WHEN & IF YOU CAN’T IMAGINE IT, YOU CAN’T MAKE IT HAPPEN. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


How I broke the spell
to make the unimaginable
come true.

Two things you must know about me.

: first: I work in collaboration with my spiritual world. My best peers reside there. Together we’ve launched important projects with great appeal in my spiritual, biz and daily life (the three of which do not differ in my world. All three are facets and layers of my soul.) It started in school when I only prepared one divinely-inspired theme and it worked very effectively. My spiritual collaborations later fueled my creative approach in graphic design studies and art directing, and ultimately supported my career as a spiritual teacher and founder of an ashram and thefemalegrail.com. In all of these endeavors I was assisted by my spiritual guides from some life beyond this one. Some of my spiritual peers are and were incarnated and walk now through other dimensions. My bossy dream team consists of 4 Avatars. Thank you, my hot gurus.

But my empire also has many more co-workers: Angels, Devas, masters, soul guides. Mother earth. You see, I don’t have religion. But I am deeply religious in my belief that God is not one: S/he is many. In any case, my spiritual colleagues have my back. And they do their work so well.

: second:
I love desires that come true. I love life, may she never end. I love to see cool things happen. I am obsessed with time trends that create possibilities. My passion burns with good feelings. (My personal desire teacher Danielle LaPorte just launched thedesiremap.com. Do not miss this.) All in all: I like being and following cool women in the 21st century. And not to forget: I like things to be wild.

So these are two things you need to know to understand how my story can inspire you to make your own desires come true.

We all crave knowing how to make our deepest dreams happen.

Here is the story of how I lifted the spell/curse.

New York:
The morning before the second day of RHHLive, I wake up with a thought direct from heaven. The voice of my Baba says: “It’s about imagination. If you can’t imagine it people cannot enter your dream. The other person cannot find the allurement.” (From this message, my future project was born: The Law of Allurement)

“This is so true,” I mumble, appalled by my tricky subconsciousness. “I cannot imagine being friends, contemporaries, and part of the cool gang of stars I admire.”

My subconsciousness profoundly believes this to be true. This will never happen to me, it insists. I simply can’t imagine this coming true for me.

A short while later, armed with my Moleskine I appeared for breakfast, dressed in resoluteness. During a coffee (I must admit I love coffee; all-wellness gurus have not captured me yet) and swiss muesli I write:

: I cannot imagine Danielle LaPorte inviting me out to dinner with her friends Marie, Kris and Gabby…

: I cannot imagine Marie Forleo seeing me and saying “I have seen your thefemalegrail.com. We need to talk…”

: I cannot imagine gifting Kris Carr a copy of Jesus The Book. She reads it. She calls me to invite me over to her house. I show her how to talk to her garden plants and the devas together…

: I cannot imagine Donna Karan asking me to energize Urban Zen with Feng Shui. She proposes that I integrate my work as an ACC Alpha Chi consultant ( I teach this) into her URBAN ZEN INTEGRATIVE PROGRAM

This exercise was more powerful than any affirmation.

To me, affirmations are just sentences that try to convince me of things I don’t believe about myself. I am very stubborn: I never believed the prayer wheel would vacate for me just by saying: “I will have a million dollars in one year” or “I will lose six pounds” or “I am happy and blissful.”

But turning my subconsciousness into consciousness lightened the thing up with a halo. Just forcing the devil on paper broke the spell. No more work was needed.

The magic opened itself. Assumptions had fallen and created an open space for real encounters. I had wonderful meetings with my stars, both in short and longer intervals. I have met the unimaginable – in different, greater ways than I could (not) previously imagine.

Appropriate discretion requires that I keep the details of these meetings secret for now. Delicate seeds need protection for healthy growth, and talking too early spoils the nurturing energy. My rule of thumb: first collect wisely, then share.

But now it’s time for you to find your own treasures.

To break your spell,
take some paper.

Write down what you cannot imagine happening.
Opening the space will set the caged thoughts free.
Then drop assumptions and enter the space of new connecting.
The birds are free to fly.
Let the magic do her work.

It happened for me. May it also happen for you.


December 10, 2012 · · illuminated lifestyle, most popular