IMAGINATION IS A VISION FROM GOD. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


Remember why you are here.

Why now?

Because the stars are in the best position for living our soul’s desires and creating success on our own terms. When the soul infuses what we do, our business becomes soulful.

People who live and create according to their destiny are different. The collective power of the universe is omnipresent in their lives and pops out in perfect moments that manifest purpose. They seem to flow on an invisible current of their life’s vision. Surrounded by a magic aura, their life goes beyond chasing goals to an implicit knowledge that everything they desire is ripe for fulfillment. With a heavenly pulsing of electric joy, they boldly meet challenges, fear and setbacks.

Why now?

Because it’s your time. You are here and reading this. The cosmic fire is burning. For the record, let’s talk about the origin of the universe. A big silent fire from the beginning of time filled all it brought forth. The Vedic scriptures call it Agni. The fire of Agni is powerful creativity that nothing resists. In the unfolding of the universe, creativity is essential. And so it is for you. Without creativity, the fire of the universe goes out. Without the creative fire, we extinguish like passing stars in the endlessness of a black hole.

Listen. You are meant to matter.
You crave aliveness. The fire is burning. You want to create business and lifestyle with impact. You want to unite heaven and earth.

The creative fire kindles with your visions. You are made of fire. It’s a matter of calibrating our dream of the universal fire with our creative pattern of conception.

The secret is:

each creation is dreamt twice. You dreamt in heaven, where God dreams creation. Your story was written in the Universe. On earth the magic GPS that guides us along our vision is…


Creativity is inherent in the fireball of this universe, it is for you too.
You were created by all elementary particles of the universe.

What we have to do is imagine, rekindle. The fire of imagination and consciousness is the key to visualizing the as-yet uncreated. Stretch back to the stars to the beginning of all, to the primeval fireball. Walk the path of ancestry and embrace the creative potential. Let fire pour the creative powers into you. I can help you do this.

In Write Your Future Book, I lead souls back to the cauldron of creativity, the fireball called Agni.

Remember your universe.
Remember yourself.
Remember the dream that brought you to earth.

We talk about creation, baby.

Spirituality is our greater context. Authenticity is a space without concurrency. Walk with me. Remember your soul plan.

Meditation to the origin.
Your bigger vision for this time.

Dream from heaven to earth. Stoke the creative fire. Take a fire bath. You have an appointment with heaven. Now. It’s your time. Find healing. Because you want to be big.

Script: Download the script here.

After a moment of quiet, will you please share with me what you have seen? I will hold your dreams with respect and tenderness.
Tell me 3 things, love.

(1) What is your soul’s dreaming for this life?
(2) In what way does your soul compel you to serve?
(3) What is the first small step or change you will make in your daily life to harness the energy of your vision?


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