I WANT TO INVESTIGATE YOUR SACRED DREAM | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


The hour of change has come; it strikes us like a hurricane. In this field of wave-like force we rise.

Nothing is impossible if we conjure it up with our prayers: our blue heavenly strategy, our fantasy, our creative expressions, our genius, our personal Hollywood movies, our poem, song or speech are each waiting for incarnation through our own desires.

If you miss this wave, it evades because you do not believe in it hard enough.

We are spiritual beings searching for human expression and experience on this planet, not humans searching for spiritual experience. We are here to find out about ourselves.

Failure is not a real option.
We simply seek recollection of our soul’s roots.
Not a discovery, but a return to the artistic essential of our Self.

To design a response wherein God’s creation is reflected.

I want to cultivate my life like a garden that teaches me devotion and humility.

Never to be “like” anything.
Always to be me.

It does not have to be easy.
It just has to happen.

Spirituality is art.

I am writing this from Santa Fe, where I’m honored to be with Gail Larsen and other amazing souls on our transformational speech voyage. I am on my adventure-journey of irritation and leaving the places to which I do not belong. I will be brave. I want to find the future that really belongs to me.

With wild love,
Your #cosmicnomad