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The feminine leader initiated

#Soulgathering is a new concept designed to bring us together in open fields of inspiration to co-create the future. Each #Soulgathering has a topic and destination. This time we played around with new feminine leadership and cruised our souls into creativity and spicy conversations.

“Leadership is neither female nor male. It is the ability and capacity to lead your team or tribe to the vortex of their lives where they experience their own inner leadership and align heaven and earth.”

Shakti inspiration

Shakti is the soul; Shakti is life.
Each day was dedicated to an aspect of Shakti, the divine feminine. Oils handmade by Durga opened channels in our bodies. The field of the goddess Shakti opened to guide us for one whole day in our experience and inner teachings.

Ritual for Durga: Invite the feeling of irresistible empowerment into your life

Ritual for Kali: Invite the rich freedom of patterns into your life

Ritual for Lakshmi: Invite the rich feeling of abundance into your life

Creative inspiration

Art for our inner landscapes. Womanhood intentions. We weave, we sew, we knit, we color our future.

Food inspiration

Women dive into landscapes of their leadership and chill out in creative storms. Meanwhile our star chef Michael Spiridon was the emperor of the kitchen and pampered us with healthy, nourishing, divine food.

Beauty inspiration

Inside and outside, 100% organic: pampering cosmetics and powerful anti-aging vibrations.

#soultalk inspiration

Fierceness, leadership, one’s path, visions, craziness, silence, the creative force and our part in all of it.

erin-gilesErin Giles
“You will be known for your compassion for this world.”

ann-mollerAnn Moller
Magic happened. She made the creative process real.

“Silence is where real leadership begins…”

#naturespa inspiration

The enchanted land. The healing of our souls.

Dining under the stars inspiration


#holygrailvortex inspiration

We experience wholeness and love.

Thank you to all the souls who made this possible.
We have planted a seed.
We will grow an empire.



Redefine your feminine leadership.

12 SPOTS. 5 DAYS. 

Universes of possibility.


in La Lumière, South France

Your time has come to rise
as a feminine leader.

From June 7th to 11th we are gathering an exclusive group of visionary women to open a sacred symposium of new feminine power. Together we articulate and co-create feminine leadership. We seed our own permaculture to synergize money and real embodied spiritualty.

Are you a leader with a new idea, a souldream, a mother, a boss, an entrepreneur, female, male or divine? We need you.

my INVITATION is for you.

: Get initiated into Shakti powers of this Universe and learn how to bring them into your leadership: Durga, Lakshmi, Kali in rituals for daily life.

: Tell us about your life dream and present your visionary work.
Meet other visionary leaders.

: Receive inspiration for your personal wholeness and wellness in the 100% organic Nature Spa and cooking classes. We care for you, lavishly.

: We will reframe patterns of leadership in sacred conversations.

I will guide you through these days. I offer my sacred communication to the world of spirits to ferry answers about new patterns of time and soul presence.

We begin our experience together online, when you will receive a sacred journey workbook and it will continue 14 days after you leave to integrate your new leadership into your life.

This program is yours.

The cost: 3000 Euros
For more information please click here.

Bring your best friend

We think BFF-ship is divine. We invite you to dive into feminine leadership with her by your side. You know who we mean: she who is there when you cry, when you are lost and when you triumph. We believe women friends must raise each other up, and in honor of that we offer a twin set.

4.500 Euro for both of you. That’s 2250 Euro apiece, a 750 Euro discount.

This offer is open through May 1st.

Read here about the creative, the inspirational, and the sensual experience that’s waiting for you.

To sweeten the pot, I will offer you personalized spiritual readings that inform your leadership style and awareness. (All readings are completely optional, only if you wish.)

I’m offering a reading to identify and describe…

Who are your power animals?
: For your leadership
: For your wisdom
: For your feminine power

Which 3 past incarnations most influence your leadership today?

What Goddess accompanies you in your current life situation? How can you contact her more deeply to lead?

The feminine leader initiated:
timely and crucial.

We must do better. Our world is masculine-dominated in terms of money, leadership, the steep gaps between rich and poor, between the sustainable and destructive. No longer can we rely on safety nets to catch us. The crisis of the world is everywhere, but it opens fields of possibilities.

What is the missing link to turn this world around?

The feminine voice of leadership. She has not yet evolved in her power to create change. That’s where we come in, together.

What can you expect?

This is where spiritual leaders and business mavens gather to give birth to new visions of feminine leadership. We ignite a sacred communication about nurturing the baby roots of empowerment. Together. We want to spark impactful change, not by fighting the status quo but by building parallel worlds.

You want to reconnect with yourself and the right people?
You want more spirituality and creativity for your soul?

: Is it mine?
: Is it my time?

Yes. We are so looking forward to seeing you.

For more information and for booking your place please click here.




The Best of
the first #Soulgathering at La Lumière

Let me share with you:
We launched the premiere event of Durga’s Soul Series. (More will be coming.)

The Soul Series signature:
It’s all about people.

The sacred landscape of South France is an active participant in the event.
The light of the land inspires higher visions.
The magic of La Lumière makes it happen.

The script for a Soul Series event is written by the soul:
what’s unspoken and spontaneous leads us to the next thing.
Normally we move faster, with no time to digest, holding onto the march of time.

But realize how quiet it gets in a moment.
In the silence, we create the connection to wholeness.

During conversation from my sacred heart to your scared heart creation takes curious shapes. We go back to the core and weave again. We come from different directions.

: dramatic pauses
: intention stories about our sacred pilgrimage to life
: remembering that it all exists between the lines

This is a world where anything can happen.
We trust that miracles are natural.

It all started with a few brave ideas.

Small gatherings are powerful.
We need to inspire a new Future with what we do.
We need to make it real.
I want to collect Visionaries at my table and mutually, permanently change one another.

Each Soulgathering will consider a piece of life that is organic, sustainable and futuristic.

For example,
this time we inspired and were inspired by:

An organic vegetarian celebrity food chef.
The organic food movement has always been an inspiration to me, and also how to support its emergence as a lifestyle with staying power.

We talked about
: Organic food as a healer for our environment
: Seasonal food as a healer for our bodies
: Organic local farming as a future solution
: Light food as a super food

Why organic?
When we buy organic food we stimulate the market for its demand.
You see, we have the power to change the market.
And in so doing we support mother earth and the devas.

A view on Zeitgeist. Future trends.
We inspire the Future.

Epic Gratitude

This is my belief in the future and in communion. We had a great time, and there are more to come. You must join us next time.

Reserve the dates:
June 7 – 11, 2014
September 6 – 10, 2014


100 % Organic and mmmmm


Star Chef Recipes : Michael Spiridon


Nature Spa


All recipes are collected. We are cooking a cookbook.
Coming soon. Stay tuned.



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A small gathering for celebrities from heaven

starts at La Lumière
September 15th

A new way to live the ashram lifestyle of heaven on earth in South France.

We need to inspire our future. We raise new vocations and unite spirituality and the mundane life. So we come together to inspire small revolutions.

The Soul Series is a creative workshop, wellness retreat and salon at La Lumiére. It offers you 5 days of inspiration, cooking classes with the Michelin star chef Michael Spiridon, our one-of-a-kind Nature Spa, shared meditation and soul art. The Soul Series is 4 evenings of outdoor dining with sparkling conversations, led by Sophia-Shomani Elmlinger about “living food” and a “Your Future Book Salon” with Durga.

The air above La Lumiére tingles like Champagne.

A firework of senses will shower the South of France like glittering rain. September 15 – 19

the package:
cooking + nature spa + inspiration

: you will be seduced

by Michael Spiridon and his 3-star gourmet universe.
An internationally-renowned chef, Michael combines raw food and the 5 elements in a vegetarian food explosion. Your senses will be enthralled by his sophisticated recipes, healthy and so yummy. Back home you will remember your new love with easy menus for the season.

: you will be pampered

body and soul by our Nature Spa Team. Dive into the calmness of the Mother and recharge in nature’s wildness. Your cells will tank up power and stillness.

: you will be bewitched

by Aliana Devi and Durga and our Art temple. We dive into a sea of soul art creation. Your body becomes part of an art work and we unite body and soul.

: you will be mind-washed

by our inspirational, world-changing ideas. Three 15-minute evening terrace talks followed by inspirational conversations over dinner. Topics include “living food and beauty,” “pioneering local organic farming” and “living your vocational dream from heaven.”

about your hosts at The Soul Series ::


I have a fire under my bud. I cannot stop finding ways to revolutionize spirituality, clear off dusty layers and fall deeper in love with world changers, revolutionaries, earth savers, tree huggers, idealists, dreamers, thinkers, leaders with vision, nonconformists, artists, stargazers, trailblazers, fire spitters, Masters, Gurus and all who see things differently. I am the Lady of the salon and creator of The Soul Series with celebrities from heaven and world domination festishists. Be my guest and inspire the world.


A taste of classical French and Italian cooking.
: He cooked at Roxanne’s Restaurant in San Francisco.

: After Roxanne’s he joined Lydia’s Organics, a small vegetarian restaurant that later became the premier vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco.

: He is a passionate advocate of 100% local and organic. We stimulated growth for organic farmers and growers and we love him for his pioneer ambitions.

“I believe that a good cooking class should cover a basic understanding of raw food and some basic recipes that one has to know, but also to combine this with cooked foods, because some flavours cannot be created with only raw preparation, and some more elegant textures and experiences cannot be obtained without heat or grill. The same way goes for raw preparation; some elegant and vibrant flavours can only come from a raw preparation, so to combine and to share what to focus on in the kitchen is something I feel I want to be apart of, both in a cooking class and in a cookbook.”

about your days at The Soul Series ::

We’ll start each morning collecting herbs for green smoothies with a light breakfast outside, then you will enjoy the Nature Spa until noon. You’ll break to cook with Michael for a healthy lunch, then dive back into the the Art Temple and Nature Spa until 5pm. Each night will feature the evening’s Special Guest for a night of fine dining and conversation. All 100% organic: the food and the nature spa treats.

The registration deadline is August 30, 2013.

The cost per gathering is EUR 1,450.
All meals are included.
If you have questions or want to register, please contact us:

Your Soul-Gathering package EUR 1,450

: 5 Cooking classes with Michael
Nature Spa:
: 2 Massages (Facial and Bamboo)
: 1 Clay enveloping
: 4 herbal foot baths
: 4 morning yoga sessions
Art Temple:
: Body Mapping
: Soul art
4 Soul Gathering Salons:
: Dinner with a heavenly creative boost, laughter and serious world changing ideas.

Your Soul-Gathering Concierge package is EUR 2,200

: 5 Cooking classes with Michael
Nature Spa:
: 2 Massages (Facial and Bamboo)
: 1 Clay enveloping
: 4 herbal foot baths
: 4 morning yoga sessions
Art Temple:
: Body Mapping
: Soul art
4 Soul Gathering Salons:
: Dinner with a heavenly creative boost, laughter and serious world changing ideas.
Hotel accommodations
: We book your room at our chosen location and will mail you details.
: Airport-Transfer
: Transfer from Hotel & La Lumière

Click here to have a walk in the Nature Spa

Click here to have a walk in La Lumiere

We welcome you.



100 % organic. For body, mind and soul.

I am so proud of me and us and what we created in short time,” said Shomani. All the guests have left and the air breathes still ecstatic. JAY. We needed this. Women! We still do.

We know that this would not be possible without women entrusting us with their body, mind and souls.

And The Nature Spa team rocked it. We surprised ourselves. Super-happy women gave us rave reviews, exceeding all expectations.

Wonderful women.

We bow to you. You were our gift at The Nature Spa. Together you will spread the magic we created. Your raves and suggestions are medicine for us and will allow The Nature Spa to bloom again.

We re-invented it all anew.

A spa in nature. No walls. A new atmospheric concept articulated by Aliana Devi. A new vision of living food seasoned with erotic taste explosions crafted by our brand-new seasonal team member Eleonore and Ranasa. A spa program composed of the alchemy of nature, earth, herbs, all handmade by Shomani and Parasi. And “the” secret facial anti-age treatment made by Durga. A magic ambience of light courtesy of La Lumière.

100% organic: the food, the cosmetics, the garden in South France. For the sake of Mother Earth.

A circle of mavens. Women healing women.

And me: An artist amid the fantasy of women’s sensual soul gardens.

My vision is born and was wildly expressed by my power team. It is the story of a lost tribe. We have learned so much in these days about how we can create from heaven down to earth. We fight to stay tuned to the source and our inner leadership. We bring new ideas to grow into greatness. We express ourselves in what we do. We stay tightly bound to truth even when it hurts. But we remember that we are all humans, and at the end of the day all emotional bursts are forgiven.

We have given birth.
Drops of decency dry on us like gentle rain and inform the way we hold space together. Overpowering others is out. Leadership and responsibility is our state of grace. Do it the way you would do it for yourself; give it all. We are heavenly exhausted. Our heart is so full of primal love.

Love declarations. Mmm.

First glimpses.
The magic lives.
You have to come.

Activating morning drinks a la Elenore.

Kjersti Borud: There is no place in the world I would rather be right now than here in The Nature Spa.

Soul garden awakening.

Dorothee Wetzel: Azure skies, sun-drenched crown of tress, joyful birds twittering and among brilliant white tents, a grandiose lounge landscape and cozy hammocks. Just the setting is a dream. Plus a variety of excellent treatments, the phenomenal food and the enriching conversations. The Nature Spa surpassed all my expectations! Thank you so much for all this!
Photography Freiburg

Nomadic luxe

Nina Dreyer Hensley: I had 3 amazing, fantastic days at The Nature Spa. Being in this beautiful nature and garden gave me so much energy, inspiration and magic moments – being grounded to nature, together with 10 other women felt like being “home,” it was so relaxing and a natural setting, a place to totally be me.

Womanhood and Feminine community

Regina Antje Haagen: A new light. Natural. Paradise. Alive. Filled with a majestic pamper program composed specially for my needs.

“This is food orgasm. I know how to make it. ” – the gorgeous Eleonore, The Nature Spa’s chef fairy. (It’s true. She knows how to make it.)

Nina Dreyer Hensley: I loved the great chef, she put so much love into the food, and I loved the way she presented the food.

Ulrike Müller: All combinations divine. Excellent!

Dorothee Wetzel: I loved absolutely everything about the food. No exception.

Wildness in vastness

Nina Dreyer Hensley:
How do you feel at La Lumiere? The third day I felt so “at home.” I felt I belong to the community.


Parvari Stoll: An exhausted star needed deep recreation. Under the magic hands of Aliana Devi and The Nature Spa team I was allowed to recollect power, love and energy to shine again. A wonderful experience underneath trees, I immersed into mother earth. The wild Durga live and all this made this Spa unique worldwide. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Nina Dreyer Hensley:
Body massage: 10 points. The best 10 of 10 massage and consultants I ever had.
Anti-Age facial: Fantastic. Very pleasant, healing and effectual. Best facial for me, ever.

Kjersti Borud:
Body massage: Just fantastic in every way. Best ever.
Anti-Age facial: 10/10! wow!

Creative temple; the sacred heart circle

Kjersti Borud: I really enjoyed this. Everything well prepared and made possible to dive into it even for a non-artist. I enjoyed it and it is beauty.

Nina Dreyer Hensley:
Women’s temple: I liked the ritual. Gave me ideas for how to canalize anger.

Garden of paradise forecast:
For next year.

For women
September 15 – 19

For men
September 22 – 26

Do not miss this. It’s beyond.

Sign up here for news and updates on the next season of The Nature Spa.

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Let us introduce ourselves.

Aliana Devi’s Vision:
The art of soul healing

: Currently Aliana Devi Schafferer lives in Brixen, Italy and is in the process of starting a new life in Vienna. She is mother to a wonderful daughter and, together with her soul mate, she has an eventful life. She is architect, Feng Shui consultant, decorates spaces with colours and ignites creative processes with passionate support.

Childhood memories

Fragrant flowers, the first touch of the grass with naked feet, the smell of warm earth, wild and gentle bird song, humming bees, playing children, bustling gardeners, soughing trees, rain after a warm summer’s day, a light evening breeze, the delicate scent of elderflowers when it tickles one’s nose for the first time…

Isn’t it wonderful, this conscious perception of the awakening and powerfully growing world of nature? Creator and creation in full expression.

Every year memories of one’s own childhood rise with the scent, which might carry one into a beautiful garden where one felt comfortable and was one with nature. Where one played, created phantasy worlds and gave oneself fully to Mother Nature.

Our creativity didn’t know boundaries in those free spaces, and even indoors did we, as children, create small, individual oases of comfort and spaces of security. This is the art of expressing one’s soul.

Due to these experiences I developed a passion for spaces and my desire to become an architect. After years of studying, professional experience and development that were quite male oriented and focused on the spaces outside of oneself, I gave birth to my daughter and found back to my original passion and quality: to create space on this in- and outside and fill them with love.

My Passion

After many years of Feng Shui training and consulting I understood the interconnection between human and nature, the elements, the nature beings, the planets and the whole universe. It became clearer and clearer that we are all part of this divine cycle. The beauty of nature shows us the perfection of this earth and it shows us our own perfection. The “I am perfect! I AM.

Feel the rhythm of the Earth, the original sound of the trees, the flowers, stones, fairies, dwarfs, feel the elements. Feel your own rhythm and find the beat in which you flow as part of the whole and pulse with ease. Feel the connection between body, mind and soul and express it individually. Nature is our best teacher when expressing our inner self artistically.

Nature is art in completion!

I support people in the process of creatively expressing their most inner space and I do this with great passion and a lot of love. I delight in creating mood boards to convey a feeling for the spaces that are about to develop. Personal mood boards are created by visiting the hidden spaces of your soul through my loving guidance. These collages, images, drafts will open up new pathways. The artist is in you! The creative process frees from redundant soul burdens, your own potential has room to unfold. Just as we cleanse our temple, our apartment, our house, so can we experience inner cleansing in the Nature Spa. We purify, honour and care for our body, our own, holy temple and our soul!

Do you love, like me, …
the art of nature, her wholeness and beauty and digging through earth with your hands?
massages and expressing your body and soul?
to eat with body and soul and passionate creativity?

Then you are one of us – I’m looking forward to meeting you!

In creative love,
Aliana Devi

15 to 20 September 2012

Book your place: only 10 women can join us for this extraordinary experience in autumn.

The Nature Spa

Healing of the feminine soul in the hands of nature and creativity

for women by women

or book your place per mail


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Let us introduce ourselves.

Shomani’s Vision: Body Healing Arts

Shomani Elimger lives and works in Freiburg. She is the mother of 3 wonderful children and a holistic clinic. She loves the life of a wisdom loving shaman, enchanted herb witch, truth warrior and meditating Buddha being when the children cause havoc.

My life in the world of herbs

Herbs and healing plants exist quite unremarkably by the wayside. Silent. Embedded in nature. You recognise them only when you sink into a different world. A world of concentration, silence, listening to nature. Suddenly you see them and they talk to you.

Being seen

For 5 years we lived next to a small plum tree that kept its fruits to itself. One day I walked through the grass, looked inward and examined the tree closer: “What a beautiful tree you are” and I smiled at it. A gentle breath of wind caressed us. Suddenly I saw a violet shimmer under the leaves. I came closer and saw that the tree carried beautiful, ripe fruit. My little son and me were allowed to harvest them. They were given to us in love. They were the best plums we have ever eaten.

I spoke with the neighbours who had lived there for 20 years. No one ever saw the fruit and so they fell to the ground year after year. In silence, in contact with the small tree, it showed itself with its nourishing, healing power. That was a big lesson for me.

When we lovingly turn towards the secret world, new unexpected gates open up leading to a world of love, of pleasure and healing. A mythical world with dwarfs, fairies and water beings that protect the plants.

Nature and me

These days it is my greatest pleasure to dive into these worlds and create delicious wild herb menus, bath salts, lotions and healing oils. One day I chat to a water nymph, the other a dwarf chases me away. All in unity with nature. We want to return to nature and feel this world, as archaic as it might be, with all our senses.

Another aspect of nature, which we incorporate in the Nature Spa, is the power to express your being. When I walk through the forest, I continue to be surprised by how artistic nature really is. Dew drops on the flower of a nestle, leaves in the wind. Branches that look they were painted.

There I sit in a clearing. Around me bright green fern. I lie down and above me the beech leaves dance in the sun light. I breathe in deeply and feel embraced by the beauty and art of creation. Art is part of creation, nature continues to show us.

It is indispensable that you express your being. We want to give space to our soul. We don’t feel comfortable when we are viewed as functional only. We want to be seen in our beauty. In our creative being as goddesses.

Body healing arts connects our soul with the expression in the outside world. We paint something in connection with our soul power and living art is created that expresses our inner self. This is wonderful. Nothing has to be hidden in dark corners. There is nothing that cannot find expression. Love or anger or joy or frustration. Through art, we discharge emotions. We heal ourselves by allowing everything that cannot be expressed through language a way out in other ways. This is deep healing. Like in nature. Nature heals itself, every day. Mother Earth continuously shows us her artistic expression of emotion. Here a thunderstorm, there a breathtaking sea of flowers. Here an earthquake, there a dolphin that playfully circles a boat.

This is expression. This is nature. We are nature.
That’s why we open a holy space for women.
A space for creativity that wants to be filled
with your art.
The art of the goddess in you!

Me for you. The Nature Spa.
Return into your body.
Here is your temple.

Close your eyes and feel healed, feel wild, feel free, feel beautiful! No conventions, no rigid images. You are a goddess, created from God. You are allowed to be. You are whole! You are heaven! You are earth! You are an angel and you are a devil – it doesn’t matter because you are FREE.

The Nature Spa opens up a new old world that allows us to feel secure. That is my greatest wish. That’s why I live spirituality because it leads us back to ourselves and opens up a different world. That’s why I love the Nature Spa because it connects the beauty of woman, the artist and the goddess with nature!

In healing love,

15 to 20 September 2012

Book your place: only 10 women can join us for this extraordinary experience in autumn. Until 30 June,
you can be an Early Bird.

The Nature Spa

Healing of the feminine soul in the hands of nature and creativity

for women by women

or book your place per mail


keep me updated about the nature spa



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