The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser

The New Beginnings

Beloved ones,

We all crave for the new.
We all call for innovation and new paradigms.
Do you know it can work ?
I will tell you.

No way around, to start again with a B E G I N N E R S  M I N D .
No matter what I did , no matter what I have achieved , to innovate and write new pathways we have to go back to ground Zero.
From there we are vulnerable and open and navigate only with intuition and instinct to the new worlds of innovation and new paradigms .
It’s delicious and curious . Like in the first class at school .
It has its charm and excitement to be open and learn anew . 

My beloved souls, I am in the process of creating the NEW BEGINNINGS. 
My new website will be ready soon!
Meanwhile, you can read through my previous posts from the Female Grail blog or visit my Youtube channel where I recently shared new content, including interviews and talks.

With love,





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Why has to say farewell.

Why we need to peel old skins, to be born anew.


Beloved ones,

I wonder what is going on in your life and the lives of the ones you love and know.
Just right now in the life of my own beloveds and me, nothing is like it was.

It seems the old times are washing away their memories.
And we stand there partly confused and partly shivering in awe: What’s next?

So many of us will step into a new life. 
So many of us are watching their old lives die. And still I know we dreamed this together, when the time comes we strip off the old and dedicate our lives to creating the NEW.
But it’s not easy, when old structures and timelines vanish and nothing new is in sight.

My step into the new realm.

I took me months now, but last week my inner voice was clear. has become an old skin.
Trying to slip and fit into it again made me feel frustrated; it has lived its life and now it embodies the realization of yesterday’s dreams.


I measured the temperature, the indicator, and traced alignment with my inner guidance.

The background story:

October 2016, on the Sacred Lands of Cerillos/New Mexico

I helped many people to find their soulvision.
And I will continue to do so, as part of my destiny.

There I stood holding my shawl tight to warm my body, under the magic sky filled with stars flirting with me. God, I said: “What is my soulvision for this upcoming New Age?“ 

The answer was formed in my inner visions by stars fusing and building two words, made by the purest light of creation:


I know: 

In the subtle spheres our new life is already formed, invisibly filtering to us all the time. Looking up & ahead we see the larger picture, we can finally take a breath.

But this takes time take form, to filter, to come into matter and reality.

I promise to organically expand; to do this I need space to maneuver.
From these broader horizons we can direct our inner GPS toward our future, the new togetherness. Where inklings point, we go.
Let us become conscious observers of our own creations.


I bow to all of you.
I want to paint my gratitude on your doorsteps.
For reading and listening to me on all these years.
In times when I was lost in visions, when my overloaded 12th house was calling me away and times when I shared, always trying to be my best.

You were always with me.
I thank you so much.
I could never repay your dedication.

I will move on to a new space, fresh and innocent.
My idea is to start small and write about FEMININE SPIRITUALITY from scratch because I believe it has never existed. Shakti has faced opposition since the beginning of time.

Yes there are old seats of wisdom of the feminine, but they need a new design.

I am ready to stumble and fall, and begin the pilgrimage as it will be shown to me
and walk the path that is offered to me as mine.

I am ready to be surprised by the Divine. 

For you,
I wanted you to know.
And as soon find my new skin I will be in your inbox again.

See you there, shifting into happiness as it becomes unconditional.

With comfortable fierceness,


(I must say I cry now.)  Sniff. 


When you are at a blank page.

What is the value of these times and how to deal with it.

If you are at a blank page of the soul, like me, I made this video for you.

We encounter times like this because we are at a moment of clearing, purifying, and burning away what doesn’t belong to us. But the experience is irritating, and can be hard to stay patient.

But wait. I promise you, you’re rising now. We are all rising to what we really are.

Here’s my mantra to guide you through ::
I am satisfied.
I am content.
I am pleased.

Please watch the video for my complete guide to coming through these times.


Guide to a Travel to Wholeness. The Power of Intention.

The New Mantra

I am.

I am the power of love.

I am the power of light.

I am the power of happiness.

I am the power of joy.

I am the power of peace.

I am the power of my soul.

#poweroflove #poweroflight #powerofpeace#powerofhappiness #powerofsoul #powerofjoy


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The cure for Pain

Travel to my Wholeness, Part Two

I am speaking to you today from Woodstock, a place known for its longings for peace.

And it is allowing me to discover a surprising antidote to pain in nature.

I’m calling you now too to wake up in aliveness. Find the places in yourself that are no longer living, and reclaim them. Be brave, and investigate every gap in yourself that is no longer alive, no longer whole. That’s where the pain is coming from, and that’s where you will find a cure.