What others say about La Lumière:
We love you…

“La Lumière is a paradise on Earth! A divine place full of inspiration and love. And Durga with her love & power is touching your own spirit & soul on all levels. I love to be there! And being touched by discovering my true Self in such a wonderful sunny and warmhearted place! I love Durga’s spirit! Thank you! Love” Sun Ya Fischer, Founder of Akasha Chakra Essences® | Akasha Chakra Essences®

“What I like about La Lumière is the intensity that develops there and this intensity is relaxing as well as productive. Apart from stunning photo subjects, I have found inspiring friends, soul mates, there.” Lukas Dostal, Photographer | www.lukasdostal.at

“Visiting Durga in her La Lumière was such a wonderful and soulful experience. To me, La Lumière reflects Durga’s great taste of beauty and a place where I found clarity about some vital decisions. I enjoyed being there with Durga & friends from around the world and would love to be back to visit anytime.” Keshava – Kristin Engvig, Founder and Director – Women’s International Networking (WIN) & WINConference

“My love declaration to La Lumière: “A house only becomes a home if your body finds strength, your mind rest and your soul peace.” (Chinese proverb)
As architect it was and is always important for me to be surrounded by space that is entirely fulfilling and inspiring. Following this principle, I design spaces and places. When I came to La Lumière for the first time, it felt like coming home, inside and out! You have to experience this place, feel it. A few words that give a hint of what La Lumière is to me: security, unity, arriving, truth, shakti, womb, fire, nature, elements, connection, touch, love, soul, freedom, be, gentleness, clarity, feminine power, creativity, mother, earth, nature beings, goddess, family, pleasure, expanse, peace, joy.
Thank you La Lumière! Thank you dear Durga! In love and connection!”
Aliana Devi Schafferer, Architect | www.raum-gefuehl.com

“La Lumière is a place that brings old stories to light. Heals shadows and offers space to write new stories. We remember our knowledge and arrive more deeply in our own flow.”
Nohila Driever, Spiritual Coach | www.soulbusiness.de

“La Lumiere = The Light = Very True!
This place is Amazing. God bless it! I love it there. Beautiful landscape, beautiful hosts = the time of a great pleasure for those who feel connection to the Light, to the Jesus, Agni, Holy Grail, Durga and Parasi. This is the place where you can truly reconnect with your divine self, the place of Love and Light! I’m looking forward to my next visit. Thank you.”
 Farhi Horak, Artist, Healer and Feng Shui Consultant | Farhi Healing

“For me, La Lumière is the place where the starlit sky kisses the Earth. It is the pearl in the lotus. To me, to visit La Lumière means to come home, arrive at myself. Love and happiness. Om namah shivaya.” Lyarea Dietrich, Spiritual Teacher | www.lyarea.ch

“My first visit at La Lumière was when this wonderful place was first opened. Back then I didn’t know that I would open my own centre of light two years later. Ever since then I felt called to return to La Lumière many times for meetings and workshops.
La Lumière is like an essence for me which guides me back to my source. I love the ambiance that always opens up something special for me.
La Lumière is like a treasure trove of visions to my unique self. My encounters there were deep and life changing.
Thank you Durga and Parasi for your love and dedication that turn this place into a little paradise. I’m already looking forward to my next visit.”
Sharam Tiemann, Spiritual Teacher | Angels of Light Centre/Schottland

“Well, why do you travel where you travel? A nudge from the outside, a booking and a trip into a new experience. I arrive in La Lumière for the first time and nothing is unfamiliar. Immediately I clear the table, it feels so natural just like when you get home and look into the fridge. There is no must, a lot of space for joy, for giggles, for laughter and for a lot of food. Like a huge storage space for my happiness. This pool that one can dive into again and again contains something life changing for me. Because the feeling I carry within me is expressed in a real place and it is good to know that one can refill one’s energy here. Lightheartedness, joy at work and self discovery are all permitted here. At home, I inject this into my work and art. So summarised in one sentence: Here dreaming meets the ground of reality, of implementation.” Ranasa Vracun, Artist

“During a workshop in 2010, for the moment an “unknown woman” described her place; she talked about a room in her house where, one day, the Son of God had decided to stay. Immediately I felt I just want to go to such a place.Three months later I visited La Lumière and took part in a ceremony called Arathi inside that room. From the first moment I got in and without reason I couldn’t stop crying. Jesus is really there!
Paolo Urax

“First I saw a photo of La Lumière and thought “I have to go there!” To me, the photo excuded so much love and peace that I had to visit. When I was there for the first time I got confronted by this energy in a way that I felt like running away. I didn’t know what was happening with me there. But I decided to stay, went through high and low, told myself one moment that “I don’t want anything to do with it” and the next I thought “it’s so good to be here.” Soon I noticed that La Lumière simply envelops me with its love, no matter how I feel and that it accepts me the way I am and that I can always draw from it when I need it. A place where I can find answers to questions. Now I love going there. La Lumière puts inner processes into motion. I can let go and listen to all beings that I meet there. La Lumière is like my favorite chocolate, once tasted and I can’t stop.Romana Domsel, Midwife