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My birthday at the end of July is always a deadline. Each year I ritualize sloughing my old skins. Birthmarks never blur. I become naked again.

My personal new year begins anew each August.
I notice. It’s time to once again make conscious, peaceful fusions and create new space. I think we always have to remember how to return to our primal hearts. We can meander and deviate only until the moment for centering asks to be heard.

A united heart initiates the essential blooms of our love-projects and the business of our souls.

Digging into my roots I see that I started with posts about altars. Still. Relevant. Inherent. In fact. We are fluorescent altars burning for the origin of fire; we make inroads to the future we want to belong to.

As for me, I want to continue casting my light of inspirational love to illuminate your way forward, into heart-creating new spaces.

2012 is still about creating projects and new visions for the future. You want to grow a business to change the world and be spiritual?


Start with the heart:
Whatever you do. Begin here.

You are the altar burning for the divine itself.
You are a creator.
You are a master of time and space.

Branding our divine selves.

Intrinsic: You are an altar burning for the divine.
How to tap into it:

Sacred Feng Shui: Self-made for the divine business
How to attract the divine into your business projects:

Deepening: Meditation on real reality
How to reconnect with the power of now and oneness:

The missing altars; those
that I can never write about.
Affectionate caress: Nature

You will find them everywhere. There is no way to write about it. There is only clearly seeing their beauty and standing still in stumbling awe.

My lotus garden in La Lumière is a natural altar.

I want to create and promote more enlightened business to protect HER.
Mother earth.
Are you on board with me?

Me, a true Leo, wishes you:
Wild summer feelings


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