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Short memo

Subject: Creator and creation are one

We have all one source. Call it God, call it whatever you like, because the result is the same. What’s essential to remember is that we have one common father, one origin, one Oneness. So whatever we think about others or feel about them, we think and feel about our Selves.

God is the creator. Everything God has ever created is the Creation. Creation is God Mother. In her, God reflects his dreams, his thoughts. So whatever you dream of God dreams with you, whatever you experience enriches the whole All. God is the breath of the Universe.

The Creation has many names: some call her Great Mother, some Divine Mother, some Goddess or Universe. We are all expressions of the Creation. We are the most powerful outcome of divine creativity.

Our drama is created by thinking that we are separate from God. All this is the illusion of being decoupled. All discords in creation are unplugged from the source of power.

Creation in its purity is eternal evolution without any judgment. It’s all about experience and love; it’s a divine adventure of learning and joy.

The Creator and Creation are deeply in love with each other and are melted in a divine orgasm. God reflects himself in Creation, his wife, and Creation experiences herself in God. God is Father. God is Mother.

As heirs of that sacred bloodline we all have genes of God inside. It’s our core, the powerful source of fire. And we are also Creation, the power creating creativity.

We may have forgotten all this. The good news is we can also change it!!! We are also Creation, and there are for no victims of life, but instead emperors and empresses.  Each of us is a glittering fascinating whole Universe. 

Time to remember…


October 17, 2011 · · fiercely feminine, most popular