A FUNKY STYLE-STATEMENT: | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


flirting with Christ in 2012. A soul photo shooting sloughs too tight skins.

It was time for a fresh dash for thefemalgrail.com. The images of my self portraits by my iphone smacked of an old patina. Lately this provisional arrangement had lasted longer than initially expected. The cover of, Jesus The forgotten Years, was born within this session when I was running against my own walls while reading the 3rd volume in the Akasha (Still without title. It links to our now time, I may reveal). My announcement: Sepia tones and 2000 years old dust off.

Erin had contacted me by Facebook (a laudation on social media!!!): “I love the femalgrail.com.” I was instantly captured by her art, when I clicked her site: “ Would you also photograph a shy diva goddess?” I mailed her. Notice the people who approach you, my spirits had told me kindly. thefemalegrail.com magnet works and my gratitude too.

“I see you”:

the infectious mantra is whispered by whole word since “Avatar” had opened a trunk of secrets of long missed recognition.

The moment Erin held her lens and her loving view on me I was recognized. Every click of the camera carried me deeper into of trance of diving into long hidden layers. I peeled and the camera melted.

Soul photography is a future business idea. Re-invent your business. Add your soul spark to the recipe. Create chances.

For me it was more of a soul retreat. The camera lost her terrifying fear to capture my soul. A new light was put upon me and made my soul shine.

When I first viewed the photography 2 days later I felt liberated from a long search. My memoirs walking with Jesus had projected a quarry into my life. Since then my search for the Holy Grail was for and of Christ’s love. A contemporary one, spiced with a wild love. It was my dream to find a new imagery for my flirt with the Cosmic Christ.

A soul photographer will make your souls shine. In her/ his reflection you can recognize your soul and light. A new business tool for spiritual junkies and enlightened business visionaries is out. Devotion and Ur-trust.

A new light is on me. I shine. Courageous.
I am flirting with Christ. I do it my way.

My style statement is born: A momentum statement of wildness and funky invitation.
I know.

When light shines, attraction comes naturally.
One photo hit 162 likes within 1 day on FB, the other one 78. Within me still blossoms a sense of beauty: how great collaboration is when love for each other marks the brand. Erin and I are richer now, from our playful experience of work.

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