“CAN YOU TEACH INTUITION?” | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


asked my friend Pema Teeter.

“Can you teach what is natural?” I wonder in reply.

Let’s presume intuition occurs naturally.
We muddle and jeopardize our natural intuition with endless “how to’s” and lists of ways to feel the ways we miss feeling, or know what we don’t dare to understand.
Instead of creating another glittering “How To” or “100,000 Ways to …” by promising Credos, let’s go back to the essence. Let’s bravely jump right in the middle of the flow.

The essence of intuition
is nature

The 5 Element teachings of Chinese medicine teach us that the CHI flow (flow of life, the natural way) will come back naturally by strengthening the element of the mother. The fire nurtures the earth, the earth nurtures metal, the metal nurtures water, the water nurtures wood, the wood nurtures fire. These are the official rules of creating life. But when the circle is disturbed, a cycle of de-naturalization begins and lays the ground for destruction. According to Chinese wisdom, the mother element is the cure for this disruption.

In a similar way, natural cycles of intuition need to be fed and nurtured.

Intuition is often misunderstood as a safety net protecting us from life’s troubles or a follower of the easiest, safest path. No: she is the contrarian. She is the troublemaker.

Intuition lives in the core of change. She is a sea without boundaries, unlimited communication of the creation. She is evolution. She will lead you to power. She is a navigator to the place where your soul wants to meet you.

Courage is the mother
of intuition.
“To know” is the cure.

When returning to the center of ourselves, we know intuition has never left us. The bliss of the moment of recognition will remind us to enter life fully and to dare bravely. We will win and we will lose. We will live in challenging earthly clothes and die in heavenly bliss. The heavens are open when intuition is our passport.

Intuition is remembering.
She knows when to stick it out and when to quit.
She confidently trusts you no matter what.
She knows procrastination is friction against real evolution.
She knows the way through when everything is against it.
She knows.

Intuition knows when to wait and when to push.
She knows when you push without discernment you create deficiency
rather than abundance.
She receives instead of dominates.
She has a hot liaison with miracles.

Intuition perceives truth directly.
She does not believe in needing reasons to justify.
She is independent.
She has immediate comprehension.
She wins competitions of keen and quick insight.
She has quality and values.
She is untangled.
She knows learning is understanding, and knowing is fuel.

Intuition stops the train.

She is a wake up call.
She is pleasure and revolution.
She creates what comes naturally.
She waits.
She refuses to be controlled and loves knocking you out.
She is a master of beauty and seduction.
She likes to live everywhere.

“Can you teach intuition?”
asked my friend Pema Teeter.
I do not think so.

I think we already have a perfect internal guidance system: speak your truth and time will expand. How much is possible if we expand the moment? Nature knows best. Just one moment of shifting is enough to come back to the pool of intuition and miracles.

There is no such thing as a work-free transformation. We must burn to the ground one way or another, and then sit right in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go on from there. We need to act and live and take the risk – and also to fail our intuition. (The only way to learn is to gain confidence that we can always return to intuition when we do fail her.)

Customize your our own credo. Write your own life handbook. Or fake it till you make it!

And for the praise of intuition, Tastasta.

Danielle LaPortes credo for making it happen

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