My story | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser

“Go and prepare your soul.
I will give you two tasks.”

When I was 24, Jesus appeared to me and said these words. Sixteen years later, I sat in nature in South France and the curtain between myself and the other world opened. I saw Jesus standing on this same spot, preaching. I returned to the spot often.

In 2007 Jesus appeared to me again. He had book in his hands. He said to me,

“Would you write down my real story? You were there from the beginning to the end.”

My spouse and I read the Akasha for people. We receive personal soul readings and complete seminars from the Akasha, and I deliver them to workshop leaders. After Jesus appeared, together my spouse and I read the Akasha, and from it transcribed Jesus the Book.

I remembered the first moment I met Jesus. From that memory, my whole story came to me, about how I lived with Jesus as one of his female apostles.

Remembering Jesus times was like receiving a vision of what can be. When you are with Jesus, in the presence of complete love that showers you at all times, it makes your life complete. We remembered how we can, as a community and in the world, live together and really love each other.

My spouse, Agni F. Eickermann, and I have returned to the Akasha to continue the stories of Jesus. They are held in the Jesus the Book series: Jesus the Book, Jesus The forgotten Years, Volume Three (yet untitled), and Mary Magdalene: The Dawning of the Golden Age.