SHE | The Female Grail with Durga Holzhauser


She fell in love with her crisis.
Her dreams from days confirmed. She is here for the greater good.
To leave this earth without mattering is not part of the agreement.
Traveling across her soul and the world.
She silently collects her shattered holiness.
A few pieces are left to return home.

Getting ready

For a higher purpose. A promise made.
The nature-force in the lead.
She now understands her rebellion was against an inner enemy.
She is a now-human, holding cosmopolitan pom-poms. She united the forgotten.
She dictates her world according her sacred rhythm.

Feminine Divine.

Beauty, a free sacred RED, a charming courier of hope, a naturalizer, a modern shaman, a cosmic nomad. She sits in the front row, her stage, her strength, her sweet seduction, her sacred voice, fierce, her Holy Grail.

SHE is a gypsy of the world tribe; she is a self-invented mystic. She is here and fierce and irresistible, she loves the deep purple of veins of the Universe, she inspires new generations, she is a leader who has come to inspire the future and change this world. She was born with a prophecy.

Till now she thought to herself, “who the hell do you think you are?”
But now she is on; the crisis is her call.

She knows: she is the cosmic nomad.
Everywhere is home. And nowhere.

She reaches out her tender hands to offer the sacred masculine.

She is you.