LADYSHIP. BEAUTY’S ART OF AGING. FACES. | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


I turned 47 last week. (Deep breath.) It’s the way it is. I had to turn my desire towards a dignified feeling of embracing it. No blah-blah about our society and standards of beauty here. We all know it.

It will always stay strange to feel like a wild young horse inside while watching my skin molding its texture. Nature is my wise woman, she takes me to each flower again and again. I stumble, enchanted by the beauty of blossoms fading. Beauty has no revenge. “Once a beautiful girl always a beautiful girl,” the courage under fire gives birth to another earth. Deeper. The power of the plants never vanishes in vanity.

I started to stare into faces
of old women when I was 17.

Meret Oppenheim exiled me into my mystery-woven stories. I reached a dark place where art and the war of fire ends and knowing grows magic mushrooms for the future.

Spent. Experienced.

This gallery is my honor to real sacred stories. It’s one of womanhood and femininity.
The content of each wrinkle is a sacred story woven by the master of life.
A story only the person beyond knows how to tell. If you are willing to listen, then you will enter life.

Photos: bloom by trendunion

“Any woman who has a positive attitude about herself and carries herself with class, but doesn’t try too hard to and says, ‘Hey look at me I’m a bombshell,’ is basically a bombshell. It’s just a woman with a positive, strong attitude who knows she has it going on.” – Miranda Kerr

Ageless beauty: Jane Goodall. Beautiful.
Ageless: Beatrice Wood, artist. Her most productive years: from age 80 to 105.

Inner beauty. Inner beauty
Shining from inside.
Soul and experience emerge
into a irresistible seduction.
Beautiful and without essence
No way I deny myself.

Reversible beauty

The new natural order remembers the grace of natural progression for little private pockets of sanctuary for the spirit.
As I learned from the generations before me, the generations after me will also be inspired by me.
Nourishing the little birds in the nests and the old wrinkled trunks.

Beauty comes into existence already aging.