SHAKTI STATEMENT OF “ENOUGH” | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


A manifesto of quitting for
a new beginning.

Following up things I have given to the bankrupt estate of my past lives:

: I have been in the arena of fights with the toughest shadows. Uhhhh. I cannot deny I was frightened to death. I was willed to re-conquer my power, free to fight till the end.

: I have forgiven. Shameless. Like the sea that embraces all. Have set my prisoners free and felt love for their pain. I have forgiven my Self.

: I have fallen apart thousand times. I know I can get back on stage.

: I have embraced my mother, healing in her arms.

: I have embraced my father, feeling secure, beyond wanting.

: I have listened to much good advice.

: I was touched by many wonderful divine healers.

: I have cried with my stone child.

: I was obsessed with being frozen, and frozen in my endless traumas.

: I have created thunders of anger.

Now it’s enough. Sold out.
Shakti is powerful in her vulnerability. Strength.

The goddess of pain is the doorkeeper of our wholeness. She blows directly into our velvet belly and disturbs our dreamless soul. We take each other home.

:I am soft & :I am really tough
:I am highly vulnerable (ouch) & :I am invincible
:I am fluffy & :I am repellent

I am alive. I live. I am in love with live’s stories.
Here starts the manifesto of life.