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What if everything that’s unfulfilled in you is just an unforgiven thought?
My ideas are revolutionary these days.

Have our resentful brains drafted the finical crisis; does my cultural anger about Catholicism influence Jesus the Book; does my lack of forgiveness for all religions’ suppression of women through history inhibit my growth as a modern-day feminine spiritual leader? Has our anger about not being seen or acknowledged spun a fabric around our sacred heart?

Perhaps an old wound on the ocean floor of our soul drives our fulfilled life away. It may be obvious when someone has broken our heart, but the stickiest bandages are the ones that are hidden away in our subconscious mind, eating up our desires.

Forgiveness has a thousand layers.

Every strip of unforgiveness lays a gauze of dressed sorrow around our sacred heart. Wrapping the layers protects our wounded pain, but after a while the compression immobilizes our feelings. It becomes strings that hold back the fulfillment of our heart’s desires and covers our dreams with an obscuring mist.

Search for the living inner wound that has stolen its own life from your soul.

“Lord in heaven, forgive us our trespasses, forgive those who have trespassed against us, and lead us to salvation. Not by seeking retribution, but by freeing through forgiveness. Let us see that we are children of your kingdom. Forgive us every moment, where we have forgotten about you. For thine is the kingdom, the love, the power and the glory.” (from Jesus the Book)

Peel back the layers.
Untangle your heart.

Sleeves up. I want it all. My inklings are true, I will go deep. There is no guarantee of fulfillment, but a commitment to serenity in hopes that the Universe may be tempted to plant miracles in pure and fertile ground.

Layer one: We are all human.

In Vienna there is a little monastery. The nuns work in the streets. When they return from the exhausting life outside the silent walls they ritualize a forgiveness every single day, whether the need is apparent or not. “We are humans,” they say, “We will hurt each other, we will make mistakes. But we forgive them at the end of the day, we will not take them to another day to live on.”


Detox for your soul: You can create a cure lasting 2 to 3 weeks in less than two minutes a day.

This practice is rejuvenating and builds more than 20 years of good karma in each session.

Close your eyes for two minutes and invite all of the people in your life who are locked in your inner prison. Who is there for you to forgive, to set free? People you share your life with, people you used to know and people you have forgotten about, even people you do not know. Take the chance to de-clutter even past lives.

Be really brave. This is not about open debts. It’s about setting each other free.

Freedom is opening space for bigger love to grow.

Layer two: The conscious wound.

We have been hurt. It happened to me and it happened to you. We remember every little detail when it happened, the look and taste of the environment. When you still can remember all the little gestures of the precise moment you were hurt, you are not done with it. You want to be free? Go back. Remember.

This one is awesome to free yourself from a painful separation, when a business partner set you up to fail, when someone betrayed you, after a long dispute or to cope with painful childhood memories. It’s for crisis and dramas.


: Call the unforgiven person into your vision. Then say, “Now I am ready to
  forgive you.” (Feel the life force behind your words.)

: Join your hands and build a bowl in front of your heart. Fill it with fire from
  your heart. Let it burn.

: Say, “I release you. Please forgive me for holding a false vision of you for so long.”
  Burn the image of the person you kept in the fire.

: Then contact the soul of the person with your heart and ask them to return
  the image of you they have held on to. Reclaim it.

: When the image returns, burn it in the fire. It is not you. Then let the fire give
  birth to the real image of you.

: Breathe it into your heart, and become whole.

Layer three: The Liberation

Ultimately we cannot forgive anyone until we have completely forgiven ourselves. This is the last liberation. Your own! Forgiveness strengthens us, instead of weakening. It is not an act of heroism for which you are rewarded, but an act to trust in God again. It teaches us to stop being a victim and to deal with our real emotions. It is the ultimate key to progress in our spiritual evolution.

We encounter pain everywhere. It seduces us into hesitating, collapsing, losing ourselves in grief. It is for us to try to change this by refusing to give into the non-forgiveness.

“Father, forgive them, as they don’t know what they are doing!” With this Jesus was liberated in his most difficult hour, even before guilt could take its first breath. First comes forgiveness, then comes healing.


: Forgive yourself. Forgive God within.

: Say, “I am ready to heal.”

: Forgive God. Dare it, try it.

: Open your heart to the universal life force.

: Open your heart for Love.

I pray I have delivered the miracle. May the Universe flow into a river bed in your heart. Deep breath. In.
The universe creates through your heart.


May 5, 2013 · · illuminated lifestyle, most popular