BE A MASTER. DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


We want to master the work that we do. Masters of the new energy are ready to rock. We make business and our livelihoods by leaving our monastic robes beyond. The masters of the Aquarian Age are human and characterized by passionate living. We are softly in love with divine connections and an integral part of tender communities. We are working on the metamorphosis; we transform ourselves. We know it only requires one real master to shift the world into universal oneness.

Excellence is a target. Our soul returns towards enlightenment. It’s natural. Never give up the magic WOW.

Multidimensional breathed-on business.

Master what you do.
Start with the heart.
Plant lovemarks.
Create lovebusiness.
Establish lovemarkets.
Allure with lovemarketing.

Enter the secret chamber where you will find:

And get the Manifesto for mastering your creative evolution, your divine plan and “Allure: The law of Fascination.” Listen and download. It’s free.

Challenge yourself.

Yes, mediocrity plods forward. It’s her nature. But the mastery of greatness requires courage and willingness to be brave. Aren’t the people to whom we owe a great step towards enlightened greatness the ones who forced us to our edges? Looking back on our history we remember that the one who demanded most from us, we respect most.

We may not always appreciate it in the moment, but greatness requires courage and willingness to be brave. The Steve Jobs’ of the world who deemed every mediocre draft shit and in so doing forged the products we caress today for their excellence. The chef yelling at us when she smelled our refusal to rise. The teacher pitching our little ego and telling us that our way of communicating drives him crazy.

Conflict is the creative abrasion necessary for innovation. The metric of progress is mastered by ability rather avoidance. Conflict is a channel for energy, a vital part of organisms and teams.

If we want to change the world we need to find the master in one another. Everyone we meet may play a part in our mastery, because confrontation is the guardian of authentic.

Speak up. Unplugged. Appreciate the art of war for the sake of greatness and great ideas. Your persistence means their survival. The WOW happens on the edges. Always.

A real master will create other masters.

A real genius respects the genius’ master teacher.

Honor the master. Honor the legacy.

This world needs more masters in all religions and politics and business. We do.