“I DON’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR…” | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


is a misled Mantra.

Do not say it. Do not even think it.

Money listens wisely. But like energy, it follows dedication.

One of my best friends put me on edge saying: “I have this dream. I reserved the time, but I do not have the cash.” Wow, I think, why not reserve the money also, when reserving the date and desire?

Do you know money is energy? Money is neutral. It flows and it has no taste. We add the flavor with our thoughts and emotions.

So here is my persuasive secret mantra:
(*It worked in my early days when I decided to fulfill my desire to learn to be an ACC Spiritual Consultant and learn energetic Feng Shui. It worked when I booked my trip to India, with no money. The Divine wanted it, and I did it with no financial resources.)

Fill in the blank.
I will have the money to do this: ____________________________.

Say it loudly for a change of cash flow. (Money listens.)

: Do not limit its origins with your thoughts (Money is everywhere.)
: Hustle and work with all your devotion.
: Open for the space and then let go.
: The universe responds just in time.

First the intention. Then the prayer.
Go open. Go spacious.
Miracles are not exclusive.
Money’s dedication is to serve, not to limit us.

Money is sweet like honey, is an abundant stream of golden light, is coming and going, is there in time, is essential, is from God, is my support. Money is persuasive, is the power of Now, is creative, is falling apart. It is what we think it is, not what we project. Tune into it, and get it right.

Write to us and tell us what you will have money for. We listen closely.