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3 things inspiring my summer.

They say summer time is the element of fire and the living is easy. Inspiration is the expression of fire. When I am inspired I dance in the joy of life. Impressions on my soul that set me on fire nurture and support my life force. Fire adds the lost fragment to the whole, making natural sense. After all, fire is the element nearest to God.

1. Firehead

My younger sister put a cuckoos’ egg into my nest when she gave me the new André Heller biography. Heller was my hero when I was 16. He is a modern genius, the master of fantasy. I learned his poems-turned-chansons by heart. His pop collages of words dared my mind to fly high. His is a life’s journey from cynicism to climbing into the minds of the establishment, disturbing it with expressionism until life approves.

This book rekindled long-forgotten fires in my soul’s garden.

Heller was one of the founders of CIRCUS RONCALLI, a revolutionary world’s circus started in Germany. Later the creators of Cirque du Soleil would draw their inspiration from here.

The FIRETHEATRES in Lisbon, Berlin and New York; LUNA LUNA, an amusement park where artists like Keith Hering and Roy Lichtenstein created wondrous booths that dazzled peoples’ inner children; a SEA OF LIGHTS planted against cruise missiles; the CRYSTAL PALACE in Innsbruck, Austria: these are just some babies of André Heller’s life as an creative expressionist and spiritual searcher.

My mind is infected: How can we change the world with art? I am shaking new imaginings from heaven down to earth. Inklings. Wisdom.

The book (right now only available in German, with hopes for future translations)

Inspired by my beloved sister’s gift for my birthday.

2. Kundalini Yoga
with Maya Fiennes

A journey through the chakras

This practice pulls the life force back into my chakras, lets me dance in joy in yoga poses. It is a revitalizing inspiration for my tired body to drink in the energy, pouring in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. It is a flow with sacred music to wake up the soul and mantras to calm the jumping mind. Magic glowing guaranteed afterward.

I started with the heart and climbed my chakras up and down.

Courage, Creativity, Willpower, Love, Truth, Wisdom and Bliss.

Available on Amazon or YouTube.
Also inspired by my beloved sister’s gift for my birthday.

3. Transformational speaking with Gail Larsen

Inspired by Holy Spirit. Fire talks. *****

You say you are a speaker, messenger, idea maker, trailblazer, leader? Do not miss this. Gail Larsen and her workshop team changed my life.

Inspired by Danielle LaPorte and my dear friend Runa Bouius.

Now I want to hear from you.
Let yourself give in to the summer’s burning embers and become infected too. Around which sacred fires are you dancing in the joy of life? Please, tell me.


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