February, 2014 | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser
February, 2014


Increase a thousand-fold
the joy of working together.

Embracing the goal of happily working together
is the ultimate perfection. The future lies in compassion-fueled cooperation, époque shifts and co-creation.

The era of togetherness is a promising bud of talent for a new world. twitter

And look, teamwork is more fun.

“The happiness issue” is definitely a sensitive subject. But where and when you haven’t reached the ultimate level of happiness in teaming up together, you better start taking action to uplift hearts. We cannot afford to create another generation of unhappy young professionals.

This is the greenhouse for assured happy creation.
For me the magic happens when generation Y meets generation A.

Generation A
The archetypes.
The first-born. The original. The first creation.
Those are called the old Gods. They were there from the beginning and have imprinted powerful codes of feminine and masculine creation power in all worlds.


The story of how my personal assistant Angel (of Generation Y)
improved our time management and co-work 1000%

Look for wisdom in the place that sucks the most. twitter

What to do when generations clash?

This is it: Notice.
Crisis is the best starting ramp.

La Lumiére life:

We were sure. There were to be no more team meetings on Monday mornings.

My assistant and I both ionized a perfect avoidance strategy, but we had to admit that the ritual of Monday morning meetings sucked. Vastly. We prayed to our gods. We had done our “what we are grateful for, blah blah blah” routines, and it still sucked. The moment we sat down to start our weekly team meeting to coordinate our work, the energy was unbearable. The body knew: Please, I want to get out of this.

I tried everything I could try.
I invented better plans, basic affirmation recipes to improve our teamwork and create more happiness.

Now I must admit I am a high-quality fetishist. I give my best, always. We do it great or not at all. Mediocrity sucks.

And I love the tension of the gap between where we are and where we want to be. It creates high-voltage energy for change. But we were deepening the differences between how I flow with greatness and how my team flows with greatness.

The last trick in my hat was to turn to Plan B.

My Plan B:

(Full disclosure: this must have been a channeled and highly-divine intervention that was tired of my Self.)

After years of managing the improvement of it all, I gave up and said:

Ok Parasi, now you work it out. You have 2 days to find a better solution for timing, meetings, and information transfer between us.”

: How we can have so much fun in meetings that it blows our mind?
: How can we have a flow that nourishes self-contained joy?
: How can we build a bridge of transparency between two brains stitched and woven by different kinds of genius?

Here’s what she came up with and what we still do.

: We have a walk in nature for team meetings.
: We have times of uninterrupted work, wherein each of us is responsible for our work.
: Each of us determines her own work flow.
: We have designated ending points of when we want to get our work out to the world.

We still work and improve.
I learn about teaming and togetherness every day.
I want to socialize in my work and business.
For me there are many happy, cozy moments.

And each next time I crash into things that suck?
I honor the wisdom of my team.

I just say to the troublemaker: “Ok, find a new idea and propose a solution.”
The cause of the cause is the solution.
For me and for them.

We want to give birth to a new society. We do it for a generation’s worth of happiness. So we are in charge of making a daily sweep to turn old patterns into new creation.


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Where presence attracts,
That belongs to you.

I share my story
May it guide you to the place on earth
Where you shiver and your tears write:
“I never believed this would come true again.”

When you feel your life, you know things.
But you do not know exactly when they will happen.

When I first touched the earth of New Mexico four years ago my feet opened and channeled my soul into the earth. I poured my red light into her and connected with the fire in the center of the earth, streaming my warm blood through the genes of her body. Her fire kindles my roots and I am trusting, safe and at home in her body.

I felt healthy earth for the first time in my life.
Bow to the sacred indigenous that kept the ritual of healing.

The story

Agni and I took road trips to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah for years. The loose idea to buy land was always bearing on our mind. We drove from Santa Fe to Taos, from Albuquerque to Sedona shrugging our shoulders: No land felt like ours.

: 2014 January 24

I stand in a house for sale 15 minutes from Santa Fe, my head spinning in spaciousness of the future and I hear myself: “This place called us to come. This house wants us.” This house felt like my heart.

Two hours later I find Agni and myself on a ranch 35 minutes from Santa Fe with our brokers. “Can we have both?” I whisper in a trance. Agni walks up a little hill, and I recognize the power place of the ancestors blinking for us to come. I am on sacred land. All golden. I have come home to the vortex of my life. I am centered in my light. I am changed forever.

The land talks.
The ancestors spirit-dance and take me to an old time where they left sacred codes before leaving.

And from the hill came a voice:
“This is your land,” the earth spoke to Agni.
So he bought it.
The sacred land of the former Tano tribe, now the new beginning.

The events started weeks before.
When you come closer to the vortex of your life things align.

On Facebook, my favorite synchronicity source wherein I find everything that wants to find me, I see a post about an intricately carved cathedral cave near Santa Fe for sale. I forward it to Agni with a note: “Nice property. What about that one?”

What a beauty.

He responds with a note about another house for sale on the same website. My heart grasps the house in its imagination and pushed my head aside: “This is our house.” We recognized each other.

Some days later Agni sends me a photo of Amber, a broker: “This is our broker.” I know. Before we had even met her.

We had already planned our road trip the month before.
With no idea we had booked a new life.

We ask ourselves, what if we buy?
We answer: Then we will see.

Flash forward.

For three days after we find our home, I keep my secret.
Then a small note explodes on my Facebook timeline.

When you are centered in the vortex of your life people know it.
What belongs to you searches you out.

The new land

Santa Fe has opened my vision. It is my vision of a future society made of many tribes of different religions and beliefs that find co-existence and co-operation. It lives here already, busily bringing irreconcilables in life into a space where they all can exist in peace.

Sikhs, Buddhists, New Age prophets, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Yoginis, Muslims all in a test tube in the clouds.

We start from Zero.
My life will bind South France and New Mexico.
Both vibrant red rocks older than the Himalayas.
We bring new air.

The day before I leave my first second-homeland encounter, my new friend Navjit Kandola says:
“Here you can be Durga.”


Born on sacred land in Santa Fe, NM on a sunny day:
Agni´s Shiva-Shakti Center.

A new lifetime experience awaits us.
January 26th 2014 04.00 a.m.


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The Beta testing stories proofread by my life.

: 20 years ago

My friend Gangaji and I were early fans of Indian Bhajans and Kirtans. Imported from trips to India we were convinced of the recharging energy of singing Sanscrit. (Today everyone knows Satyaa and Pari, and Krishna Das was nominated for the Grammy.) We started a Bhajan group, and when nobody else showed up we began in my living room, just the two of us for two years with endless passionate devotion.

4 years later people were lining up to join the now-official Bhajan singing group in my center once a week. It’s filled with a hundred passionate chanters.

: 16 years ago

I am a fresh baked Alpha Chi Feng Shui Consultant. I want to sell my passion. I organize talks everywhere possibility shows up. One night I arrive for my talk in a spiritual bookshop, and I wait. Not one soul shows up. Eventually the owner leaves, pointing at the computer guy solving a problem in the back office: “He will lock the door after you.”

I sat for a bit reading, just in case anyone showed up late.

“So what do you talk about?” the computer first aid guy asked me.

“I talk about Feng Shui.”
“So give the talk for me.”

One day later I had a big Feng Shui contract with a head Microsoft Manager in Germany. It turns out the computer guy helped out his friend. He later fills my seminars with many people. My firestart for a very successful business had started.

Do it for one soul.
Change one life at a time.
Give it all.


: one week ago

We launched our #SOULGATHERING. That’s not really true. We launched last September without making a big racket.

A new movement starts now.
Get ready to claim your place in it.

I believe we must gather for small revolutions to change the world. We inspire grassroots movements and create hot networks.

I invite you to a life-changing experience with Ann Moller, Erin Giles, Celyne Lila Nicholson, Sun Ya Fischer, Michael Spiridon, Aliana Devi Schafferer, Parasi Wirbeleit et moi.

We started with one soul.

I bow to my Beta Test Driver and now dear friend Kelly Lynn Anderson.

I was blessed to do an exquisite wellness retreat in South France at La Lumiere recently, when I first saw the invitation I thought, this looks so amazing and as it turned out it was even more beautiful that I had hoped. It was a life changing event for me and now a few months later the sprouts we began together are ripening into a wonderful new creative time in my life. I especially loved doing puja and meditation with the group twice daily, the synergy helped me to easily drop into my happy relaxed self. The food was exceptional, in many ways the finest meals I’ve ever had. Helping with the preparation was a highlight, cooking lessons with Michael were delightful and informative. I fell in love with the whole team, they gave so much love, wonderful sincere conversation and great spa treatments outside in the Nature Spa with all organic magic earth infused goodness. The best part was all the laughter that only stopped to have a deep discussion or some sacred tears, it was an absolutely delightful journey, I so look forward to coming again.” Kelly Lynn Anderson, CA

I am so looking forward to meeting you.

Wild love


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We need a new understanding of time and space. Witness personal and collective burnouts, banking crashes, atomic pollution, and environmental imbalance. To turn the ship around, we need to be willing to bravely rebind ourselves to the rhythm of creation. When we realize we are the evolution, we start with our small universe to belly-breathe with the infinite universe.

6 steps to create like
the gods and goddesses

Synchronize your creation with the big creation. Rock your dreams.

We expand constantly. Knowingly or unknowingly, our cells vibrate with the universe and with God. When we remember this truth, we will know what we want to create consciously.

Our time beats loudly.

Once there was silence. One source. OM.

Step one: Innovation

The truly NEW comes from the core of the cosmos. There the inspiration of the divine is born; they have been there since the beginning. Inspiration is ripe to be picked when we are ready.

You are looking for Innovation?

: Slow down. Decelerate your life for a while, until silence surrounds you. Then connect to the core of the cosmos. Feel the silent fire of creation. The best ideas come from God. The new cycles are open. We are in the middle of the new.

Step two: Dynamic cycles

Our role models are the stars. Stars are dynamic beings: they are born, they evolve, they die. Stars explode out of clouds of material under immense pressure like a firework and they collapse with dramatic energy. Their dynamic is our inspiration.

You want to be a creative rock star?

: What star-cycle are you in right now?

Giving birth: What wants to be born? What wants to expand? Hold the pressure.

Evolve: Care, nurture, improve, love, trust, believe, flow, build the bliss of each moment.

The climax of fulfillment: the beautiful end
And collect.
Ask yourself what in your life and business has given itself up to serve and is now completed. Like a star sinks her nuclear power into the invisible when she shines the brightest. She knows when to prepare to be reborn.

What in your life has exhausted its fuel? What has no fire anymore, and wants to be released? What do you try to artificially keep alive in your work life, your relationships, your memories, your productions, your livelihood, your home?

Step three: The cosmic rhythm

The cosmos maintain herself with elegant balance. When she grows just slightly too quickly, just a calculation away, she can explode with vast destruction. When she grows too slowly, she runs a risk of imploding.

You want to swing with the song of Shiva Shakti?

: Feel the pulse of the heart of the creation, God’s heart. Feel the rhythm. OM. Recognize the source, the sacred dance. Artificial speed is destruction; deliberate hesitation means collapse.

Recognize the rhythm of your soulplan’s blooming and the soulplan of each project you create. The sacred heart will always offer you recognition of the right moments to bring our life and structures forward.

Remember how you were created: therein lies your creation rhythm.

Step four: Infinite expansion

The law ruling this universe, the one that lives in all her interactions, is freedom.
The freedom of accidents and coincidences. The cosmos creates with childish playfulness and savors the freedom of possibilities. Yet it all still makes sense. The greatness of a star lies in his destiny. The planets need coherence and the elegant beauty of complexity. The universe lets herself be surprised by evolution and never loses her divine law.

You want to shy away from your light?

: Our duty is to give meaning to life. Life comes into existence when we tune into evolution. Turn the radio on. Listen. Create. Develop. Reinvent yourself at each new level of your evolution. Dive into the nakedness of being and be willing to rebirth yourself forever.

Who is your spiritual family?
What qualities and characteristics describe the stardust you derive from?
Dive into it and describe it. Bring them down to the earth. Your resurrection awaits you on a daily basis.

Step five: Destruction

The meaning of death is woven into the heart of the universe. We have to revive a new meaning of transformation.

You want to create?

: Ask yourself, “What do I have to destroy?” Go deeper and dare.
Recognize yourself as co-creator and ask, “What has to die to give birth to the new?”

Innovation grows at the edges.
Chaos is the beginning.
You own the power of change.

Step six: Vision

We witness an era of endings as the familiar vanishes in front of our eyes. A new creation is rearing up in front of us. Many people are clueless in the light of the groundless. Our resources are exhausted.

Want to gain new energy?

: You play an essential role in the history of this universe and this earth.
They do not teach the universe in universities. You are entitled to own your sacred space.

In the times of new beginning, chaos reigns and many things run together.

It all begins with a vision.

The universe was born as one.
We began this journey with a dream.

What is your vision for the new Age?
What is your place in the new Age?

The one only you can be.


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