CLOSE UP. MIRACLES AND DRAMAS BOTH HURT. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


RHHLive with Marie Forleo + Hurricane Sandy.

My live report and diary from NYC.

8.50p.m. Sunday evening, October 28:
My plane is one of the last leaving JFK. One hour later, all flights are canceled. I am pressing my nose against the window, there’s no drop of rain in sight now but Sandy is flooding the news. My mystic guidance led me to this early flight, one day before my originally scheduled departure. I am in a tunnel beyond slipping through, out of the beginning chaos.

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.

Thursday evening, October 25:
“Give me the phone. I have to talk to her,” MaRa, my friend from Jesus times, insisted when I called my love at home. It was the night before my long awaited b-school RHHlive event opened its gates. “Book a flight on Sunday. Your flight on Monday will not get out early enough before the hurricane hits.” At the moment I was thinking: But I’m gonna meet Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, Mastin Kipp and… I don’t want to leave earlier, I am here to party.
But the inward me listens to what she’s saying, and I book a second flight for Sunday evening.

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.

Friday, October 26:
The news is not decisive. The hurricane could creep away or blow up like a monster. I rush through the MoMa and MET in a single morning instead of the whole day Monday.
3.00p.m: A rich, sexy and hot start. I am at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen womb of humanitarian dreaming with 300 other luminescent women from all over the globe. Sandy is forgotten.


I dive into the energy. Let me flow into the wholeness of possibility, where the universe and synchronicity make love. Let the things on my destiny-schedule happen. Now.
If necessary, in accelerated speed. Just in case I have to leave earlier.
I pray for compression: timezones and meant-to-be events.

Saturday, October 27:
I wake up with my message. “Imagination,” says God. Six hours later I see into the beautiful unicorn eyes of Kris Carr: “I have brought you a gift,” I tell her. She holds the golden wrapped Jesus the Book and a Christlove spray. She murmurs: “Unicorn.” We know. I turn around: There is Danielle LaPorte. We talk like we have just seen each other the other night before. “I have to leave earlier tomorrow,” says Danielle. “Try to get out before Sunday evening.” I am now sure.

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.

That night I check out and order a taxi for 4p.m. the next day. I speak to my love and he says: “You do not want to be in New York when the power is off.” No, this journey is not mine. Not this time.

Sunday, October 28:

Seeing in the dark: Instinct is the new current.
Also for bizbliss.

The speakers are high voltage. These souls have not served the status quo. They are here to start a revolution.

Marie Forleo knows to create from inside out: Intuition is her incredible success tool.
Danielle LaPorte turns success and failure into wisdom. “Temples of peace and tsunamis of love.”
Kris Carr teaches green revolutions. Cancer, go home. She created a movement into business.
Mastin Kipp: “God showed me how big my faith was, one small room with one bed.” His faith has exploded since.

RHH live. I know, even deeper.
If you want to play on that level
there is only one way.
You have to find your own way
to get there.
From imitation to creation.
Be a leader. Act as a leader.

2.00p.m: It’s time to leave. Everything is fulfilled. I have met my appointments from heaven.
3.00p.m: At my hotel, there are no cars available anymore. People are getting anxious.
5.00p.m: I arrive at JFK. My flight is on schedule.

8.00p.m knowing
Once again the words of Mary Magdalene were right when she asked me to channel her message about upcoming destruction and rebirth. (free download in 11 languages). 2012 is the contradiction. Bliss meets crisis. Thanks to MaRa I was able to walk into the middle of Sandy and walk out. We will need those who see in the dark to show where to walk unharmed, in the middle of radical change. I am one of them.

12.p.m I arrive in Tampa. Meanwhile, Sandy has taken to her way of destruction.

Thank you to MaRa for seeing in the dark.
Thank you to Marie Forleo and her team for this miraculous experience.

: My friend T. got angry when I suggested that we should get out of NY because the city would not have electricity for the next days. I am tired of knowing; I am not here to frighten but to help.
: Some of the b-schoolers are still stuck in NYC. My heart is with all of you. I know you are safe and will return back home soon. I pray you find the beauty in the experience as a blessing. Something in this chaos is a divine gift.
: We are shown the signs. We must bow first before they will talk to us.