Jesus Prayer Room

“The day the house was finally mine, I swung all the doors open in my palace.
I invited new space and fresh air to hail the new and hold my visions. When I entered the former children’s room, there He stood in the middle of the room: JESUS. “May I have this room,” he asked politely, not in the slightest demanding.

How can I resist HIM?

It is more than ten years since and His presence is a daily gift of the prayer room.

I have seen people cry when entering, starting to heal through the energy of Christ love that embraces us each and every day. His presence is strong in this room, stronger than in any other place I have visited on earth.” (Durga)

Every evening we meet here and pray with the Jesus Arathi and the Christ love fire ceremony. We let ourselves drop and unite in holy love during a fire ceremony that unites the four aspects of Christ love.

Four aspects of Christ love burn for us and embrace our souls:

White Essene fire: Purity
The fire of Agni: Life force
Ruby colored fire: Light of Christ
Fire dedicated to Jesus:
The eternal lovers

and a devotional prayer for the soul:

Esu Elechem
Agni Elechem
Christo Elechem
Evenu Shalom

Revelling in this ceremony, we bathe in the knowledge that we are eternal love.

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