WALK ON THE DARK SIDE. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR SHADOW. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


The way we feel God.

OMG, it’s shaking. Ever realized that the darkness is not in the world? It’s within. Where there is pure love, no hushed dark spots have power.

But if there remains an obscure dark spot within, we perform the art of attraction of shadows. Honestly. The upside is turned and disturbs the clean surface of our mind. Our deepest shadows are out.

How do we deal with our shadow?
The shadow specialist Debbie Ford says the shadow is all that resists fulfillment in our life. The dark shadow disguises itself in shame; the light shadow consists of all we envy and do not dare to love.

The shadow is the keeper of our lost power.
So wrap yourself warmly now. Go dark + deep.

Oh lá lá, we do not like the shadow. What he doesn’t allow us to live we dislike even more. But crying, trembling and shaking the drama is fruitless. Shame turned into a mess of accusation is a short-lived, sinful delight.

Baby, take a walk on the dark side with me.
Face yourself. Face reality.

The shadow in us is a place where God is not seen.

Be a dark poet and embrace the time we live even more dramatically. Transform your fascination with the darker side into a vote for life over shadow. Enter into a love affair with the trauma of deepening existence. Compose colors of obscure ranges with contrasting shadows and lights. Breathe in and feel God there. Expansion is release. Ahhhhhh…

Invite God into your failures, your inadequateness, your shame, your indecent fears. Offer up your weakness.

Where we are not enough, God fills up the holes.

So release troublesome moods and your desire to articulate the future. We do not need to do it all, we just have to pray. Ask him to see the outrageous nature of horror, terror and fear. He is our wholeness; we do not need to be supernatural. Pray for fillings. 

Hovering in the 5th between-dimensions we create a new nature, new revival, healing.


February 17, 2013 · · illuminated lifestyle, most popular