ALTARS /PART TWO: | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


sanctuary for our souls

It’s dawn. Unspoken and untouched. The chants of sacred OMs fill the space with the vibration of welcoming innocence. Then silence for a moment before one opens the gate to sing the Subrabatham. This ancient Sanskrit prayer awakens God in us. Then we sink into our Meditation. God is Love is a prayer wheel rotating in our hearts. Here we are one. I can feel each soul in the room, each one’s own unique presence.

In La Lumière, the ashram I built in South France, we gather in the morning and unite in oneness. We also gather in daily evening meditation to calm down our souls and to free ourselves from the naturally accumulated residues of daily life.

We gather in the temple, where an altar offers sanctuary.  It’s a place untouched by the world, where the soul feels free to expand in divinity.

For me, opening the morning is soft and kind. Diving into my connection with God first initiates a flow for my whole day and opens my source of power. Here I am. Before the day starts and every evening for 30 minutes I center myself beyond the texture of the world. Mediation takes me inside in myself. Here is God and love. I can expand, be free and be light.

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My personal altar style combines the monastic moment of serenity embracing Christ love and the sacred beauty of Hindu wisdom and the Goddess.

A personal Altar is dedicated to our inner world and fills up with positive vibes in every Mediation. It is a spiritual island in our busy world. What we see in the altar reflects our souls. Here you can find shelter for inner sanctuary in silence. 

An Altar is a place dedicated to the unlimited world. While the world turns, the sacred space around the altar stands still. It’s a place of direct alignment. No object is without meaning and the matter has her natural order. The momentum breathes.

A space for the primal heart

Your personal altar filled with rituals will offer you a home for your soul. It’s not a matter of religion, style or environment. Altars will breathe divinities wherever you give them a place. It’s a sanctuary in the middle of a chaotic world. Just for you and your soul.

The Durga shrine

My personal reminder in the center of all hearts:
Eternity is beyond illusions.