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The Beta testing stories proofread by my life.

: 20 years ago

My friend Gangaji and I were early fans of Indian Bhajans and Kirtans. Imported from trips to India we were convinced of the recharging energy of singing Sanscrit. (Today everyone knows Satyaa and Pari, and Krishna Das was nominated for the Grammy.) We started a Bhajan group, and when nobody else showed up we began in my living room, just the two of us for two years with endless passionate devotion.

4 years later people were lining up to join the now-official Bhajan singing group in my center once a week. It’s filled with a hundred passionate chanters.

: 16 years ago

I am a fresh baked Alpha Chi Feng Shui Consultant. I want to sell my passion. I organize talks everywhere possibility shows up. One night I arrive for my talk in a spiritual bookshop, and I wait. Not one soul shows up. Eventually the owner leaves, pointing at the computer guy solving a problem in the back office: “He will lock the door after you.”

I sat for a bit reading, just in case anyone showed up late.

“So what do you talk about?” the computer first aid guy asked me.

“I talk about Feng Shui.”
“So give the talk for me.”

One day later I had a big Feng Shui contract with a head Microsoft Manager in Germany. It turns out the computer guy helped out his friend. He later fills my seminars with many people. My firestart for a very successful business had started.

Do it for one soul.
Change one life at a time.
Give it all.


: one week ago

We launched our #SOULGATHERING. That’s not really true. We launched last September without making a big racket.

A new movement starts now.
Get ready to claim your place in it.

I believe we must gather for small revolutions to change the world. We inspire grassroots movements and create hot networks.

I invite you to a life-changing experience with Ann Moller, Erin Giles, Celyne Lila Nicholson, Sun Ya Fischer, Michael Spiridon, Aliana Devi Schafferer, Parasi Wirbeleit et moi.

We started with one soul.

I bow to my Beta Test Driver and now dear friend Kelly Lynn Anderson.

I was blessed to do an exquisite wellness retreat in South France at La Lumiere recently, when I first saw the invitation I thought, this looks so amazing and as it turned out it was even more beautiful that I had hoped. It was a life changing event for me and now a few months later the sprouts we began together are ripening into a wonderful new creative time in my life. I especially loved doing puja and meditation with the group twice daily, the synergy helped me to easily drop into my happy relaxed self. The food was exceptional, in many ways the finest meals I’ve ever had. Helping with the preparation was a highlight, cooking lessons with Michael were delightful and informative. I fell in love with the whole team, they gave so much love, wonderful sincere conversation and great spa treatments outside in the Nature Spa with all organic magic earth infused goodness. The best part was all the laughter that only stopped to have a deep discussion or some sacred tears, it was an absolutely delightful journey, I so look forward to coming again.” Kelly Lynn Anderson, CA

I am so looking forward to meeting you.

Wild love


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