For you: evolution

This time is for you, away from a distracting world. There is room for expanding your soul. For allowing rather than acting. Feeling free. Finding space to receive your next step.

La Lumière’s sacred space embraces you to reconnect with yourself and the essence of all life. The sanctuary invites you to find the source of all things within you and reminds you to live from your soul’s core where all answers can be found.

Come only if you are willing to make a great step into your own greatness and reconnect with your purpose. This is important: When you come to La Lumière you need to make a conscious decision to dive into an awakened space. Come without expectations, set intentions and leave with new spaces opened in your soul.

Meditate with us.
Find your self in devotion for the daily life.
Find room to live from the center of all beings.
All answers are inside.

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Time-out for yourself:
Room for new inspiration.

As a Seva you will follow the ashram life like in India. As a guest you can create your own retreat. You are free to choose to ask for guidance or to follow the path of your own inner guiding light. You will take part in daily meditations and rituals and share our daily life. Silence and rooms without splendor help to feel and expand your soul in clarity.

Be a Seva

Seva is selfless devotional work.

The length of your stay as Seva will be agreed with us in advance. The minimum length of your stay is one week. Some Sevas stay for 2 to 3 months. If you wish to stay longer than 3 months, we want to learn more about you first.

During your stay you will have a home in La Lumière. For lunch we love to come together, the rest of the day you take care of food by yourself. Every day you will meditate with us.

You will work 6 hours a day, mostly in the healing garden or help us in the ashram. In the summer you will help us to harvest the figs, in the winter we harvest olives, in spring you can learn from weeds.

“Mary Magdalene and I had the task to clean the temple and I suggested to include our children and so we found ourselves on our knees on the floor of the small Essene temple, devotedly and very happily scrubbing the floor. Was it this that we missed? Mary Magdalene and I had become nomads, shaped by our life. But here on this floor, in this temple, in this moment, scrubbing the floor with the burning devotion of our hearts, we were happier than we could have ever imagined. We spent hours cleaning the temple, with our prayers and our hands, until we noticed that Jesus stood in the door, undetected, watching us. “Hey, what are you doing there?” said Mary Magdalene laughing. Jesus was just deeply immersed and smiled. It seemed that he liked what he saw. There is a love that is devoted to everday tasks, the little things that God inhabits. We didn’t even have to talk about it. This moment was as significant to Jesus as it was to us. In this moment the thoughtfulness of the small was reborn. The care, for every being and every thing. Because the holy spaces around us preserved the care.” – From Jesus book 3, not published yet

Be a guest

Give yourself time for an inner retreat. You can rent the apartment, containing your own bathroom and kitchen. Here, you can just be and tune into with the heavenly flow of La Lumière. When you come here, you agree to share every meditation with us. We are an ashram and this is part of our life in unity.
70 Euro per night for the apartment (including bed linen and towels), food not included.

Get spiritual guidance:

500 euros for 5 sessions during your stay.
Parasi is a spiritual teacher and will support your inner clearing with regressions and spiritual transformation techniques.

Raves and love

“In the sheltered surroundings of La Lumière, time stood still well beyond daily life. The fragrant scents of the herb garden, the work in the garden in the fresh air gave my soul wings. The meditations supported me in calming down and arriving fully at my self. La Lumière is like heaven on earth for me. Om Ma Bhawani Namah.”
Lyarea Dietrich, Spiritual Teacher |

“Thank you for a week of healing on every level! Thank you La Lumière, the magnificent place that carries this healing energy.” Kathana Gumpolt, Spiritual Business Consulting for the new time |

“La Lumière is for me: Space for healing. Space for growth. Space for realization, understanding and feeling. Space for silence and space for being. Space for wildness, encounter and joy. Space where I feel me – And space, where i feel: In my heart I am at home. Thank you for all, In love.” Irka and Eloha Schmuck, Text and Story Coaching, Your Soulful Text |

“Our time in La Lumière: Touched in the deepest layers, clear, focused, full of light, energetic. Only clarity and love remain. I suggest: Go there, open up, feel and be touched. It is a gift!Shomani Elmlinger, Naturopath

“I arrived with a chaotic puzzle in La Lumière, I looked at it in La Lumière, and step after step sorted it and I already could put together some pieces. I am looking forward with this exercise and a lot of confidence to complete my picture at home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and love.” Ranasa Vracun, Artist

“It was wonderful to see awaken the nature and new ideas awaked also in me. A place of creation. A place for body, mind and soul.”
Aliana Devi Schafferer, Architect |

“Sometimes, feelings don’t need words. They know other paths, too. Thank you. Love” Romana Domsel, Midwife

“Thank you so much for letting me stay at your gorgeous place! I had such a wonderful time here, so much love, joy and healing. Only by staying here, my soul soaked up all this love from the divine mother, nature and the heavens – and healed. Great work has been done here for healing Earth and all beings.” Kaurana Merle

“I have done seva service for 10 days in La Lumière. It was a very special, joyful, and wonderful time for me. This place has a very own energy, full of love and devotion. Every work that I did was fulfilled with joy. I highly recommend to everybody, who is thinking about visiting Durga’s Ashram, JUST DO IT! Thank you Durga for this wonderful place and thank you Parasi for your love, devotion and your nice work in South France. Thank you shanti for BEING there. In deep love.” Inaia Küsters

“Thank you very much. It was wonderful at your place. I just love this place! I rediscovered a part of myself.Fuera Eisenring

“One month in La Lumière, one month full of gifts! La Lumière provided the space, so that peace, love and joy could return to my self. In my heart I carry a smile, now and always, without having to do much about it. Thank you, dear Durga, for this place. Thank you, dear Parasi, for the loving support. In love.”
Olara Füreder, Alpha Chi Consultant

“At this place it is easy to get in touch with your self. Loving devotion to every task is the best preparation for the next step in one’s own development.” Irsa Sauerbrey, Artist |

“The Seva service at La Lumière was very relaxing for me. I could expand in everything I did, an immense gift. To work with so many beautiful nature beings in the gardens fulfilled my greatest wish. It was simply divine.” Pema Stuefer, Life Coach

“The Seva service and the conscious being in this place brought me much joy and fulfillment. From the serenity and silence that I experienced in La Lumière, I regained strength and love and embraced the opportunity to look inward. Apart from the intensely beautiful trip to the Holy Grail Vortex, I enjoyed the Mediterranean area in its pure beauty.” Trios Schwery

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