HOW TO CREATE: UNMASK MYTHOLOGIES. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


Swipe the inner critic
from your hard drive.

“You can’t be criticized.”
“Right” I say, “definitely not.” (Deliciously self-assured.)
Because the critic is always wrong.

My virtual assistant Jess Larsen reframed my critic mythology habit (inherited by my culture and parents). When I started to work with I her and asked her to peak the performance of my writing. She was totally irritated: “WHY should I? The strength of your voice stands alone.” It took her 1 second to unmask the mythologies of this world that deform artists, performers, writers, creatives, musicians, singers, entertainers, inventors, all atypicals.

We were born creative: insatiably painting, experimentally writing, talking to trees, uncensored and singing loudly with joy, living as the incarnation of women who run with the wolves. But we were thwarted by self-proclaimed experts, ambitious parents, cynical teachers – all people mostly unhappy with their own lives – pretending to be more God than we are.

A whole industry has killed Art and Creativity. Critics measure art by money. But we are at the end of that road. We are now at the horizon of a promised land, bringing art back into all areas of life without selling out. We need art and creativity to reform business, money and the global society. Creative idea hunters wanted.

For the sake of experiment.

Drop perfectionism. It never worked. We just build a frozen and inflexible form that is too tight for our souls.

For the inner and external critics, next time you have criticism going again ask yourself:
Is this my own shadow I am pointing at?
In particular, be wary of these four mythologies.

Mythology one:

“This person puts herself on airs, she always want to be the center of attention, it’s all about her.”
Ask yourself: Do I undermine standing in the spotlight of my light and refuse to take my place in this world?

Why not shine, I ask you, and warm the hearts of those who can see.

Mythology two:

“This person is manipulative. She pushes people in one direction.”
Ask yourself: Am I not taking my responsibility to lead?

Baby, the whole universe is about manipulation. It’s how we start movements of creation and ignite innovations. Let’s move each other in the name of the Lord.

Mythology three:

“I cannot stand how she talks, she dresses, she acts. “
Ask yourself: Do I express myself in the ways I’d wish to?

Dare to express yourself, preempt the critics.

Mythology four:

“This offer is not as good as I expected,” or “My husband should change.” (Uhh, attention here!)
Ask yourself: Where was my inner leadership when I decided to buy something or choose the partner of my life?
Or ask yourself: Am I honest with myself? Is our time over? Has my time to leave come?

Create space for what does not fit you anymore.
Job, relationships and life situations.
Dare to Change.

Critics, go back and fish in your own waters. We want to have love marriages with all the people we work and live with. Raise up your inner critic and confront the killers of creativity. They never were right and never will be.

New ways require a new language.

Maybe the whole universe was and is an experiment.
God is madly in Love with his creativity.
That’s why he is unpredictable.

We choose through resonance. Forever.


March 17, 2013 · · illuminated lifestyle, most popular