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I believe that beauty heals our broken hearts. One moment spent in the presence of true beauty will leave us breathless. We know when beauty is awakened from her sleep: we become real again. The universe has us back.

Beauty is the reason why.

When I opened the humble post package Stefano Bolognesi sent me, I discovered a little book. He had written it secretly and silently. I never even knew he had published something.

Poetry was my life’s savior then and is still today.

It had been a chaotic day. I settled down with this treasure in my hands, slowly swallowing those poems, my medicine. Word. By. Word.

I was breathless, and my heart opened wide to the answer to all of my cravings. I was reading true beauty.

The business of Beauty

I am now preparing to continue my “beautiful book plan” and murmur my mantra:

Beauty is the essence of all business.

I will start in the center, with beauty and focus; I promise myself not to stray. Not to veer off course in attempts to please others, but staying true to allow the real to become reality.

I want to share two of Stefano Bolognesi’s poems with you. They are two delicacies from a box of sweets. Eternity is held between the lines.

It’s where God breathes.

Flowing fires

by Stefano Bolognesi

Published by puntoacapoeditrice 2012
Original text in italian.

Love and all Over Again

Love, she said
and all over again
we went back
through schemes
of delightful misdeeds
piles of light.

You for Me

For me you are an altar,
a shrine with pointed
domes and whisperings of dawn
and mosaics and steps
dropping down to the sea.

You are the sun of every tremor,
a forest overflowing
with mistletoe and birds in flight,
leafy branch, nest, wind,
fire of blackberries.

Your body is a fan of moons,
a hallelujah of hands,
you are the gold of the seven volcanoes,
poured and forged for me
like the terraces for the waves,
the darts forever in the crazy
equilibrium of your earth.

You are the clamoring chalice
the shell, the ivory,
the flowing fleet of crocuses
and hellebores that cloud over
the plains in the early warmth.

You are this wonderful display for me,
the perfect route of the swans,
the pure geometry of the swarms of bees,
the visionary journey of every shaman.

with fierce Love


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