Temple of Divine:

Stillness. God and you. No distractions. Only moments.

Softly wrapped by the Mother of All. Her presence is omnipresent.

Hindu Goddesses and Gods walk in and out.
Tibetan Buddhas join the meditation from heaven with their eternal mantras.

The Temple is an expression of the abundance of the divine, the dancing Shiva, the playful Krishna, the eternal Brahma, the wild Durga.
Shakti in love with creation.

Our flower offerings communicate with the land of legends.

Sensual reds are sacred and will incarnate our souls.

Inner peace.

Here we mediate on ‘God is love’ every morning and evening.

Here we sing and perform the fire rituals.

Here we dance and celebrate the divine.

Here we join to grow spiritually.

Divine concentration and focus in community.

The Meditations & Rituals

Omkar: 21 times Om


“God is Love” is our mantra

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