(I am writing this in Noetic Science in CA. Five deer are watching me. Nature, I bow to you.)

Synchronicity is a mind-state of 360° openness. I am intrigued by this raw, lying-dormant fabric of the future. Since the Robert Redfield Celestine series I am even more committed: I am a researcher of how to retrain our minds for an open flow of Synchronicity to allow the idea of God into economic and political change.

The elegance of equilibrium lies between the consciousnesses: the Alpha state of Synchronicity, and the Beta state. Beta mind-state is the laser-focused capacity to get things done, the martial art of transforming of light into shape with the universe as an ally.

Synchronicity and the mind-state of complete openness lies beyond judgment, assumptions, criticism, and indifference to our daily life lives full of grace.

The botany of Synchronicity

It happened to me:

: In Vienna when I was 22
I wanted to be an artist. I was painting and the muse of genius was showering down through me. I tried to get into art school in Vienna, and I presented my oil paintings with my application. When I was asked who painted them I did not even understand the question. Today I do. The genius in my conversation with God had found a channel and I painted it expressively out. At my age such ripeness in art was not “natural.” I was rejected, because they said I was already an artist, with no need to be educated.

Synchronicity is the muse of the genius within.
Ecstasy is the inner gateway to ignite your great vision with Synchronicity. Historically great artists found their spirit link when ecstasy gave birth to great art. The ultimate concept of beauty can be accessed unbound to our knowledge and experience.

This is our chance to bring healing connections into the duality that’s falling apart.

: in Peru
My friend and I took a trip to Machu Pichu. I was not excited about touring there and had a nap in that land of deeper consciousness while my friend explored. We caught the last train back to Cusco. God knows why, but we got off the train two stations before our destination. We were left staring into the nowhere, watching our last transport to Cusco leaving.

Mora panicked. But Machu Pichu had transferred me into a synchronic state of mind. “No worries,” I said with a certainty that is called divine. “A car will arrive in five minutes and take us to Cusco.” True enough, five minutes later a car appeared from the darkness. It stopped in front of us and a guy asked, “Where do you need to go?” Our big rucksacks were our branding for lost tourists. We arrived safe.

Synchronicity is embedded into certain landscapes. It also helps you to meet the right people, make the right connections, and connect with the right happenings.
It is a magnet for connections of right spirits. (Locations loaded with heavy energy are not open to that kind of miraculous flow. ACC Feng Shui can shift that.)

: Our love proposal (our book proposal for Jesus The Book & The Series)
I got up every day praying my Omkar and Subrabatha. Then I would meditate and ask my guides what chapter or theme to work on. Even without any logic, fragments popped in and I followed the guidelines. One week before my lifeline I panicked that I would never complete it. Agni got me back into focus: “You get it done.” I did. I still feel it’s so good I couldn’t possibly have written it. I did.

Synchronicity will help us to download products, innovations and world savers from heaven.

You can learn to provoke the Alpha state

Following the impulses when Synchronicity knocks at your door is a training.

: for the Faith in Synchronicity timing
: for innovation
: to flow with the universe in oneness
: to know
: divine idea spotting
: dreaming heaven down to earth

Each day I look for ways to show you how to get back to thinking with God and performing with your soul. This is the beginning of the love story I’m writing about that search.

Let us start: How to feel time
Synchronicity training for your brain:

: Imagine your brain vacant, full of light and ease.
Let your thoughts work for you from a distance of non-disturbance.
Solutions are enumerated and elaborated on different levels.

: 360° thinking
Imagine that you think in 360°. The ideas will come from all directions. Trust that the universe is clever, and only the right things will fly in. Let your thinking form into a new habit. Observe the effects.

: Integrate Alpha state into your sleep, let it marinate your dreams.
Take your questions into your dreams, let the answers come. Write down your insights upon waking.

Let us start with this conversation.

Tell us what project you want to download with Synchronicity?
Where have you experienced it?
Are there locations you know that vibrate Synchronicity?

I am curious to charge up the pieces that vibe with you.
Your inquires help me to move you deeper into a sync that refines your focus.
What questions and thoughts do you have?

Wild love Durga