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BIG IN 2014

A circle to break your heaven free

Sitting here thinking about 2014, I know something for sure.
Something is created around us.
It’s bigger and more beautiful than we’ve ever imagined.

I want more heaven in life in 2014.

Stay open.
Do not try to put what was created in heaven into shapes and words prematurely.
It will not express the visions dreamt in awe.

We want to feel ourselves totally free and holy.
We want to feel ourselves. Naked. Full.

While I was in Taiwan the question most frequently asked of me was: What heaven do I come from? And I started to realize that in order to access and resonate with our desire to feel our heaven, we have to first create a circle of healing.

My approach to reaching the beauty created for us:

I’ve decided to follow a circle of healing this year, and I walk upon a 5-step mandala to break my heaven free. The steps are in specific order to raise the inner bar, and to ritualize the process when needed.

What will I do to feel my heaven deeply?

Step one: Breakout space
: Letting go.
Shake off all that is not me.

Step two: Shape and shift
: Laughter.
Affix a halo to my belly laugh.

Step three: Go for the gold
: Consciously choose quiet times.
Build refuges for the other side of my soul; the free and holy introvert holds still and chats with God.

Step four: Fresh start
: Rise above the problems.
Foster the balance between male and female, challenge the courage and pain. There is so much great and good stuff happening in this world.

Step five: Dearly loved
: Feel safe.
Know I am deeply desired, always.

May 2014 be heaven on Earth for you.

Hopefully we meet somewhere we have never been.

Thanks to my friend Mara Eickermann. You inspired me to write this.


January 5, 2014 · · illuminated lifestyle, most popular