A PASSIONATE PLEA FOR UNIQUENESS | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


Uniqueness astounds and
Specialness is be envied.

Uniqueness unites a big Mandala of many unique aspects;
Specialness wants to stand out, to be different.

Uniqueness is respected;
Specialness has an unmasked envy.

Every one of us is unique.
God is a genius and had no talent at all for repetition.
We are unique but one in God.

Uniqueness is authenticity.

Be proud of your uniqueness, as it will show you who you are.
Let your Uniqueness show you what you love and she will come closer.

In an immature society we experience humiliation for being unique – and sometimes our critics don’t even intend our humiliation.
We created sensitive walls of pride to survive, you see.

I love to work with authentic people who have explored their own uniqueness and cherish it as much as they value the uniqueness of others. From Uniqueness to Uniqueness, powerful energies flow.

Your uniqueness blends you. It’s your label. Nobody can copy it, because God never doubles anything. Remembering, “I am God” will polish your uniqueness and turn mapping your joy your personal discovery plan.

Self-love brings forth our brilliance.

Here’s good news for all authenticity uniqueness freaks:
Seth Godin just ended this boring industrial era of mass production and proclaims the arrival of era of the weird.

I cannot stop reading:

“We Are All Weird” – Seth Godin