The manifesto of Mastery | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser

Master your Self :: Creative evolution

: Your business is the initiation of personal evolution.
: You are ready for the master’s training.
: Each experience counts as you grow more powerful.
: Each day you promise to step out of the comfort zone and learn new things.
: You devote yourself to joy, you possess your own worth,
  you never take a no for an answer,
  you enter conversations with thunderstorms of love at your back,
  you take rejections as reflections for improvement,
  you do not take anything personally.
: Your discipline is constant action, perseverance, coincidences.
: You synchronize your time, flow with the energy and excellence,
  manage your independence, protect your resources.
: Your place is the presence where union, truth, elegance, honesty reign.
: You trust yourself.
: First you do it for yourself, and from there you serve others.

Master your Field :: The divine plan

: You are a leader in your field.
: Creative, innovative, inspiring.
: You will do something extraordinary, you know this.
: As a leader you demand the highest prices for your art,
  you are a magnet for genius, talent and explosions.
: Your client meetings are soulful rendezvous made in heaven.
: You know what you are worth and you earn it.
: Your vision of change has impact, you influence, persuade,
  flirt with know-how and expertise.
: You charm your allies, peers and enemies because it’s a game and you know it.
: You are a hunter for eternal learning,
  you travel with an open mind and from magazines
  and industry books pop up profound AHA’s.
: You celebrate the successes of others,
  you are gifted in understanding the journey as a process of mastery.
: No compromises, no wishy-washy, just powerful choices.

Master your Marketplace ::
Allure: The law of Fascination

: You know: marketing and selling is the motor of your business.
: Marketing is simply how you talk to your people.
: And you are masterful in your allurement and persuasion.
: Your lovemessages inspire your ideal client and connect with him.
: Clients are desperately waiting for the innovative news.
: You don’t refuse to give it all.
: You make it sweet like hotcakes, so they cannot say no.
: You know that deep down we love to buy.
: We love inspirations.
: You seduce them into loving more, because the universe thrives on it.
: Your market is crazysexy in love with you.
: Are you also head over heels?