to our soul. We don’t feel comfortable when we are viewed as functional only. We want to be seen in our beauty. In our creative being as goddesses.

Body healing arts connects our soul with the expression in the outside world. We paint something in connection with our soul power and living art is created that expresses our inner self. This is wonderful. Nothing has to be hidden in dark corners. There is nothing that cannot find expression. Love or anger or joy or frustration. Through art, we discharge emotions. We heal ourselves by allowing everything that cannot be expressed through language a way out in other ways. This is deep healing. Like in nature. Nature heals itself, every day. Mother Earth continuously shows us her artistic expression of emotion. Here a thunderstorm, there a breathtaking sea of flowers. Here an earthquake, there a dolphin that playfully circles a boat.

This is expression. This is nature. We are nature.
That’s why we open a holy space for women.
A space for creativity that wants to be filled
with your art.
The art of the goddess in you!

Me for you. The Nature Spa.
Return into your body.
Here is your temple.

Close your eyes and feel healed, feel wild, feel free, feel beautiful! No conventions, no rigid images. You are a goddess, created from God. You are allowed to be. You are whole! You are heaven! You are earth! You are an angel and you are a devil – it doesn’t matter because you are FREE.

The Nature Spa opens up a new old world that allows us to feel secure. That is my greatest wish. That’s why I live spirituality because it leads us back to ourselves and opens up a different world. That’s why I love the Nature Spa because it connects the beauty of woman, the artist and the goddess with nature!

In healing love,

15 to 20 September 2012

Book your place: only 10 women can join us for this extraordinary experience in autumn. Until 30 June,
you can be an Early Bird.

The Nature Spa

Healing of the feminine soul in the hands of nature and creativity

for women by women

or book your place per mail moc.liamgnull@ereimul.al.eciffo


keep me updated about the nature spa



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Things are changing right now: I can feel the energies move. The feminine was absent for a long time. She is awakened now. With great speed, she rises up to the surface of the collective consciousnesses, eager and willing to co-create.

Feminine leadership can heal this world.
But carefully! Not without cooperating with the masculine. Not as opponents, whose task is to eliminate one another. The new era will be characterized by a balance of yin and yang. It’s the balance of Shiva and Shakti – Shiva is the creator and Shakti is the creation.

I am still convinced that women’s leadership without a profound spirituality of the empowered self is impossible. You see, feminine power in its source is not associated with human personalities or gender. It’s the primal energy of cosmic creation.

I have taken my 36 beginner steps towards true leadership in business, and I’d be honored to show you my path.

Avant-garde femininity, it’s our call!

36 steps

For the balance of the feminine.

  1. Believe. There is higher source guiding us in visible and invisible ways. Call it God, call it Universe or call it Goddess. The source is what we have in common. The source is within you and within me and within all of us. We all have an indigenous spiritual guidance.
  2. Dress up in Love.
  3. Stay rooted in heaven. Stay grounded on the earth. Knowing where we come from is our ultimate destination.
  4. Everything is alive. Do not allow things to veer into the abstract. We need to feel the sensuous texture of business and life. It has its own perfume, its own style, own mood, own light and sound and taste.
  5. Queens and Princesses of the heart: true leaders create leaders. As a leader you are one of a kind.
  6. Money is energetic flow. Money is not virtual; money is energy. Money is value creation. It is a masterful teacher in learning about the universal oneness of giving and taking.
  7. Handmade is soulful. What was crafted (and touched) by hand is luxury.
  8. Our leadership grants awakening to our tribe and associates. Follow your heart and guide others to do the same. Encourage, support, foster, stimulate, inspire, nurture, deliver and extract. Give it all. Be the grace. Sponsor.
  9. You give your business a name, but you do not own it. It belongs to a greater supreme ideal serving all, loving all.
  10. Prayer is our language. Prayer has a higher purpose: it’s our business evolution. We talk to each other in prayers.
  11. Success is the new enlightenment. Our spiritual path is embedded in living our dreams. Cause “Self-realization rocks.” Danielle LaPorte
  12. Flowers are feminine teachers in how to succeed: With innocence, seeding, growing, blossoming, harvesting, withdrawing, receiving, silence and vacancy. These are all threads weaving a fabric of enlightenment.
  13. Observe nature for help with making decisions.
  14. Seduce. Attract like honey.
  15. Community: Do it for yourself first. Then you can serve all around you.
  16. Mutually empower each other. We grant mutual permission to be who we are.
  17. Mission: We each have one one. Know and feel that others have their own.
  18. Heal what you want to rule. This is the calling of true leaders.
  19. Charm is a weapon. The real conversation is rooted in kindness, respect, love and tolerance. Overfill the world with joy. She will trade up.
  20. Create new space. Build space for new opportunities and workflow possibilities. Give space for each individual to earn his own life and human dignity. Create space for your dream project. The more creative spaces we grow, the more territory we have for change.
  21. Compassion in companionship. When our colleagues are lost in self-doubt, fear or speechlessness, we build support teams for them. We also build promotion teams to support them in times of strength.
  22. When you’ve tapped into the real essence of things, there is no competition.
  23. Acknowledge the strengths of each other. We are cheerleaders for each other. Know their strengths; feel their power in your bones.
  24. Mutually empower each other, rather than weakening each other. We grant mutual permission to be who we are.
  25. We bow to each other with one aim. We serve a higher source. And purpose. There we are one.
  26. Evolution is the aim of our business. For a better world. We innovate our industry, naturally.
  27. Our past is sacred. Our wounds are too.
  28. Synchronicity is the power tool.
  29. “Enough” is a magical mantra. You already have all you need, no more and no less. Start here. Be grateful and generous. The mantra of having enough will fill up the reserves of abundance.
  30. Find your Self in your center. The inner voice is eternal and wise. And the glow comes alive when we pray and love.
  31. Do not search. Trust you will find it.
  32. Christlove forever. Whenever one searches out the source of everything, she will find the inner Christ in the cosmos and in herself.
  33. Surf on the divine flow and on Universal timing. Everything you really need comes in its right time. Every question posed in the right time will provide healing, and every answer is delivered in its right time.
  34. We flow with each other. The river, knowing the sea, bows to embrace him. Each soul has a unique rhythm. Open up to study the rhythm of others; their soul’s song. Each one is meant to sing in the divine orchestra.
  35. Cooperation: it’s neither domination nor submission. Trust that others are flowing with you. When she/he procrastinates, know the time is not ripe. Remember to hold steady: those who are overpowered by others can never find their own work flow.
  36. Knowing our roots. Never deny were you come from. Grounded in our own mother culture we tolerate the differences of others. Your mother tongue and freedom are your birthright.

As a prayer is continued,
the Gospel will be continued too…

In wild Love



How to turn your deepest fear into lightness

In your most persistently fearful weakness lies your greatest potential, teaches The Path into Light, an amazing transformational seminar by Agni Eickermann that I also teach from time to time. The teachings say: Your signature strength is where you are chronically burnt.

I will let you in on a spiritual secret. You do not actually fear what you think you fear. You actually fear your own power. The illusion can be tricky and create a lot of drama, but let’s straight go back to the teachings for clarity.

Your negativity is the key to your potential
to motivate others in your field.
Your fear is the key to your potential
to show up and confidently shine.
Your being burnt is the key to your potential
to rise again.
Your dark power is the key to your potential
to lead with love and wisdom.
Your failures are the key to future wins.
Your introversion is the key to becoming a leader
for change.
Your broken heart is the key to your potential to unite.

The secret of winners is simple. They have the courage to go there – even into the dark places and weak spots. They find courage to set up powerful, bright lights that illuminate weakness, escape dead-ends, transform refusal into action. Winners also usually have a strong orange chakra that leads them where they need to go.

The bigger the barrier, the bigger the incentive to shy away from our light and our universal power to create and shine. But the power of light is a muscle that grows stronger with training. The Path into Light says: Resistance encourages growth.

I just did it one day ago. My frustration grew large and looming again, having swooped over my inner lands of my soul. Admittedly, I still hide my spirituality when I’m in intimidatingly-cool, mesmerizing business districts. Then I remembered the secret of the winners’ 2nd chakra, the navel chakra I taught for many years in The Path into Light. I wanted this groovy feeling of powerful, juicy orange light. I wanted to get back to my core!

I blasted my orange light chakra through the velvet and went forward. I landed on Marie Forleo’s very cool B-School Facebook page and said publically, finally, simply:

“Hi. I want to be a bridge between spirituality
and business.”

You want to know what happened?

The universe immediately answers our clear choices. Go to my last blog post and read the first comment. It was there 1 minute after my decision was made. See, clearing the inner space is the platform to begin your manifestation, and then the people who will help you to shine can find you. The method is simple: Boost your light!

Here is the meditation that helped me to shift my frustration into action. It’s my gift to you.

Now close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Join me in my encourage-ing mediation.

Audio meditation
navel chakra meditation

Script: Download the script here.

(By the way you just listened to my encourage-ing coming-out of my language barrier.)

The navel chakra:

(Just in case you need to know)
Location: Your second chakra is located three finger-widths
below your belly button.
Color: Orange
Qualities: Power, courage, movement.
Physical and mental strength, optimism, joy of living, inspiration, creative power, integrations of information, centering, inner tranquility, regeneration, power to show up, social competence. Here you connect to flow within the energetic ethers of the world.

If you enjoyed this encourage-ing meditation please leave your comment below and share what bravery you just put into action or soon will.

• What is the first small step you will take?
• In what way will you transform refusal into action?
• What joyful and powerful new reality will you create with your next steps?

Support for your soulful ambition is on its way!